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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Does Time Fly To?

Seemingly I am not having fun, so why is time flying?  Isn't that what is said? "Time flies when your having fun"!  It just seems like yesterday was Friday and I was planning a not too busy weekend, now here it is, Wednesday and I haven't done anything of note with quilting since last week, but darn it all I sure have done a lot of seeming everything but nothing you can see that is tangible.  Why is that this happens, it happened to us all at some time or other during our much too busy lives. 
Finally I found time to find myself a good priced flight for my vacation this year and I am off to Holland for two months for a much needed sanity check.  There is sits, the plane that will fly me home and bring me back again when my vacation ends.

I plan on taking in all of my Birth country with fresh eyes as I haven't been home since the early 90's and even then it wasn't for an extended stay so there was no time to really see it and rekindle memories from my youth.  Now I shall have "Time".
This time there are family and friends with whom I may visit and take time to get reacquainted, plus I will have time to visit all of the museums I didn't have time for in the past, just to wander at will with no "time" constraints will be a pleasure and then to view as many of the Masters as I can, including my most favorite of The Masters, Vermeer.  To see The Milkmaid once again will be another wish fulfilled.  A Museum Card can be purchased which will allow you entrance into any one of the 600 Museums which are throughout Holland.

Museum Card

 I will have time to wander through, the gardens and the flower growers fields to ooh and aah over again. 


 as well as artisans of all types including market stalls where there is a plethora of goods to choose from, just take a look at these little houses.  

Market Stall selling Tiny Dutch Architectural Houses
I have some of these which are fridge magnets, but I intend to buy a few more and make a magnetic board with all of them and have it as a picture in my sewing room.
A revisit to the Begijnhof is definitely on my itinerary, this is the 14th century residential hideaway deep in the city of Amsterdam, built for a sisterhood at that time and as time has progressed it was turned into a place for single women to live in, and to this day this is a peaceful and beautiful place to be in the heart of a busy metropolitan city and where the noise of the city is quieted by the walls of the houses.
Then I really want to investigate as many of the Dutch Quilt Shops as I might find, here at the Passionate Quilter you can read all about one of her trips to Holland and read what she discovered, and I plan to follow in her footsteps as it applies to the "Dutch" quilt shops.   YAHOO quilt shops are now plentiful in Holland, whereas in the 80's and 90's there were but a very few, lots of fabric shops but not many dedicated to there are so many and the question is, will I manage to find them all?  I especially want to find and buy the book titled  A History of Dutch Quilts by An Moonen, that should be a welcome read and study.
I think you get the idea of my panned vacation and I do so hope if the opportunity ever arises where you might have the chance to visit Europe that you will also have the time to visit my native land, small, compact, jammed full of people and so very warm and welcoming, I know you will fall in love with the country because the welcome you receive there will be genuine.
Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to post again, but, as I said in the beginning, TIME just has not been very friendly to me lately.  I do hope you will post a comment, no matter where you live, tell me about your summer, as you can see I have mine all planned....


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