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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 4 The Hives and Marin in Varsseveld

Morning all, I am so behind in my posts, no excuses really other than I seem to have developed some type of reaction to something.  At first we thought that these were mosquito bites, but every hour or so I come a cropper with more new skin eruptions.  Now the process of elimination begins.   I suspect that it may be the coffee, and I drink a lot of coffee here, which is much stronger than my normal instant coffee from back home.  Even though I drink a lot of coffee at home it isn't strong like this is (this coffee is yummy) but I really think it may be just too strong for my system.  Let us hope it is the coffee and not something else.  Anyway the process of eliminating anything remotely different that what I normally eat or drink in Canada begins. 
These hives are driving me absolutely around the bend and I haven't a moments rest from scratching.  Have you ever had such a reaction to food or drink?
Then there is the sheer pleasure of once again being in the company of my dearest friend which has left me little time for posting because if were aren't tearing up over something we are giggling like two unruly teens at just how very similar we are and the total pleasure of our memories. 
For instance the other night we were sitting in front of the television with the Wii and attempting to fly this tiny airplane through a tunnel, when my friend finally made it through that tunnel after untold attempts we were screaming with sheer abandon over her accomplishment, so much so that we brought Frank all the way from the other end of the house to see what might be making us scream so loudly.  Just one tiny event but oh so memorable and so very much  fun!
Els took me to a local quilt shop, and when I say little, I mean TINY!
This little quilt shop close to here in the small village of Varsseveld (not far from the house) is named MARIN, after the owner.  What a lovely little shop this is, of course I didn't have my camera with me, but I promise next trip to take my camera.
The shop is so tiny you just can't imagine from the outside of this house, the amount of notions, as well as a large variety of batting and 100's of bolts of fabric could be so neatly arranged and organized within just two tiny rooms of that house, with living quarters in back and upstairs. The  classes and workshops are conducted in a tiny outbuilding behind the shop.    
Needless to say that turning any quilter lose inside a very interesting and well stocked quilt shop will see that quilter finding something of interest to purchase.   I found an interesting panel and a tone on tone black fabric from Marcus Fabrics and when I left the shop I left as a happy quilter.  It is amazing how very much could be crammed into such a tiny space and still not make you feel claustrophobic. 
This is all for the moment, thanks for stopping by and putting up with my chatter, later we are off to visit a thrift shop, what I see there is anyones' guess, but I am looking forward to seeing what differences, if any, there are in the thrift stores here and the thrift stores I frequent at home.
Have yourselves a perfectly wonderful day no matter where you might be and please come back for more tomorrow.


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