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Thursday, May 26, 2011


TODAY has been a great day so far, why?  Because I tuned into a Phishing Scam that came into my e-mail box and I didn't fall for it.
Why I didn't fall for it was because I have been keeping myself informed about the scams and fraud schemes that have been happening around the world through the internet and through my e-mail box.  Lately I had my e-mail hijacked - so I spent some time cleaning my computer from its inside and then my e-mails and my contacts were all notified that my e-mail had been hacked into and made up dozens of new passwords, etc. 
This morning I received a letter from a friend who lives far away in Hong Kong and knew his Professor wife to be in London, U.K. on a special conference.  So the contents of the letter sounded plausible to me and if I had not been keeping up with the latest phishing scams I may have fallen for it and sent money to a person who earns his money without actually working for it.
IT happens to a lot of people every day almost anyplace in the world.  HOPEFULLY it may never happen to you, but, should you get such a letter telling you that your friend had made a quick trip out of his/her country and that their bag had been stolen, that passport tickets and money were gone and asking you to please send money so that they can catch the next flight home.....
YIKES terrible news to get, but, remember,  question it in your mind, would your friend not telephone you collect personally and relay this terrible situation to you personally?  Your friends and family have your telephone numbers and know that if they were in actual trouble they could speak to you in their person and you would then begin to assist.  There is a wonderful web-site which will keep you informed about the latest scams and this is where I become educated weekly. 
It is so great that there are people out there helping to keep you the general public well informed and up to date on the latest happenings. 
This then is my post for the time being and I hope in some very small way that I may have made you a bit more aware of what might or could be happening in your mail box some day.
Thank you for paying me a visit today, I'm off to shop with my mother until I drop - she is 88 and can shop till three people drop, she is a shop-a-holic.... 
Have a fantastic day everyone and keep your eyes on your e-mails and remain alert to those who would try and rob you of what belongs only to you.


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