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Friday, January 27, 2012

Finishing For Frost Fest

The first project for the silent auction is done, what do you think?
I was so hoping I would have had enough of the khaki color to finish 6 place mats but I simply couldn't find one other piece, so I have five, but will only supply 4 with the table runner and hope these go for a decent price, after all it is for funds going back into our community programs.
Now to finish my string quilt. 
I have a box filled with tissue holders and book marks for the Library, so those too will be delivered this coming Saturday.  WHOOPPEE I am getting there, not as quick as I had hoped, but none the less almost done, after the string quilt is done I still have one or two more little projects I would like to do, one a tote bag and the other a few more of the plain and quick table runners, I have already pulled fabrics for.  We quilters are wierd people are we not?  Always looking ahead to more projects while WIP's are ongoing. 
First however, my mother asked to take a trip out of the Bay for her shopping fix, so off we went and me holding onto her for dear life trying to get her into the car and not laying flat on the icy driveway.  LOL she is 89 years old this coming April and still has to shop.  It was a very long day yesterday but sadly I didn't pass by any quilt shops (just to look, at least my resolution remains still in tack)!  We picked up some much needed items and things for a neighbor as well and will be seeing her sometime today, we hope.  
Currently it is raining and I am praying that the temperature continues to rise and the rain continues to come down, then hopefully all of the ice will melt away.  Leaving me free to remain indoors and nicely ensconced in front of my sewing machine.  
Some evenings my favorite shows are and and handwork is always handy, my hexies are growing.  So armed with hexies, sitting on top of my bed while watching the telly, there was a new Pilot to view with Keifer Sutherland,  one of my favorite actors.  He's back with a new series called Touch, well, for anyone interested in the plot line will certainly enjoy this new series, at least he isn't a killing machine this time like a few years ago in 24!  
I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot and hope many other of his fans will too. 
I discovered another wonderful blogger, Vicky of LA Quilter and she vows to use up her stash!  Scroll down into a previous post and you will see that she actually took a picture of her stash and it's a doosie too.  My stash is in three places, LOL, one over in the cabin upstairs in the loft I cannot use because no one but me can stand up in there, maybe one of these years I will get to use it?  Then one in my bedroom walk in closet cum sewing stash and one in the spare bedroom where I took over a whole chest of drawers... I honestly do no know how long it will take to use up this stash, but certainly more than a year or two, I am thinking. 
It was so very nice of you to drop in for a visit today, and listen to me rambling on, but now I am off to use more stash...
..............OH NO the rain is freezing, YUCK now more ice will accumulate, I wonder if any of the Angels up there are listening to my fervent wishes asking for melting temperatures, not freezing, guess I will have to pray harder! 
Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


  1. Love your runner and placemats. Great finish!

  2. Thanks so much Linda, I was happy to see these finished, now, just several pieces more, LOL.

  3. Keep on working, great job!

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