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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can you believe it, it's August already!

Hey there, I am finally back to posting, though the time I spent away from you has been worth it because I finally found just the right place to live and I have been doing a very happy dance!  PHEW!!!!!!  I never imagined that finding another place for myself would be this difficult.  If you could see some of the ruins I have visited you'd be amazed that these Landlords actually want a small fortune from someone to rent their dilapidated structures!  I mean really, so many were just dumps and should have been raised to the ground. 
Now the moving has begun, and so far I haven't divulged to anyone where it is or when because I want to keep it a secret for just a titch longer and with this back of mine out of whack it will be slow going.  With the back which doesn't seem to be healing at all it is slow going.  I suspect that the stress hasn't been helping, so possibly in a few months when all is said and done I might be on the mend.  There is so very much going on in my life at this point in time I simply will just have to tell you a bit at a time as it happens....he he he, but hey, it is all good!
Barb and Sharon, I will be mailing your parcel and will advise when it goes into the mail so you may keep an eye out for the mailman...LOL
There is much going on around here in the background but you'll just have to come back and visit to find out what it is I have been up to lately, but for today I have a quilt to bind and it must be finished today for delivery tomorrow.  I neglected it while looking for accommodations.  Now it is back to my obligations. 
In the meantime, wander on over to Quilty Pleasures Blog,  Quiltmaker Magazine's blog, and what a blog this is to visit!  It is here for August 1st that you'll see some of the beautiful quilts from Quilt Colorado 2012 and mention of some of the beauties hosted there.  Today the post begins with a beautiful Irish Sam Quilt, I love it and have always thought I might do a Sue and Sam quilt, but for me the time just never came around, however, I think this is such a beautifully constructed and quilted piece you cannot fail to admire it.  The color choices and the placement are just perfect.  This blog is so filled with interesting information and quilt ideas I am certain you can spend hours and hours just looking around and reading with interest all that is there.  Of course one of my all time favorite quilt designers, instructors and quilter, Bonnie Hunter is also mentioned along with her famous Cathedral Stars quilt, don't you just love this quilt? Go, visit, and feast your eyes on the spectacular quilts mentioned today and wonder at the exquisiteness of the actual quilting on those quilts being featured.  WOW is all I can say because not being a hand quilter nor a terrific machine quilter I could never measure up to these pieces of perfection.  I can however admire those who make such works of art, can't you?
A little piece of advise for you.  Our village is very small and tight knot, but in recent weeks we've had some trouble around here, a very senior lady had her home invaded and it wasn't a break in, it was someone who watched where her spare key was kept outside her home and walked in using it.  He (whoever he is) surprised her while in taking a shower, he frightened the life out of her and managed to relieve her of money from her purse, while not a huge huge sum, it was $200.00 and off he went.  That was the second time because not a few days later didn't someone enter her home again!!!!!!!!!  Now she has learned never to leave her doors unlocked or store a spare key outside.  IT isn't safe even in our small community to leave the doors unlocked.  SO ladies, play it safe even in your "thought to be safe" communities.  LOCK your doors, be vigilant and if you have to leave a key somewhere, leave it with a trusted neighbor...This lady was not physically hurt, but her psyche has taken quite a beating.  
Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to post, soon I will have lots to share with you including pictures of my new abode.  It might not possibly be a palace to any other person, but to me it is a dream come true and once time permits I will begin to share it with you.  Until then, have a very happy day, no matter where it is you live and enjoy it to its fullest. 
Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit.  ~Author Unknown 


  1. Glad you have found a new place to lay your head. Hope it fulfills your dreams and you can safely lock your door.

  2. Sue, so very good to hear from you and thank you for your wishes and thoughts. I will make certain to lock my door for certain. Did I say that the lady the second time was just coming out of her shower! Scary stuff that.
    Hoping your relaxing and really enjoying your time at home.


  3. Mitts- glad you were able to find a new place to live. I hate packing :( so good luck with that. It is amazing what people want for places nowadays. Keep safe and healthy.

  4. Yay! So happy that you've found your new home! And I hope that you'll have many years of happiness there! :-)

    So awful what happened to the lady in your village! :-( You just can't be too careful.. I can only imagine how terrified she must have been!! Thank goodness that he only took her cash and didn't hurt her physically...

    Quilty Pleasures is a wonderful place to spend time! SO many beautiful quilts there!! :-)


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