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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hey, Do You Have A Bucket List?

This morning when I left the house at 7 a.m. it was chilly, windy and damp,  the sky was overcast most of the day, but, as good fortune would have it, the sun finally made its way through those dark gray clouds around 2:30 this afternoon and it has been out ever since.  I am companion sitting with an elder neighbor while her family is away in Scotland, ahhhhhhhh wonderful, beautiful Scotland, a place which is on par with New Zealand and both are on my bucket list as a must to visit and experience.     New Zealand where the "Lord of The Rings" was filmed with scenes so hauntingly beautiful in the early morning misty light and haunting hills and valleys
which are a must travel to on my Bucket List. 
Do you have a Bucket List?  
I realize we all have projects we have either in progress, or a special quilt pattern we seem to hunger to do, but, this is our passion, but what about that Bucket List, you know, things out of the usual confines of your everyday to day life.  Like, I have a fear of heights, but on my Bucket list I want to climb a high mountain; or, shave off all of my hair, just so that I can feel that wonderful sensation of being bald;
 or,to  visit Dolphins and go swimming with them;

and, do you remember the 1958 movie "South Pacific" with Rossano Brazzi and Mitzi Gaynor and John Kerr (wasn't John Kerr handsome?)  Well on my Bucket list I want to find Bali and visit the spot where "Bloody Mary" played by Juanita Hall sang "Bali High";
 or to visit Noonberg, Austria and Salzburg, Austria where the "Sound Of Music" was filmed and visit that same spot where Julie Andrews sang the opening sound track. 

And visit the painted dessert,
and swim in the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon
revisit my youth and go horseback riding again along a sandy beach
to stay in a cottage up high in the Hebrides of Scotland and 
 walk through Wales, and listen to Welsh choirs,  
 and one of the very most important items on my Bucket list would be to live in a Lighthouse overlooking the ocean, makes no never mind where, just so long as I can have that tiny dwelling all to myself, with room enough for a full sewing room so that I can listen to the crashing waves and watch all of the sunrises and sunsets 
and to be surrounded the entire day with the sounds of the surf as the waves crash against the rocks, this is my one most important wishes of all. 
These then are some of the things which I would ordinarily in my day to day life never do, those are but some of the things I believe I would love to do. Guess I am a closet traveller, though I have always favored Florida's Gulf Coast, I believe I am now ready to let it go and just try out my Bucket List........Sigh.....some day!  
SO do you have a Bucket List, whats on it for you?  I would love to know. Lets begin a BUCKET LIST conversation, it would be a lot of fun to hear what others would like to do just once in their lifetime.   
Thanks for visiting today, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed a stroll through my Bucket List, and that you might share some things on your Bucket List with us.


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