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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Wonky Week and Quilt

I realize I have been missing for several days, but, friends and unforgotten commitments all set the tone for absolutely no time at all.  It all began last Friday when my mothers dear friend was without hydro and so cold, unfortunately she didn't remember that she could telephone the emergency number.  This dear friend has some sort of dementia or Alzheimers.  I think it is Alzheimers but no official diagnosis has yet to be determined, hence the need for someone to intervene.  Together with another friend we went and got her sorted out, seems the ice broke the branches which pulled down the hydro line into her home causing the huge problem.  This lady will be 90 this year and no immediate family in the district so friends and neighbors do what they can. 
 Then another emergency.  My friend in Holland has a friend visiting with her and that friend is terribly ill.  Now arrangements are being made to send her friend back to Canada with aid for the air travel.  At least we are hoping that travel can be accomplished while being so very sick. 
Also, I forgot I was to work the Lions Bingo yesterday!  Can you believe it, I actually forgot what date it was and almost missed my obligation had not a member kindly called to remind me... Normally I meet my obligations, but with all that has been going on around me and that which I am involved in I actually forgot. 
BUT, I have the crazy wonky string quilt sandwiched and am quilting it now.  Tell me, I realize that it is wonky and crazy, but I think it will pass muster for the silent auction, maybe at least worth a few dollars for this lap quilt?
Weird weather happening all over the world today, so stay safe out there and be careful if you have to travel, some of the roads are a real mess waiting for accidents to happen. 
I am planning another giveaway for this month and seeing as it is a Leap year this year, I will be seeking something special to celebrate the extra day this year.  I will be announcing the giveaway this coming Monday (I realize it is a few days off) but first I need to finish this off and get Frost Fest over with.  Until tomorrow, keep well and thank you so much for coming back to visit me after not having posted for a few days, I really did miss you, just couldn't fit it all in.
If things go wrong, don't go with them.  ~Roger Babson 


  1. I would bid on your wonky string quilt.I love it.

  2. I think the wonky string quilt is very lovely. I'd bid on it!
    I hope your life slows down a little so you can enjoy some of
    it again.

  3. Your wonky string quilt is SO pretty!!! When I see it, it makes me think of broken ice.. :-) OR, better yet, broken sheets of rock candy! :-)

    Also, just wanted to say how much I love the squishie you sent! It is beautiful and I will use it for a very special project!


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