Public Boat Docks in Seeley's Bay

Seeley's Bay Community Picture Gallery

December 2011

Christmas Tree in Front Entrance of Seeley's Bay Retirement Residence

Tree and Christmas Ornaments Display in Front Entrance of Residence

Jean and Jerry

Doris and Myrtle


Christmas Lights in Lyndhurst

Christmas Lights Display in Lyndhurst

Christmas Light Display with reflections off the water in Lyndhurst

More Lights Displayed with reflections off the Water in Lyndhurst

Another Light Display with reflections off the water

Display and its reflection off the water

A huge display with reflections off the water

Lights and reflections
On December 9th, 2011, the Residents of The Seeley's Bay Retirement residence decided it would be nice to view the Christmas lighting display held in the Village of Delta every year.  As I was the driver, I simply could not stop to take pictures of the beautiful winter wonderland of lights in Delta, you see we were following the tour wagon and no stopping was allowed, consequently I along with my wonderful passengers saw the scene, but no pictures were taken to share with you.
On the return home from Delta, I did make a stop in the Town of Lyndhurst, Ontario to let them see the Lyndhurst Christmas Lighting Displays along the river bank, because I could make a stop, I decided to take the above pictures.  It was 7:30 p.m. and the moon was all the lighting we had, so the pictures are against the darkness of last night, very cold and crisp outside, but oh how those lights shone bright and crystal clear for all of us to admire. 
December 14th

Front of House Exterior Christmas Lights 


Seeley's Bay Lions Angel Tree Project

How is this

Getting down to it

Who's got the tape?

This paper is pretty

Taking a break

I'll take this one

Keeping an eye on things

working up an appetite

The Chef calling come and get it
Mmmm whats' this

Back to the wrapping

The Prez at work

Giddy with relief at finishing

Ahhhhhhh I want to keep this one

Every surface is covered and if I am careful I can make it through the maze to get to my bed


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  1. Schitterend, Wat ben je toch een kei!!!! Jullie hebben een groot hart!.....Allemaal krijgen jullie van mij *********** Dutch stars....Merry Christmas..Love Els


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