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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy Me

My goodness, I have been lazy in the blogging department haven't I?

I have been busy catching up on matters I should have already been caught up on, time just never seems to be enough and one does eventually sleep.

Over the past month I have done not much in the making of bags department, not much in the piecing of quilts either. Been busy clearing up the mess in the Crafters Cottage or The Hut as we tend to call it all of the time.

Our goal is to have had this cottage properly organized.

When we first arrived here from NewBrunswick we had too many totes and cardboard boxes filled with "stuff" and these couldn't be left inside of our small but functional house. These then were stored in all of the cottage rooms, and I might add, these filled it up. Everywhere nook and cranny in that place was filled to it's capacity with little or almost no room to even walk around it. We have been haphazzardly working in there but mother being 86 needs all of her mornings to get up and become mobile, which of course if most understandable. Appointments and visitors also have taken a toll on available time, so not alot has been accomplished.

Now we are in a hurry to complete the junking and the clearing because we have to have this finished before the middle of August and that certainly doesn't leave us much more time to waste or use for other events.

Today I choose to be in the Hut and to get as many hours in there as I possibly can to empty boxes, make decisions as to what we keep and what we give away (I am hoping to have alot of give-aways') but, asking mother to make these decisions on the spot will not be easy as it hasn't been in the past. I believe we have moved the past fifty years of stuff with us, and with my collection of fabrics and her collection of silk flowers we have become quite a joke, leastways I believe it funny.

Off I go, with apologies to those who have been sweet enough to follow this unskilled blogger to THE HUT - wish me luck in that I get more accomplished that I have in the past many days.

I promise to check in later and give you the scoop. I must take a picture of this mess to show you what it is I am describing to you, then, finally if and when we do manage to get organized, you'll see that as well.

Possibly while I am learning the art of organization, I might just well learn to become a better blogger too.