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Thursday, May 26, 2011


TODAY has been a great day so far, why?  Because I tuned into a Phishing Scam that came into my e-mail box and I didn't fall for it.
Why I didn't fall for it was because I have been keeping myself informed about the scams and fraud schemes that have been happening around the world through the internet and through my e-mail box.  Lately I had my e-mail hijacked - so I spent some time cleaning my computer from its inside and then my e-mails and my contacts were all notified that my e-mail had been hacked into and made up dozens of new passwords, etc. 
This morning I received a letter from a friend who lives far away in Hong Kong and knew his Professor wife to be in London, U.K. on a special conference.  So the contents of the letter sounded plausible to me and if I had not been keeping up with the latest phishing scams I may have fallen for it and sent money to a person who earns his money without actually working for it.
IT happens to a lot of people every day almost anyplace in the world.  HOPEFULLY it may never happen to you, but, should you get such a letter telling you that your friend had made a quick trip out of his/her country and that their bag had been stolen, that passport tickets and money were gone and asking you to please send money so that they can catch the next flight home.....
YIKES terrible news to get, but, remember,  question it in your mind, would your friend not telephone you collect personally and relay this terrible situation to you personally?  Your friends and family have your telephone numbers and know that if they were in actual trouble they could speak to you in their person and you would then begin to assist.  There is a wonderful web-site which will keep you informed about the latest scams and this is where I become educated weekly. 
It is so great that there are people out there helping to keep you the general public well informed and up to date on the latest happenings. 
This then is my post for the time being and I hope in some very small way that I may have made you a bit more aware of what might or could be happening in your mail box some day.
Thank you for paying me a visit today, I'm off to shop with my mother until I drop - she is 88 and can shop till three people drop, she is a shop-a-holic.... 
Have a fantastic day everyone and keep your eyes on your e-mails and remain alert to those who would try and rob you of what belongs only to you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Cupboard, Another Find

It has been some time since I fished this out of the cupboard, but with all of the cleaning I have been doing, I guess I had to come across lots of items I had not remembered for quite some time.  Here is my summer bedspread.  It is 100% cotton and completed with a double bed sheet on the reverse making it so easy to wash and return to the top of the bed.  Weather here can become quite warm and humid in summer, and, because I like to sleep with a cover this is exactly the right weight to use during those long hot and muggy nights.. 
Made from Scraps a long time ago, it has been washed and put back on my bed for the summer. 
Have you had this happen to you before?  Have you cleaned out a cupboard or a trunk and discovered lost treasures?  I would be interested to hear all about your finds. 
I have also been adding hexagons to my project.  Now I have 17  and its size is increasing to be sure.  What do you think?  I noticed some have been laying out the single tiny hexies and how well their patterns are looking, me, I just dove into it and began sewing the flowers I made together and then sewing those together. 
17 flowers so far
 I never seem to do anything the proper way - is there a proper method?
Are you working on a take-along project?  I find this such pleasure to sit in the evening and sew by hand, what with my arthritis, it is the perfect project for me to work on because I can put it down whenever these fingers balk at the work.
As there were no comments, there cannot be a winner of my celebratory Giveaway, so for the moment, this giveaway is over.  Maybe one of these days we will attempt another giveaway.  
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, I hope and pray no matter where it is in this world you live that you have a wonderful day.  So stop in again. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

TGIF and my Celebration Giveaway

Do you believe it, it's Friday again.   I hope the sun manages to come out and play with everyone this long Victoria Day weekend.  Right now all I can see is the Fog, 

making me feel like I am right back in good ole Saint John, NewBrunswick!!!! 
This picture was selected for Google Earth at I am hoping the sun will eventually come out to play and stay the entire Long Weekend.  This is our May 24th holiday weekend, it used to be called Victoria Day, mostly now people just say the 24th.. 
Many years ago I made small Christmas tablecloths to give away, but I kept this one for myself and I still enjoy using it every Christmas.  Can you see the tiny 2" Log Cabin blocks I made as connectors for the center block?

I should have turned the blue log cabins to the bottom outside for this center block, but, it is my one mistake and I decided many moons ago to just leave it that way.
 A bit hard to distinguish, but, it worked for me.  My reason for posting a Christmas item now, is, as you know I have been cleaning cupboards and of course the linen closet had to be taken apart because I needed to make certain  there were no meeces nesting in there.  Seeing this little table cloth reminds me that I should make some more of these, they make such lovely little gifts to give good to to cover a table at any time.
Patchwork tablecloths are just as durable as any other tablecloth you might purchase in a store, afterall, this one is almost 8 years  old and has been used over Christmas and New Years each year, washed and quickly ironed, and it still looks just as bright and Christmassy as it did when I first made it.

I Chose TODAY to celebrate my returned blog from Blogger.  Seemingly my blog was not the only blog to suffer problems being removed, or having comments not show up, pictures missing, etc., and if you are one of those bloggers, you will understand what it is I am referring to. 
SO I am celebrating my return with a giveaway! 
ALL you have to do is to leave a comment as well as your e-mail address and you could take ownership of this pretty and very useful QUILT JOURNAL 

Quilting Journal
This journal from was designed by Roderick Kiracofe filled with wonderful inspirational quotations, sectioned so that you may showcase your quilts or craft projects, graph pages for your pattern layouts, flap pockets and a reference section.....and YOU could take ownership. 
ONE lucky entrant will  be chosen randomly on Sunday, May 22nd and announced in Mondays' post to win just for leaving a comment  about todays blog post.
Please make certain to leave your e-mail addy, making it easier to contact you if your the lucky winner.
Hey, thanks for stopping by to visit, have a wonderful long weekend if your celebrating our holiday, and if your not, enjoy this weekend no matter how you decide to enjoy it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

YIKES Pruney Fingers

My fingers look like prunes this week, why?  Because I have been cleaning and scrubbing AGAIN!   I've redone all of the cabinets and cupboards again this month, they were just done, but you see I have had mice!  YIKES!

I caught one last week and hoped to goodness it was the only one, not so, so out with the vacume, the detol, the scrubbing brush and wash rag and emptied the cupboards again, those little critters get into every space imaginable. I caught another last night, wow, it was BIG I hope it wasn't a mummy mouse, cause that means there are orphans hidden somewhere, EEK!

No real sewing to speak of this week, though I have managed to get some more of Master Bentley's quilt blocks done, before I discovered we have unwanted company, and, 

more of my hexagons too.  After a full day of scrubbing and cleaning and vacuming, I am far too tired to concentrate in front of the sewing machine, wouldn't you be?  Instead I get out the collection of hexagons I have been diligently making and because I was bored a few weeks ago, I began sewing some together, so I already have a start on my quilt top, this is the take along project which I intend to take along with me

1.5" Hexagons - It's A Start
to Holland this summer.  YIPPEE, didn't I tell you I was going to make a trip home to be with my bestest friend, though there is another bestest friend I am longing to meet face to face, but she lives in hot and steamy N'orleans, well there is always winter, right?  Both of my friends are quilters, both extremely skilled and accomplished.  Wish there was a way to get both of them with me in the same place, because I just know these two would be as good a friend to each other as they are to me. My friend south of the border loves to crazy quilt, but don't that that fool you, she's an accomplished quilter and makes some of the most beautiful quilts I have seen. With her permission some day I would like to share some of her work with you. I have already introduced you to my friend Els who lives in Holland and who I have been friends with since babes, with only 17 days separating our birth, we were born in the same city, in the same month and in the same year, so this friendship has been going on for the whole of our lives.  This is going to be such fun, something I have been looking forward to for years and finally this is the year. 
Have you ever had to wrestle with a mouse in your house?  I'd love to hear all about it and how you managed to get rid of those little critters none of us want as visitors?
 Thank you for visiting with me today, I really appreciate all of the new friends I am making, and if you leave me a comment, I promise to respond.  


Friday, May 13, 2011


Hello, Helloooooooooooooo everyone!

On April 17th, 2011 upon my return from the Lions Convention in Ottawa, and being filled with exciting events from the convention to share, I attempted logging in here but discovered my blog had been REMOVED!  I was so shocked, but just as mysteriously as my blog was removed 5 minutes ago it re-appeared!  I tried and tried to gain some answers as to why the blog had been removed, after all it doesn't contain copyright infringements, no pornographic images or material, no profanities, it is merely a quilters blog!  I became so entirely frustrated as attempting to discover why it was removed, how I could get it back and there seemed to be no response nor answers to my frantic questions.  It sure is good to know I am back and I am not lost afterall.
As an aside from being removed, I nearly forgot to tell you all about the International Lions Convention for our district.  So much business was accomplished, many new social contact were made, renewal of social contacts from the previous years convention were revisited, and fun really was had by every attendee.  We even had a great time seeing as it was Easter weekend, we had our very own version of the Easter Parade - hats and bunnies.....what fun!
See our Easter Bonnets

Easter Bunny and friend.

I have been busy since discovering I was removed, so much so that I began a new blog at a new address.  Now I have two blogs, oops!  How was I to know that after this length of time my blog here at Blogger would suddenly make a reappearance?  So I guess I blog post twice daily instead of once. Since my return from Convention I have had the pleasure to sit with an elderly patient when her caregiver daughter needs some time away from home, so, to pass the time while chatting or when the patient is at rest I take along my hexies I have been making.  I became impatient, or possibly bored at some point over the past two weeks and decided to begin grouping and putting some of these hexies together.  what do you think of these?
I made a few to begin with

For Once I didn't choose Black,
instead I chose white to surround these little  lovlies.
By comparison to many of the beautiful hexagon quilts and quilt blocks out there, these are probably not the greatest, nor is the setting original, however I am happy just hand sewing along.  At least it is a beginning to the take along project I plan for my trip home to Holland near the end of this summer, I am not close enough just yet to begin getting excited, but I'll let you in on a little secret, I have already begun to sort out the 6 outfits I am taking - yes, only six, all mix, match, no wrinkle and washable - yeehaw!
Thanks to the powers that be at Blogger, I am back and I am a happy camper, even though it would have been real nice not to have had it happen in the first place, or, in the alternative, to have received a response to my cries in the FAQ / Contact Us wilderness that seems to accompany so many networks now.
Thanks for stopping by - did you miss me?