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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Full Day

It's raining, it's pouring and then its gonna freeze!!  I am terribly behind today in posting, but, I accomplished quite a lot.
I have been in and out of doors most of the day trying to eradicate the driveway from ice 
as the temperature steadily rose high enough to actually make it feel balmy. It rose to 1 Celsius a huge difference from the minus 19 of yesterday. I even unearthed my van and it looks kind of nice seeing as the ice took most of the road dirt with it and it looks nice and shiny just now.  It rained a fine mist all day.  Hopefully my chipping away at the ice and my sprinkling road salt all over that a lot will melt away before the freezing temperatures we are told to expect this evening hit us once again.  
I took a tumble and wrenched my left knee so I am hoping it won't be as serious as the pain is at the moment and hope in the morning it will feel better.  Right now I am limping  and look like STUMPY in that movie, RIO LOBO  can you remember just how he hitched himself up and walked because of his characters' bad leg?  Yes, thats me, just call me Stumpy! 
MARY COX and ANNE BROWN please keep your eyes out for your prizes, they left this morning,
the fat quarters to everyone else will leave here tomorrow. I put the envelopes with the fats in the car, and until this afternoon I just couldn't get the doors opened to retrieve them,
so now that I have reclaimed my van from the ice, your little squishes will go out in the morning post.
 I also puttered around with sashing those string blocks I made the last few days, that took up a few hours as well.  At first I tried black for the sashing, but I didn't like the black so have frog stitched those and tried a mottled print which I think looks nicer.  Just the top row is being worked on, and I placed several below to see how it might look once a picture was taken.  
I am making great use of my digital camera in conjunction with quilting, it really helps to see it in perspective and pictures sure do that!  
Now for the next little while its back to the sewing machine, and the sashing of those blocks, Between now and February 2nd, there is still quite a deal of finishing work to be accomplished on the donations I am making for Frost Fest. 
I also need to fill up the Tissue holder box both with the holders and the bookmarks for the Library.  These will once again be sold during the Frost Fest weekend with any and all proceeds being donated to the Library.  So I must put on my skates and get at it all. 
Thanks ever so much for stopping by today, it's so much fun to have others to share with and I so enjoy every comment which comes my way from all of my new friends which I so very much appreciate.  

Good friends are like quilts - they age with you yet never lose their warmth.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Thanks again, I will stalk the mail lady. Not really. It's amazing how much snow everyone is getting, even here in the Northwest

  2. Nice to hear from you Anne, I will sit and wait to hear from you as to its safe delivery!
    Isn't this winter weather the weirdest yet? One day temperature up, next day plunged into the deep freeze, and last night fierce winds at about 76! Have a great day today.


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