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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ole Man Has Not Left The Building Yet!

Weather sure can be a trickster can't it?  Yesterday the sun shone, the temperature was climbing up leaving this mortal to believe I was right, that spring was on her way and just around the corner, NOT!
This morning our town like so many towns and cities are blanketed with that white stuff.  It is like someone took a fluffy quilt cloud and pulled all of the batting out and is dropping clumps of it all over.   
Looks like the stuffing coming out of that huge sky quilt, LOL
This picture taken at 11:30 a.m.
This picture taken at 12:20 p.m.
This last one at 12:50 
I may as well face the fact that Ole Man Winter is so generous he just keeps on giving and giving (well at least for today that is)!
See how much has accumulated already.  The weather forecasters say it should end near supper time and we can expect about 15 cms. or as my tape measure shows, that is near 6 inches, yeouch!  Good thing I didn't put away the snow shovel cause it looks like I will really need to get it moving. Bonnie I know your in Ft. Meyers, I would love to trade places with you, huh, please?
I must say where I am in relation to where Bonnie Hunter is in Naples Beach, Florida (close to Ft. Meyers) is such a stark contrast!
She makes me envious with her pictures of the beach and the sunset and the water, and a picture of her without a coat!  Yes, it is wonderfully warm there.
I am progressing nicely on my latest quilt and some of my hesagons too!
I learned something important yesterday!  My Sapphire Elle doesn't work well with the bobbin tension set at 3 (my old Nellie always stood at three), so I had to do the trial and error bit until I got it just right, Elle likes the number 5.  Go figure.  Wow I have so very much to learn about these new types of sewing machines, makes me feel old fashioned.  
If time permits and your blog surfing today, go on over to Bonnie's blog and take a look as the last several posts from yesterday, February 23rd, there you will get a great look at the Pineapple Blossoms she has been teaching the Quilters in Ft. Meyers.  Nice looking blocks those are and so many pictures she is sharing with her readers.  I so enjoy seeing what it is that other quilters in other  areas of the world from me are into, don't you.  There always seems to be a trend and in as you follow from Blogger to Blogger you see the trends emerge and that to me is so interesting. 
I am getting ready to leave again, and will take my camera with me as where I will be is close to the lake and I might just find some very pretty pictures to take and share.  For the time being I must say adieu, and thanks for dropping in this afternoon.  I sincerely hope your weather is much better and different from what it is we are getting at today. 

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Always Possibilities

Spring is in the air, I can smell it and I can feel it with higher temperatures this morning.  That is until I took a look outside my window and what do I see - freezing rain with small hail stones.... I guess Ole Man Winter and Ms. Spring are warring with one another as to who will have the weather setting today! 

I am rooting for Ms. Spring because I am so looking forward to winter really coming to an end, although sheepishly I must admit that this hasn't been as horrible as winters past.  I cannot wait to see the crocuses pop their heads above the soil 
and to see the daffies waving at me when the wind gently makes them sway back and forth. 
and to watch the trees as those dead looking branches spring to life bearing blossoms with vibrant colors so cheerful and abundant.

I simply cannot wait, but suppose I must. 
I have been catching up on some of my blog reading and discovered that 
Randy is giving fabrics away, so if you head on over to Barrister's Block and get in on her fabrics giveaway, tell her The Bag Lady sent you., there is still time as she will be drawing the winner this coming Friday.   
Would you like to see a very beautiful and different take on a French Braid Quilt, oh my it is so striking.  Head on over to Ros-the Quilter first take a look at the quilt and then take a look at the quilting, the quilting is suburb, at least I believe it is.  (imo) then you can follow links and see other quilted pieces she has quilted, stunners all. 
AND here is another giveaway I found, head over to here and see what it is that Jackie is giving away and a great new tutorial by her blogger friend Snoodles!  What fun and her tutorial makes it fresh and easy to follow and complete that little project.
IF you are interested in hand quilting your quilts keeping up with tradition, you may wish to read a wonderful post about thimbles!  Head on over to Joans' Blog here and read what it is she has to say and see some of her wonderfully hand quilted quilts.  You might also be interested in the Chatelaine her friend made for her, it is simply practical and a good item to have when your hand quilting or even hand piecing, guess one day I will have to make myself one.
I received a telephone call from a neighbor, seems her mothers' caregiver is not well and would I pinch hit for a few days.  SURE I said, so if I post late I will use this as my excuse.... LOL time to dig out the hexagons again.
Well this is all I have to share with you today, don't forget to enter those giveaways, their all so great. 
Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me today, I am so happy you came to visit.  Good Luck to all who enter into those giveaways, there is always the possibility you could be winners. 

The moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours.  No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen.  And the fact that it practically always doesn't, matters not a jot.  The possibility is always there.  ~Monica Baldwin

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Could Win A New Book...

Just a quick post to let you know about this giveaway closing on February 24th.  Head on over to Colleen's Quilting Journey and enter for a chance to win a copy of Jennifer Chiaverini's new book "Sonoma Rose" -
Even if I don't win I will plead my case in hopes there might be money in the Library's newbook budget to add this to the new titles list...Well, I can hope. 
So go ahead, give yourselves the oportunity, you can't win if you don't enter....

Spring is Coming, Cause......

Yesterday was a good day for me, I was so very busy spring cleaning, and I am very satisfied with my accomplishment of the many items on my to do list that got done.   Luckily my brother took my mother away visiting  and I had the freedom to go through the house without interference or interruption from dear ole mum and got the whole of the downstairs cleaned.  Grabbed my house cleaning tools and set about it from very early in the morning. 
Early mornings are a rare happening around here because my mother never hits the floor until near 11 and by then I consider my day half over but yesterday was a wonderful exception.  
My spring cleaning is more or less done, except for windows that is.  I had no physical energy left over to go outside and begin cleaning the windows, so the insides are done,
the outsides will wait until much warmer weather comes calling. 
I am paying for it though because I am quite stiff this morning, but what odds, the spring inside cleaning is done.... I even found some time left over to color my hair, now that was a much needed chore to have done.
I am so enamored with my new sewing machine, but, what a difference.  This machine is loaded with so many bells and whistles that I have never had or ever used before that it is awesome!  Just learning what you can do is astonishing to me and remembering what to do needs the constant companion that came with her, (the user's manual) that it sits open in front of me because I still know nothing..... I mean I constantly move my hand inside behind the arm to lift the presser foot, but there isn't a lever to lift, it is a button you push, lol.....  Practice, practice, practice.  I am seeking a quilt shop around here where I might take come lessons to learn all about this beautiful piece of equipment and just all that I can do with it. 
TODAYDebbie from Stitchin' Therapy is over guest blogging at Mdme Sams' today, and if you enjoy color in your quilts, this is the blog post that is a must read.  How she describes using color and texture to achieve that great look with your quilts made much common sense to me and choosing color is something I do not do well.  
Did you know that February is heart month at Sew We Quilt Stash Manicure and the Guest Bloggers are really a terrific read. 
ALSO, I meant to steer you over to Angie's blog, called Angie Quilts.  Last Wednesday she posted about a quilt in a Charity Shop,wait until you see this quilt and what it sold for, like Angie I bet you will not believe it!  The value of a quilters' work such as this one astonishes me!
Hey, hey, there is a Blog Hop going on this week, head on over to The Quilting Gallery and be redirected over to Pat Sloan's Girl's In The Garden Blog Hop.  What an exciting beginning to a new week!  I have already joined in and think I am going to try and win me a birthday pressie.....The winners will be posted on February 27th and the Hop just begins today!   Hop on over and get in on the fun, just visit Michele's site linked for you above and you will be directed from there. 
Time for me to get into a hot, hot shower, my joints are screaming so its time to give them a treatment. 
Thank you for stopping by today and reading some of my chat.  Don't forget the new Blog Hop I wrote about, you could possibly be a winner but if you don't enter into these things you won't even have a chance. 
The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.  ~Author Unknown

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yesterday I took possession of my new baby!  
I was so excited about the actual prospect I could hardly sit still while driving to her owners' home to see here, try her out and if all was as I had hoped it would be to pay for her and bring her home to my sewing room.  
When I saw where she lived and met who owned her I was a very happy quilter because I knew she had been well loved and cared for.  She sews like a dream and has so many bells and whistles which I am not familiar with that it is almost scary!
So here I present to you my beautiful Elle meaning "Beautiful Fairy" and in my mind means beloved best friend.  
She is a just turned one year old Husqvarna Sapphire 855, just had her physical and she is totally in tip top health.
I spent some time last night reading all of her vitals from the Users Manual.   I won't begin using her until sometime tomorrow as too many things are on the burner for today and once I sit down in front of her I won't want to lose my concentration.  This will be a whole new learning curve for me. 
A once lovely local Creative Sewing store and quilt shop in another town about a 3/4 hour drive from where I bought Elle, was going out of business.  The owner is an Expert in the sewing side of working with fabrics and will be teaching full time at the university as well as one of the colleges.  Due to her taking up these positions the shop had to go, and it was housed in her own building and with the building being sold all of the inventory and stock was also offered up for sale at huge reduced prices.   I managed to get two new Olfa 6" X 24" rulers, a pair of machingers, a set of Betty bands and a large spool of 100% white cotton thread all for $40.00 Cdn. as well as a few other bits and bobs thrown in for free.  I had a wonderful and luck filled day yesterday. 
I didn't find any Husqvarna products in her store and will need to buy many more bobbins as I was informed by the past owner of Elle that she may only use Husqvarna bobbins and will not accept any other type so, now I need to go shopping for those as I certainly intend to make good use of her and always want lots of filled bobbins at the ready so that my time is taken up sewing and not refilling bobbins.  
I have 4 large blocks almost finished and am still thinking of making 4 blocks across and 6 down, making it a nice sized quilt and having put these ones together this morning for picture taking I think it best to sash them making the top look more structured, rather than photo # 2 layout whereby they all run together and look jumbled, what do you think? Sashing or no sashing?  

Guess it really is too early stages to make this decision until I see all of the blocks together and whether or not my eye sees which layout looks more structured to me or whether it should be without a structure and allow the cubes to butt one another and therein possibly would lay a whole new look. 
I cannot tell you how much fun it is to be able to tell you all about my new and beautiful new sewing machine, I feel so fortunate and lucky that it was all made possible.  This time last year it would never have been even a slight possibility, am I not a fortunate person today?
Thank you for being here to share my news with you, I just had to tell someone and your it!  
I wish you all a fantastic weekend, here in Ontario we are celebrating our first long weekend of 2012 due to Monday being officially named Family Day, so come Monday many people will not have to return to work.  

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.  ~Irish Proverb

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skating on the Canals in Amsterdam

My darling Femke sent this to me to enjoy and I am thinking you might also enjoy seeing people skating on the canals in the City of Amsterdam
Isn't today a great day?


Martina, congratulations, Mr. Random chose the number 5 and that makes you the winner of this Valentine's Giveaway!
Please send me your mailing address in an e-mail to me, and I will get this little parcel out to you, which will have these inside.
 To all who entered thank you.  Maybe next time it will be your turn!
TODAY I discovered a new blogger (to me) her name is Svetlana  and she has a veryneat and tidy blog with tutorials and interesting quilts and projects as well as pattern reviews.
What a busy week this is turning out for me, first the podiatrist for mother, then Valentine's day, today, hair appointment for a perm for mother, tomorrow a trip to the doctor and lastly, go and meet my new sewing machine......just two more sleeps!  YEEHAW!!!!
I also went for a visit with Jimmie you should see what he is currently making....a T-shirt quilt and looks great. If you want to visit head on over, you will be pleasantly surprised. 
Well everyone, I am off to take my mother to her hairdresser, so have yourselves a wonderful day.
Thank you for sharing some of your time with me and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. 
A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile.  ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Apologies everyone, my internet provider can take the blame for my posting late! It is a long story and not important at this time, suffice is to say I am back!
DID you all enjoy a wonderful Valentine Day? 
Are you one of those lucky people who is spending this romantic day on at a Romantic Spot like this one?
OR have you made someone a special quilted Heart Project like this one in this months' McCalls Quilting, The Best of American Quilting magazine that I have?
OR have you sent some natural heart to someone special leaving the roses for the men to give?
Or are you like me, a bleeding heart? Especially when it comes to love; or 
Or have you thrown in the towel and just hung your hearts out to dry?
Whatever your heart, 
I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful day.
Here is a great site where you will find lovely heart quilt patterns all free. has a list which I wanted to send to all of you this morning.  These patterns are free for anyone to use, so if your interested go and check it out a very interesting and useful site.  The offer of free information and patterns always makes my day. 
I actually went out with friends today and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch, it cannot be said that I won't have gained back a pound or two that I had lost with having ingested this lunch and the company was great. 
Only an hour left before my Valentines' Day/February Giveaway closes and must call upon Mr. Random to go to work and choose a winner.  Again I wish each and every one who entered good luck. 
Thank you for playing with me during this giveaway time.  I love seeing themed quilts, don't you?
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me and all of my hearts today.  Hopefully it was a lovely one every one of you. 

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.  We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.  ~Dale Carnegie

Monday, February 13, 2012


We have one just 2 days left for your chance to win my giveaway. 
Ladies.  So if you haven't entered yet, you still have time!  Just click here to enter!!
Forgive me, if you got the impression my birthday was this month, but, nope it is March 1st, though March is simply just around the corner and my sewing machine is to be my birthday pressie to myself. Thanks to a special friend for making this at all possible too!!!! And, Thank you to all who wished me a happy one, I will reserve those and pull the wishes out on my special day...
I have been busy over the weekend, but did manage on my teeny tiny sewing machine to get another huge block pieced.  it isn't easy as that tiny machine has only the arm and that makes perfect seam sewing a nightmare for me.  
I have begun the next series of this block.  Thinking of course maybe 4 across and 6 down (sounds like a crossword puzzle)  would make a nice sized twin bed quilt. Not too sure, but, with these remnants of plaid fabrics I thought possibly finishing them up would be one less batch of scraps I need worry about finding hidey hole for.  LOL
I also have Scrappy Hearts Quilt using my friends others' clothing to complete but not going to attempt working on such tiny blocks until I have my new sewing machine.  I would tear my hair out if I tried to piece such tiny pieces on this wee girl I am currently using.  
BUT I won't have to endure this bothersome feature for too much longer.  I go to pick up my new machine on Friday, at least I pray after giving it a good trial run that everything the seller said is true and she performs well. 
LOOK at this gorgeous little baby quilt, it all came about through another blogger and I find it amazing that with quilting one thing can so easily lead to another.  In January with  OH FRANSSON  she held a SPARKLE PUNCH Quilt Along, and from this Beth of Sewing For Sanity  created this gem Baby Quilt.  All I can say is WOW!  Talk about a little quilt having Punch!   I honestly believe Quilters are the most creative and resourceful people in the world!  We should run for all of the top governmental jobs going, WHY, because we are all so frugal, no scrap left behind!  Bet you we would not have any of those tough economical problems these characters running our countries are having.... LOL - just a fun thing to think of, not a serious position!
You know there is simply so much going on within the Quilting Community that no matter where you read, look or visit, your sure to find a thousand interesting ideas, thoughts, patterns, techniques, ad-infinitem going on, and truth be told, I am simply blessed with a computer and would not know how to actually get along without it anymore.  I would give up much (well not my quilty things) but a lot, to retain my connection to the internet.  Don't you feel this way too?
Now don't forget, the GIVEAWAY here at The Bag Lady's closes tomorrow evening, and even if your not able to vote, get in on the act anyway by checking out those quilts that were submitted over at The Quilting Gallery weekly quilt themes quilts contest, tell me which one you like and that will be your entry!  OKAY?  Also why not spread the word, possibly others might still like to enter?   I look forward to announcing the winner of the giveaway on Wednesday.
My personal favorite commemorative quilt is Betty & Bob, simply because of its uniqueness and story behind the commemorative value.
Thank you for sharing a portion of your busy Monday with me, I am so glad you stopped by and may you have a wonderful quilty day today.

For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.  ~Author Unknown

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Post Script

Hi Again Everyone!

I meant to say in my Giveaway Post  that those of you who are international readers/followers that I will send my giveaways anywhere.  So please do not allow yourself to miss out on the giveaway just because you live far, far away in another country not in Canada or the United States. 

AND.....Head on over to Quilt Hollow she has a fantastic Giveaway going on too, it closes on February 15th.   5 patterns for her to giveaway, how neat are these?
If more giveaways come across my screen, I will certainly come back and post them here, so stay tuned for possible updates to this post script post...

Brrrrrr It's a Cold Saturday

It's Saturday and it is bone chilling cold outside, ask me how I really know that?  A friend of mine is away and while away I am responsible for her beloved 4 legged friends.  As I did yesterday, I managed to get myself out of bed and my head felt like it was about to explode... I normally get nasty headaches when the pressure is up and sure enough it had snowed through the overnight hours.
I dress for snow, clean off my car, all the while it hurts while your breathing in that icy cold air and finally off I go over to the house, open the door and whoa, no doggies meeting me, no barks of "thank goodness your here", why, well because their son is home and the two dogs are nicely snuggled up with one of their favorite people and not at all ready for a run in the frosty morning air! 
So "Who Let The Dogs Out"?  No me this morning..
Last night while tidying up my sewing space I came across lots of plaid scraps.  So pulling out the tiny sewing machine I use for Gatherings/Retreats I decide to play instead.  YIPPEE, I managed to do something with my plaids, take a look at this and tell you you have seen this block combination somewhere before, this is what has come of my playing with plaids.
Sew, I ask you, have you seen this lay out before?  I am not sure whether I made it up myself or that I may have seen something exactly like this before and it's a product of a layout hidden in my memory bank?  Anyhow, I like the layout and will use up what scraps I have left and make a nice little quilt.  I spent hours this morning searching for patterns to see if I could find this layout, looked at all of the images through Google images, even Flicker, so far I haven't come across a lay out like this and I would hate to claim it as mine if it is out there somewhere.  Heaven forbid the plagiarism police nab me for my claim... AND I cannot take myself too seriously now can I? 
DON'T FORGET MY GIVEAWAY, spread the word, remember it closes on Valentine's Day with the winner to be announced on Wednesday, February 15th.  Leave your comments at this post!  If the voting is closed, then tell me which quilt you liked best.  I had forgotten that the voting might close (Mis Culpa)!
Are there any Project Runway fans out there?  What did you think of last nights episode?  My favorite "Anthony Williams" was booted off last week, what a shame, he brought such color and interest to the show, (imo).  These very young designers come up styles and pattern combinations which are interesting, but certainly nothing I could see myself wearing given  my body shape, size and age bracket would or could ever wear! ROLOL However, I so enjoy watching this series, don't you?
I wish you all a wonderful Saturday, may it continue just how you planned it to.  
Thank you for stopping in this morning, being Saturday I figure you have tons of things on your to do list so I hope for you it is a productive and fulfilling day.  Hopefully you'll come by for a visit tomorrow.
It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.  ~Author Unknown

Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

Guess What?
Not only is it already  Friday and I have been missing in action for a few days, but, I have been bussssssy!  Time to let you know what I have been up to since my last post.
Hey guess what, I found a nice February Giveaway for you, prettiest 6" charm pack is the gift, so head on over to Whimsical Mermaid, not only is this giveaway bright and cheerful, but Loralei is interesting.  
You all know that I have been searching for a new sewing machine, something with lots of bells and whistles on it that my basic Janome never had.  My poor baby is as I told you last week really sick and not amount of tinkering with her seems to be making her sew any better! I found one, and thanks to a good friend I can get her ahead of time and save the sale, as the lady who is selling it wants to upgrade and if I didn't want it she was going to trade up on her way back home from the U.S. - I won't see the new baby until next week, but in anticipation of her being adpoted into my family I am cleaning up my sewing space.  This is going to be my Birthday gift to myself - ssssssshhhhh don't tell myself, okay, it is a surprise!!  Isn't she lovely?
Husqvarna Sapphire 835!  Do any of you know this machine or have one, what do you think of it?
NOW seeing as I am late in announcing my FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY, here it is and because Valentine's Day is just around the proverbial corner I chose a 1 yard piece of this pretty fabric, a set of 32 of  5" X 5"  scrappy charms from my personal stash, and this beautiful Copy of Australian Country Threads Magazine all pictured below.
See these are some of the charms I keep finding
For Your Entry (just to make Mr. Random work of course) go on over to The Quilting Gallery and vote for a Commemorative Quilt(s) of your choice.  I love the Quilting Gallery and voting each week for the various themed quilts other quilters share with us. Leave a comment for me here on which quilt you voted for. 
I will close off this GIVEAWAY on VALENTINE'S Day and announce the winner on Wednesday, February 15th. 
Have you seen the neat little Heart Reverse Machine applique Cushion you can make through the new Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial posted today? If you would like to see how this is accomplished for the video tutorial head  on over to here.  
Thank you for visiting with me today, I sincerely hope it is a great day for you, filled with love and laughter. 
Remember any and all comments are welcomed by me, and to JOANNIE  of Joannie's Quilts, I lost your address (same place I left my brain, me thinks) so would you kindly send it to me once again, then I can put this squishy for you into the snail mail bag. 
A hug delights and warms and charms, that must be why God gave us arms.  ~Author Unknown

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little of This and That

Good Sunday Afternoon to you all.  The weather here is cold and overcast, but yesterday it was sunny and bright and just the right temperature for out of door Frost Fest activities. 
The silent auction went well, my runner and place mats went for $50.00 and my little string quilt went for $25.00 
Two of the string blocks which I had first done free motion quilting in and had to unpick and ended up tying....  I really am not pleased with the tied look, I believe it would have been 100% more appealing if the blocks had been quilted.  I don't know what happened to the tiny runner with the astrological print in it, I didn't see it anywhere at all, maybe it went for a Button prize.  We will not know how well Frost Fest profited this year until near the end of next week when the Accountant tabulates all of the expenses minus the amounts we took in from the various venues.
Here is a picture of one of my fellow Lions Club members at the Poker run yesterday, his hair is wonderfully long, but this is for a special purpose!  He will earn BIG BUCKS for charity through Lions International Convention this year
and once it is shorn the hair will go to the wig maker for a wig or possibly two for cancer patients.  Isn't that wonderful?  Boy his hair takes no time at all to grow, mine takes forever it seems. 
Here is a pictures of the crowd yesterday afternoon at one point during the Silent Auction. 
This evening there will be a $5.00 a plate roast beef dinner complete with rolls, and for afters desserts made by bakers within the community.  The tickets were sold out long in advance and there will be lots of hungry people coming to eat tonight. 
I will be taking pictures of people waiting to get the okay to get up and grab their plates, etc., so tomorrow I will share these with you. 
Thank you so very much for stopping in this afternoon, I hope your Sunday was great and for those watching the Superbowl I hope your team won!
Don't ever save anything for a special occasion.  Being alive is the special occasion.  ~Author Unknown 

Friday, February 3, 2012


Good Friday Everyone!

TONIGHT Frost Fest Begins (Doing the Happy Penguin Dance, here) YAHOO!!!!
I decided there just was not enough time to do a nice quilting job if I tried and have the string quilt ready to deliver late this afternoon, so, instead I am tying it.  A solution to get it finished because I thought I would have to give it a pass for this year, but with tying I can still donate it, though it won't be what I thought it should be.  I will take a picture of it tied before delivering it so that I may share it with you.
I have some sweet pictures and video links to share with you today, such a nice set of pictures, it is all about a dog named Lilly and her friend, Madison.  Isn't this inspirational?
Here are some more which you might like to see, but have a hankie ready, you might just feel the tear tugs!  Just a Hug was Needed;  this one will make you laugh too; now this one is so cute; and this one is the best of all of them, you cannot miss it.  Love is everywhere, you really do not have to look far to find it at all, and these are just but a very few examples.
For those of us who are "pattern illiterate" here in the latest video tutorial from The Missouri Star Quilt Co., I just cannot help enjoying these tutorials which Jenny and her staff make for someone like me!   Here is Jenny showing us just how very easy it is to make a Jacobs Ladder quilt block (quilt top).  
As I believe myself to be somewhat of a pattern illiterate, these wonderful video tutorials and the quilters who take the time and effort to make them for us are simply amazing and generous people.  
That's it for me today ladies, thank you Gwen for your comment.  When I receive your comments I do read them and I try to respond, however if I have missed thanking you, I do so now.   I sincerely appreciate your input and if you have something you might like to share with the rest of us but your not a blogger, then, why not become a Guest Blogger here, just let me know, I would welcome you with open arms.
Back to completing the quilt, interruptions are scheduled for today, lots of them in fact, like a shower and hair do for mother, message run to the post office and store, delivery of this quilt, if I ever stop procrastinating and get back to it (tying is not my favorite way to finish off a quilt), then as I am running the Seeley's Bay Frost Fest Scavenger Hunt I need to be on hand for two hours this evening (out in the cold) to complete Team registrations, check on my mothers friend who lives across the park to make certain she has everything she might need for the weekend, and eventually, I must find time to do something with this bad hair day I am having, I could conceivable give someone a heart attack when first they see me!!! LOL
Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me this afternoon, and if you do not hear from me over the weekend, it will be because I am out of doors doing Frost Fest Activities.....
The purpose of life is a life of purpose.  ~Robert Byrne

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not Such A Good Day

Oh No!!! My poor sewing machine has finally had a nervous breakdown!  This one I believe is serious and no amount of cajoling or tinkering was able to get her up and running as she should.  I thought she sounded weird last night when filling bobbins before calling it a night, but, then I really wasn't paying close enough attention to the sounds. 
It began this morning, with loose stitching and then the thread seemed to jump out of the needle, then the thread knotted with the bobbin thread. 
I had eight of the 36 blocks already quilted (free motion) and after stopping last night because I had just used the last bobbin, I was tired I left it believing the rest could be finished today.  Not sew!!!
My darling machine finally had a serious breakdown and after spending the entire day taking her apart, cleaning again, changing needles, rethreading, nothing, nada!  I picked out the stitching I had already done because when I took a good look at the back of the quilt I saw loose stitching, seems like I should have noticed that before doing eight, but again I wasn't paying close enough attention. 
Now I have it all unpicked, nice little holes where it all once was, and not machine.  I have my tiny lightweight Singer, but she won't be able to tackle this quilt!
Finally it is nearing 6:30 in the evening and I have given it my all today, and it is time to set it all aside for the day.  No progress today at all other than lots of frustration.
It 's Ground Hog Day, maybe thats the reason, LOL
Thank goodness I finished all of the other Frost Fest items and those have all be delivered, and if I hope with a little help from my friend Liz I might use her machine tomorrow, hopefully her machine will take my BIG Foot and I can begin the free motion process all over again and get it finished, if not, then Frost Fest is without a Donation Quilt this year.  Poor Betsy isn't even sewing straight lines without a problem. 
I got myself frustrated for sure, and who can believe Wireton Willy when he says we are in for an early spring?  You know those Ground Hogs aren't that reliable....LOL
Guess it is time for me to go shopping for a good used sewing machine.  
I have read from members of various groups I belong to and bloggers who have had to face similar problems but I cannot seem to get a fix on a good and solid brand of machine.  Will it be a Bernina, A Husquavarna, another Janome (mine is a Janome) which will I be able to find in my price range (free, LOL) that I can learn to use without a huge learning curve to overcome?
Which brand of sewing machine do you use and prefer?
I could use your input to be sure because it is next week that I will have to get out there and find myself a new sewing machine.
Thank you for stopping in this evening, it has't been a great day for me, but I am hoping it has been a good day for you wherever you are. 
Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Wonky Week and Quilt

I realize I have been missing for several days, but, friends and unforgotten commitments all set the tone for absolutely no time at all.  It all began last Friday when my mothers dear friend was without hydro and so cold, unfortunately she didn't remember that she could telephone the emergency number.  This dear friend has some sort of dementia or Alzheimers.  I think it is Alzheimers but no official diagnosis has yet to be determined, hence the need for someone to intervene.  Together with another friend we went and got her sorted out, seems the ice broke the branches which pulled down the hydro line into her home causing the huge problem.  This lady will be 90 this year and no immediate family in the district so friends and neighbors do what they can. 
 Then another emergency.  My friend in Holland has a friend visiting with her and that friend is terribly ill.  Now arrangements are being made to send her friend back to Canada with aid for the air travel.  At least we are hoping that travel can be accomplished while being so very sick. 
Also, I forgot I was to work the Lions Bingo yesterday!  Can you believe it, I actually forgot what date it was and almost missed my obligation had not a member kindly called to remind me... Normally I meet my obligations, but with all that has been going on around me and that which I am involved in I actually forgot. 
BUT, I have the crazy wonky string quilt sandwiched and am quilting it now.  Tell me, I realize that it is wonky and crazy, but I think it will pass muster for the silent auction, maybe at least worth a few dollars for this lap quilt?
Weird weather happening all over the world today, so stay safe out there and be careful if you have to travel, some of the roads are a real mess waiting for accidents to happen. 
I am planning another giveaway for this month and seeing as it is a Leap year this year, I will be seeking something special to celebrate the extra day this year.  I will be announcing the giveaway this coming Monday (I realize it is a few days off) but first I need to finish this off and get Frost Fest over with.  Until tomorrow, keep well and thank you so much for coming back to visit me after not having posted for a few days, I really did miss you, just couldn't fit it all in.
If things go wrong, don't go with them.  ~Roger Babson