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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Cupboard, Another Find

It has been some time since I fished this out of the cupboard, but with all of the cleaning I have been doing, I guess I had to come across lots of items I had not remembered for quite some time.  Here is my summer bedspread.  It is 100% cotton and completed with a double bed sheet on the reverse making it so easy to wash and return to the top of the bed.  Weather here can become quite warm and humid in summer, and, because I like to sleep with a cover this is exactly the right weight to use during those long hot and muggy nights.. 
Made from Scraps a long time ago, it has been washed and put back on my bed for the summer. 
Have you had this happen to you before?  Have you cleaned out a cupboard or a trunk and discovered lost treasures?  I would be interested to hear all about your finds. 
I have also been adding hexagons to my project.  Now I have 17  and its size is increasing to be sure.  What do you think?  I noticed some have been laying out the single tiny hexies and how well their patterns are looking, me, I just dove into it and began sewing the flowers I made together and then sewing those together. 
17 flowers so far
 I never seem to do anything the proper way - is there a proper method?
Are you working on a take-along project?  I find this such pleasure to sit in the evening and sew by hand, what with my arthritis, it is the perfect project for me to work on because I can put it down whenever these fingers balk at the work.
As there were no comments, there cannot be a winner of my celebratory Giveaway, so for the moment, this giveaway is over.  Maybe one of these days we will attempt another giveaway.  
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, I hope and pray no matter where it is in this world you live that you have a wonderful day.  So stop in again. 


  1. I always have a take-along project.... can't sit in the plane/car/train/bus with idle hands! Hexies are perfect - I'm getting quite a stash made from scraps and another bunch of 'coordinates'... they are addictive!

  2. Oh Thea, I can never wait until bedtime, turn on the tv and pull out the hexies. I have many more completed.


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