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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guess What?

Good Saturday morning everyone!  I apologize for not posting the last two days, but in all honesty my brain just wasn't functioning as it should, so, I took the hiatus and just concentrated on allowing my silly ole cold to take its leave, which I believe it finally has because this morning I feel more like my ditzy old self...
Guess what I stumbled onto?  
A wonderful and inventive Blogger named Karen of  "Sew Many Ways" and truly an exciting blog to visit!!   I am certain if you have never been to visit with Karen yet,  that after your initial visit you'll go back time and again!  I see so many things of interest I don't know where to spend the time first!  If your at all like so many quilters you will be impressed with this lady's ingenuity and the many ideas she creates and is so willing to share with others by her uses of up cycled items and materials which I would never have thought of on my own, my brain just is not that imaginative!  Isn't her redesigned sewing room to die for? Well it is for me because I simply do not have this type of space to copy her, but, it is on my Wish List for when I win the MILLION DOLLAR lottery!  LOL
I was also given the name of a movie which I have been trying my darnedest to download and watch, unsuccessfully, I might tell you.  However since I cannot find it to download properly, then I will go to my local library and see if it is in their system for borrowing, they have so many Hallmark movies, that I will hopefully get to see it that way!  The name of the movie is THE NOTE with one of my all time favorite actresses Gene Francis (do you remember her from the "Luke and Laura" segments from the popular General Hospital soap all those many years ago?
The apparently there is a sequel to this movie, The Note II.   Well I shall have to watch the first one before looking for the sequel.
On another note, do you remember I am giving away my set of purple/white blocks together with three (3) Fat Quarters of fabrics (which I think will also be in purple/lavender colors?  Remember the date for submitting some great easy and quick idea for me to use for Frost Fest donating this year closes on SUNDAY, JANUARY 8th!   Each of the 5 comments received so far are wonderful, and the well wishes were so appreciated, BUT there has to be more of you who would enjoy some orphan purple/white blocks and more fabric????  IF SO, then your comments would be appreciated. Here is where you can place your comments for this giveaway!
GRANNYANNE I know you'll be on the watch for your prize book from me for my last surprise giveaway, but, to date I haven't been out of my room so I have not yet gone to the post office, but rest assured, you will get it soon enough!  
I have not cooked a decent meal the entire week, I have been eating from my freezer (not that the food wasn't good) just been to miserable to stand in the kitchen, but this evening I won't have to cook either because I have been invited to my brothers for a meal - HOORAY no cooking again this evening....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  
I'm off to visit with my sewing machine this afternoon, time to get back to my donation quilt, once it is completed I will share it with you.  Don't get too excited about this prospect because I'm still not that great a quilter!
Thank you for making time to visit with me today, I sincerely wish you a wonderful day, no matter what you have planned for yourself, stay well and safe out there and come on back tomorrow for some more of my chat!


  1. Hi! I have tried to enter your giveaway-- would surely love to win those pretty fat quarters-- but when I try, it says "Your current account ( does not have access to view this page. " Not sure why...? I follow you on GFC.. Anyway, maybe others are having the same trouble... :-)

  2. Gwen, your comments lead me to investigate my settings. All seem to be correct, however in an attempt to remedy this problem, I will attempt to use a backlink and see if that will help. For those who have tried to leave comments about the latest GIVEAWAY, please just leave your comments on the latest post and refer to the GIVEAWAY until the problem is rectified.
    THANK YOU Gwen for pointing this out to me.

  3. So glad that you are feeling better and know it will get here when it does!


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