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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Have A Winner

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

WE have a Winner for my little Giveaway and having used Mr. Random Number generator with 14 entries he chose number 5!   Congratulations to Barb and Sharon, would you kindly send me your snail mail address to and I will make certain it gets into the post on its way to you posthaste!  To all other entrants, I thank you for entering and hope you will come back again for my next giveaway, whenever that might be.
I hope once the charms reach their destination that eventually Barb and Sharon will come back and show off what they made with them.
I regret the delay in posting, but managed to go further afield in seeking accommodations and the day slipped right past me!  Bed inspection seemed my only answer as I was exhausted.
As you all know I have been searching for a residence to move to, so far nothing of interest to me has turned up,  yet!  Being just me, myself and I though means I can move anywhere and armed with this knowledge I have been hunting further afield from here in the Bay.  Once I thought I had found the right location, but so far it has ended up being a naught.  Because I hate moving, the packing of everything and then the unpacking once you get to where ever it is you finally choose to settle, I decided this time I would make the effort to find just the right place for me, not something I must settle with or have to move from again for a very long time.  This was supposed to have been that place, but not so.  Is there ever a right place?  Of course there is and I aim to make the supreme effort to find it.  LOL
Maybe a cabin in the woods, 
or one perched on a mountaintop, 
or a house on a beach somewhere, 
and any one of these would be ideal!  Where ever it ends up being, there has to be lots of light and airiness and a place where my stash can fit along with me who knows where I will end up? 
This hot weather just zaps the energy from you when your out travelling about and as you may recall my van is sickly.   In but several hours from now I have an appointment with the car doctor to see if he can fix whatever is wrong with my van.  Seems the dashboard gauges still aren't working and they just keep on flaping back and forth like their windshield washers instead of gauges!  
On that note I say cheerio for the moment, thank you all once again for taking part in my little bit of Halloween fun in the heat of July, cause I know when that special dress up day arrives, it most likely will be cold and wet and windy.
  Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.  ~Jacques PrĂ©vert

Friday, July 20, 2012


Lookee here, it is Friday once again!  Happy Friday and preliminary wishes for a happier weekend!
I said I wouldn't post again until the giveaway was over, but, as you know today it ends and only 3 entries with just hours left today for you to enter.   What is it that my giveaways don't seem to make a splash?  Waiting for others to host giveaways or entering others I see scads of people entering, but somehow I just do not seem to generate the same interest.   Guess it is time for me to quit giveaways and just concentrate on postings. 
Yesterday I made a necessary trip across our borders.  On my return entering into Canada once again I was asked by the Border Control Officer to drive up to the left, park and take my receipts inside.  I did this, the officer behind the desk asked me the same questions as the officer did at the entry point, took a quick look at my receipts and bid me a good evening.  
Returning to my vehicle and starting up the engine, my dash gauges all went crazy, and now I have an appointment with my vehicle's doctor.  OH NO!  SO all of the $'s I saved yesterday will now be put to another use!
I am still taking aspirin
for the pain in my leg and back but slowly, very slowly the pain is subsiding!  I exercise it as much as possible but it certainly is very slow in repairing and of course I am not the most patient of people when my mobility is interrupted.  LOL
Here is a wonderful new blog I have stumbled across, I am certain your going to enjoying visiting, it is called The Needle and Thread Network, WOW what a very interesting blog to visit.  There is something there for everyone's creative side.    Through this blog you will find Jackie of Jackie's Art Quilts, now this is one interesting quilter.  There are more at the blog than just Carolynn and Jackie, there are so many interesting people you can meet through the Network.  You can literally spend some serious time here. 
I wish to thank you for stopping by for a visit today, I just wish there were more entrants to make this giveaway more fun, but, in any case I wish you a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow. 
IF you have any ideas about why my Giveaways are clunkers, I could certainly use them, so go ahead and tell me what I should do differently, please?

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?"  ~William A. Ward

Monday, July 16, 2012


Boo Hoo Hoo, what would you do,
If  these Halloween Charms were won by you?
It's Monday don't you know
And I have a Giveaway to throw!
It's not yet the season, but coming soon.
Witches wearing black pointed hats,  with cats and brooms,
All Hallows Eve with scary faces,
Tricks and Treats concocted in so many places.
Therefore I challenge you, here's what to do!
Make a quilt, hang it free.
For all little witches, ghosts and goblins to see!

Has this left you wondering where my mind is today and what can she be up to now?  Okay, I will tell you, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY, why, because!  Just because!  
THE PRIZE is one hundred (100) of 6" X 6" Halloween fabric charms from 9 Different Halloween Novelty fabrics, three (3) different types of markers for fabric, one box of Steam a Seam and one hand-made by me Zippered Pouch and Sack!
WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO to win this prize NOTHING but comment on how you might choose to use 100 Halloween fabric charms!  
GIVEAWAY CLOSES Saturday, July 21st, 2012 midnight Toronto, Canada time.
THE Winner will be chosen through the use of a randomizer.  
I WILL announce the winner of this giveaway on Sunday, July 22nd, 2002
MAKES NO difference where you live, I will ship it internationally!

Now isn't this fun, an out of the season giveaway.  Not too many among us who don't not like Halloween!
Here is a cute image of a Monster Quilt I couldn't resist sharing with you!
AND from the blog, Quilt Inspiration you will find free patterns, but the quilt depicting Halloween "Don't Drink And Fly" is absolutely too cute!
Thanks for stopping in today, I am so thrilled you came by, please, pass along this Giveaway message so that others might come and play?  By entering you will be doing a good deed by helping to downsize my stash!

I will not be posting until this Giveaway is finished so come on in and enter to win.  So see you in the Comments section when I respond to your comment(s).  Okay, get ready, get set, go.................

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.  ~Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sundays' Pot Pouri

Can you believe it Sunday appears once again and if the weatherman is telling the truth we are expecting rain!  Wonderful glorious rain.  Maybe, if it does come it will do something to alleviate some of this oppressive heat.  I know I should not be  heard complaining about the heat, but, so many days without respite from that muggy humid air will really be nice.  I read of the horrors the heat is creating south of our borders and feel terrible for those who are suffering through it.  Do you suppose this is punishment from not being ecological minded over the past century?
I had a very interesting visitor this week, a generous lady from town came to see me and I wasn't at the door to greet her.  So I telephoned and during that conversation she told me she had a quilt for me and possibly I might want to have it!  A Quilt, have it!  You know I would never say no!  She told me she found i among her fathers' possessions and according to her father he believed it belonged to her mother, though she does not remember her mother quilting at all.  It measures 80" X 90" unbound.  It is sandwiched already, wonderfully basted, machine pieced, and upon further inspection someone (presumably her mother) had already begun hand quilting it.  I have promised to finish it, and once finished it will be raffled with proceeds going to her church's' rebuilding fund.  The same Church where I hold the Stitch 'N' Chat sessions (if it ever takes off!!!)LOL
Isn't this a striking Quilt?
Her mother (or someone) has actually begun the hand quilting.  I usually quilt with the use of my sewing machine because of my arthritis, however, when I looked at this quilt, it would be a shame not to finish it with hand work.  I am picturing red work done in those wonderful white squares, what do you think?
Here are the only two blocks where hand quilting is present, someone had love and peace and friendship in mind, I think!
 Can you see the bow?
Can you see the heart?
There are some tiny spots of mildew on it as well, but I believe I can soak those with buttermilk and somehow these tiny spots will disappear, don't you think?  It will be some time before I can get to this quilt though, I still have not finished binding the two twin quilts a lady asked me to bind.  
I have been busy seeking a new residence for myself.  Once I believed my search was over, but unfortunately that fell through.  I have seen some places and confess, finding something decent and affordable is difficult, but find a home I will.  Being summer time there are lots of places being offered for Students, because the City of Kingston isn't far from the Bay and all of these are short term or shared and I have no desire to share my space with anyone ever again.  I want my peace and quiet and sanity back!  LOL
I was visiting Bonnie Hunters' blog (I always read Bonnie, she's so interesting and talented), she took in SISTERS once again, and if you go for a visit with her she will take you on a wonderful walk through Sisters and you will see such colorful and well designed quilts hanging through town.  Interesting, very interesting to see Sisters through some other persons' eyes.  I find Bonnie very discerning when it comes to describing points which interest her, she makes you feel like your there with her enjoying the same scenery!  Thank you Bonnie!
There is also another favored quilter I so enjoy following, her name is Sue of "I Sew Quilts" blog.  She's returned from her visit across the great pond where she went to visit and take in the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Her adventures began in Boston on her arrival to the USA from England in June and she is just now returning with more and wonderful treasures to share with her readers.  You will love reading of her latest escapades in Vermont, I know I did!  So between Sue and Bonnie you'll be treated to some extraordinary eye candy!
Pinterest is becoming quite the place to see and be seen at, one such Liane Radford has a wonderful page with All Things Quilts, wonderful and modern quilt eye candy for your enjoyment. 
Another interesting blogger is Nikki - of "Nikki In Stitches" take a gander through her blog, it will really entertain you.  
One last blog of interest to share with you is Irene of "The Whole Quilt & Caboodle" your sure to enjoy your visit here!
As I begin to close up this post for today, peeking outside I still do not see any rain!  Overcast but no rain and humid, oh my stars it is humid!
Thank you for stopping by along your blog visiting route today, I ask  you to return tomorrow because I will begin to host my latest giveaway.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the gift I am offering.  Stay tuned!  Tomorrow will arrive much too quickly and a new week will zoom right past us once again, where does this time fly too? 

Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So... get on your way.  ~Dr. Seuss

Friday, July 13, 2012

The last on Chintz

Before I get too involved in this mornings' post I would like to refer you to the Memory Quilts entered into the weekly themed quilts Contest commencing today over at The Quilting Gallery, the blog site I always refer to as my Information Station!  I have entered the "Flying Away" memory quilt which was presented to our Towns' Librarian. 
IF you have a few moments, why not go and take a look and vote for any one of the 34 entries (mine included) and see all of the other poignant and wonderful memories!  Of course you could vote for any four (4) of them also!
Seeing as it is Friday the 13th which has always been a great date or number for me, I would like to offer up a few last links on Chintz.
Over at Quilts From A to Z you will find a plethora of OLD and HISTORICAL quilts, there are sections on that site which detail quilts from the collections of the NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY in its' International Quilt Study Center.  This site is so worthy of your time if your interested in the history behind the textiles.  
Another very interesting site is (America's Quilting History) which details the method of Broderie Perse, hand embroidered chintz.  It lays out some of the most exquisite of pieces which have been made since the 1700's.  
I leave you with one last site on Chintz, it really is the most ultimate of challenges on Chintz or Broderie Perse for those of you who really love challenges!   For those fans of Jane Austen, this challenge will take you to the enth and delight your soul.  I could never undertake such a challenge were I paid to do so for my handwork is immature and sloppy, but in my heart I know there are some who would do such justice to it, they could spend 100's of hours embroidering these blocks and making this quilt.   From THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA this challenge was thrown down and took their quilters two years to make the challenge quilt.  COULD YOU even imagine spending that time on this quilt?  
Go and visit with Rosalee Clark she is the penultimate on Jane Austens' coverlet and this is where an actual pattern of Rosalee's replica can be  purchased.  Once again, you can spend hours at this site, so much to learn about and so very, very interesting.  Why there is even an article and pictures of a beautiful replica made by Ron, you just have to see this!  All things are about Jane at this site so for her fans who quilt this is a rare and precious jewel! 
If you haven't been inspired by this weeks renditions on Chintz or been entertained, then I apologize, however, I found the journey of discovery so very interesting and it has left me with the desire to begin reading Austen all over again.
Thank you for coming by today and sharing your time with me, I know your out there and that your reading, but a comment of two as you pass through would not go amiss!  So stay tuned for my next theme and the GIVEAWAY!  Coming here at the Baglady's Blog on Monday!  Stay tuned.........

If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one.  ~Cavett Robert

Thursday, July 12, 2012


PIXEL OF INK has new free book offerings, if your interested!


Bored Yet?

How many of you are still interested in finding all things fabrics Chintz for a bit longer?
For today, I have discovered more sites on the web and these sites are based out of North America, why I would find that amazing, I don't know!  I realize that I am on a "chintz" junket, so if your bored with it all already, you just go ahead and delete me today.... Yesterday while writing about Hindeloopen it made me reconnect with the desire to find more information on Chintz. 
Lo and behold I  believe I hit the motherlode of Chintz related sites!
I realize I may have sparked an interest in summer travel with my memories of the past few days, but, think about this!  Convincing your better half or yourself that instead of spending a thousand or more dollars on a plane ticket, more money on hotel and food bills, and additional transportation and sightseeing costs!  You can just shop for these fabrics online and save, save, save!  Why the fabrics wouldn't be near as expensive as the actual trip and foraging for fabrics across the ocean. 
This wonderfully stocked quilt shop can be found right here, well, not exactly right here in Ontario, but here in Texas, honest to goodness authentic Dutch Reproduction Fabrics and WOW is all that I can say!  Like the Program on the Food Network "You Gotta Eat Shop Here"!!!
Happiness Is...Quilting, nah, don't wait to read the rest of my post, if your interested in reproduction Chintz go there now!  I have already made a long list of the fabrics I want and truth be told, their cheaper ordering from here that across that huge pond they call the Atlantic!  I know for a fact this is number 1 on my Must Have fabrics >
Isn't it beautiful?  There are at least 6 more I just have to have!!!  hmmm wonder if Piggy can handle it even at the savings of travel?
A different slant but still finite quilting is Collector With A Needle, not only is the post from close to a year ago about Chintz but also shows you a wonderful collection of dutch wooden show pin cushions.  I honestly think you will enjoy exploring this site, for its wonderful sense of balance with the old and the new.
If your a Quilt history buff, you may already have been to this site more than once, however, for those of us with a newly acquired interest in the historical this site is fascinating.   1812 War & Piecing and it has a lot to do with Chintz in its own fashion and span in that time period.  I can spend a long time exploring this site.
For those of you with a love of fine china, you may well be interested in "Chintz" by Susan Scott, I never knew about this stuff until today, I have seen reproduction pieces, but never dreamed how collectible the originals could become.  Now I will never look at a piece of Chintz patterned fine chine without wondering about its authenticity and value!  LOL
The Charleston Museum has some beautiful Chintz quilts pictured here from its Historical Textiles Gallery which may interest you. 
If your still interested after being saturated with this "Chintz" after today I will happily continue on and share more sites I found.
This internet of ours is a wonderful and far reaching place.  One second your at home in your own little world and with the click of your mouse you could be visiting outer Mongolia....or scaling the heights of  the highest mountain peak in South America....this all still gives me a rush. 
Thanks for visiting today, I sincerely hope you haven't been bored,  for myself, I have been excited to find these links and exploring each one.

God wisely designed the human body so that we can neither pat our own backs nor kick ourselves too easily.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More from the Dutch

Yesterday I took you on a tour of some of Holland's quilt shops! 
Today, I am visiting Brummen, in the Province of Gelderland.  The name of the shop is Atelier Bep (meaning Beps Quit Shop)!  THIS ladies is a paradise to visit, and, if your like me you'll need the better part of the day to explore and visit.  It brags of WOW!
As Bep so aptly describes her shops' location, you cannot help but smile, "in  a pigsty in the garden in a gypsy wagon" she sells her wares.  Everything relating to the making of dolls and bears, to quilting essentials (meaning fabrics)! 
If you are not simply fascinated by this shop, you'll definitely be awed by the beauty of the gardens.  
I forgot to mention to you, most quilt shops have coffee and tea on the go and biscuits or cookies to go along with the sip!   Such a very nice tradition, don't you think?
I find it interesting to note the various degrees of interests quilters have, well, Bep is no exception to the rule!  Her antique looking fabrics make for interesting outer clothing for her dolls, her bears rank in the top position of her favorites to create with clothing of cloth and knitted wear to give the certain character its appeal. 
For those of you with a yen for history there is also huge Estates with flowing lawns and luscious gardens, (some of which may be visited by the visiting public) among which is the Kasteel (castle) Engelenburg!  Whoa, you should look around this place for sure!  It is now a posh hotel, but not that posh that you couldn't afford to stay a night and while you shop fabrics your other half can take in a round of golf!  All in all, as with many villages in The Netherlands and Europe, the area is rife with history and those who speak English to explain it all to you. 
History, especially my own heritable, is simply too kewl!  There is a place in Hinderloopen called Glashouwer or in English, "The Dutch Fabric Shop", specializing in traditional Dutch Hinderloop clothing!  Take a long look around, the chintz patterns are so intricate and look so delicate that you just have to have a portion of a meter if for no other reason than to have it!  If your interested in the traditional garb of the Hinderloop then flit on over to P8 Buttons & Frbrics there you will find a great article on where Hinderloppen is located as well as a pictorial selection of the olden day costumes and chintz! Those wooden shoes all painted in traditional Hinderloopen chintz are spectacular, don't you agree?  To me the Toille fabrics and Chintz fabric patterns of yesteryear are coveted, why, because their simply artistically beautiful.  One last place for you to see Hindeloop artwork in the traditional is to take a look around Folk Art & Decorative Painting Artezan and it is here where you can get a sense and feel of the actual love of folk art.
One last foray into the interesting Dutch Quilt shops is De Naaidoos!  Located in an old farm house, the shop represents anything but old!  It is bright, modern and filled to its rafters with fabrics and notions, and their line of clothing and more!
There you have it for today, some more memories shared and places to visit. 
Thank you for stopping by and for your interest.  If you have a comment on today or yesterdays posts, please, feel free to leave it, I am interested in your thoughts and ideas for possible posts in the future. 

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.  ~Albert Schweitzer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ahhh Memories

I have been sitting here all morning with nothing accomplished to speak of.  I cleaned up my Pinterest site, I answered e-mails, I made phone call invitations to our Annual Lions End of Year party, I wobbled back and forth to the computer from the sewing machine, and I am in a great deal of discomfort with this leg I managed to hurt yesterday.  All in all not a productive morning!
I did however visit lots and lots of sites whenever I managed to sit down in front of this screen, some which I added to my Pinterest and some which I tried to enter, but, couldn't and then I just got myself sidetracked with memories of other places which house other shops!  
For instance, I really wanted to share some of the Fabric shops I visited while in Holland last year, like Stegemans Textiles.  I wrote last year about my visit there but I don't believe I gave it a thorough review.  The shop is located in Rouveen, very near the old Dorp (Village) of Staphorst.   That is the shop to go to if you want folklore costumes, or just bits of old costume fabrics which are resold and you can take apart to remake into something quilty or wearable.  The town itself is quiet, and its elder inhabitants still wear traditional costumes of many years ago.  The sight of a woman on a bicycle dressed in traditional garb is quite the treat.   There is a lovely Blog I visit now and again names Belvivere Luxury Linens, there you will find a well written article with interesting pictures on her Holiday stay there last summer (I think it was last summer).  One of these fine years I too will be back visiting that Village and this time taking much, much longer to spend my money in that fine fabric filled shop.  It carries traditional Dutch reproduction fabrics which if you were to visit you'd be overjoyed with.  Mind you, present day fabrics are not excluded, that shop has such a varied and wide selection of the latest for you to purchase as well. 
Henk Van der Leeden took a wonderful and awesome picture of women of Staphort all in traditional attire - you have just got to see this picture. 
Compliments of Bon Voyage Theodora there is this picture showing full frontal views of the "Sunday Best" so different from the everyday working attire those women are wearing....
In Stegemans you can actually buy reproductions of these fabrics or, in the alternative as I stated above, you can but the pieces of the costume itself !
As it is with our Mennonite and Amish Sects here in North America, these people of Staphorst still are not comfortable with getting their pictures taken. 
Now, if you would like to visit a modern quilt shop in the Netherlands, try out the t'Hobby Hoekje 
in Arnhem (very close) actually in Huissen, more or less a suburb of Arnhem.  This store is open for business through the week and also does a good retail business over the internet with its web-store.  The selection of fabrics is impressive for small space store!
Last memory I would like to share with you today is the De Lapjesgaard in Amstelveen.... Looking around (see pictures at this site) you can see the "old fashioned" furnishings of the shop which enhances your visit to this well stocked store.   
The scent will transport you you know, old floors, old cabinets, old wood?
Now that I have shared some of my Dutch Fabric/Quilt shops with you, it really is time for me to think of a return trip, don't you agree, I should return and revisit and explore more shops to share?
IF you find yourself in Holland I can attest you will not be disappointed in the quantity and the quality of the Quilt Shops and fabrics in this tiny country.   Like so many other countries in Europe, the dutch quilter is meticulous and takes her hobby of quilting very seriously, they are great at adhering to the letter of the pattern.  What these women in Holland have I might never acquire, patience.  
Thanks for putting up with my meanderings today,  I hope you enjoyed some of my memories?

Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.  ~Author Unknown

Monday, July 9, 2012

Something to Share

I just received this in my e-mail and it is a must to share with any of you who have never heard of this tip!  I certainly never have, so, go and see the tip, if you've never known of this before you'll be happy to get it now. 
"This is really great, I am going to try it the next time I want mashed potatoes or potato salad!
If you take the time to watch this, you will not only be glad you did, but you will forward this to
all your daughters, sisters, moms, etc...
I haven't tried it yet, but I will! Just when you thought you knew everything about boiling potatoes.  To all who love making potato salad but hate peeling the boiled potatoes, here is the solution for easy peeling. No need for a peeler.
This will BLOW your mind. Well, we do learn something new
every day.  I wish I had known about this thirty years ago. Peeling
the cooked potato was the least desirable part in making a potato salad. Enjoy.
Click here: YouTube - Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video. (Mary
Ann i.e.: Gilligan's Island )
Now, isn't this just a fantastic tip?  

A Sewing Day

I just know your not going to believe this, but, this morning while making the bed I actually stretched the wrong way and pulled something in my left leg behind the calf!!!  From the information I garnered from internet sites I think it is a pulled calf muscle.  My Sciatica is bothering me still on the right and the problem I created somehow this morning on the left!  How is it possible to injure yourself without trying?  So, here I am not sure which leg will hold me when I climb the stairs to get up or down from here?  LOL I seem to be aging in the wrong way very fast!  Pretty soon at the rate I am injuring myself I will be telling you all about my "walker aid" woes!  LOL
Today began at 6 a.m. for me, I simply could not sleep any longer, so after making the bed, pulling the calf muscle I have been sitting in front of my beloved Ella sewing my latest project.  I really have to share it because I am so enamored by the fabrics and the colors.  I haven't attached all of the blocks yet and am still piecing the remainder that are needed, so it still looks a bit wobbly!
What do you think?  Aren't these wonderful colors?  It is Christmas in July for me today and I am so enjoying the fun of just sewing without being interrupted, what a pleasure. A few more days like today and I might just accomplish some honest to goodness Christmas giving gifts...
I am still wearing my ratty old nightdress which is too comfortable to take off, soon though I shall have to shower and dress because I have errands to run, but, till then I will remain in my comfy attire. 
Do you do that sometime, stay in your comfiest till you really have to abandon them and dress for the outside?  In winter for me it is sweats, but for summer and the very warm climate it is this nightdress which is made from T-shirt material, soooooooo comfy!
I leave what I actually look like in that get up to your imagination
Time to say toodles for today and thanks so much for stopping in.  Leave me a comment or two, you know I have been begging for comments from you so that I know whether or not you'd like what I have written or want me to change my tone!  LOL  
Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.  ~Hugh Miller 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Free E-Books

Hey there everyone!

I have been taking it easy today, and seeing as I didn't waken till 10:30 this morning I have literally been puttering around with packing a few boxes, taking a much needed cool down shower (my second of the day), playing computer games, tidying up the bathroom, cleaning my crocs 
and just wasting time doing whatever it is that comes to mind.  No sewing today and I am on night shift tonight with my care giving duties in town.  All in all I really have relaxed today.  DO you remember my telling you about free e-books?  I get mine through Pixel of Ink!!! NOW you really should, if you are a reader and have one of those e-readers go and visit Pixel of Ink it allows you to register for their daily lists of free books which you can download either to be read on your PC or on your e-reader once your book has been converted and then transferred into your device.
CALIBRE is the place to go to for getting these free e-books transferred into your e-readers, all except those DRM's.  IF you go and obtain the free Calibre software which is so easy and user friendly, then it will tell you all about those dreaded free books written as DRM's, but there are so very many free books and Calibre is the right choice for assisting you in getting these onto your e-reading devices. 
I have already chosen 13 books which were free through Pixel of Ink, which takes you to the Amazon free books offers.  NOW if your e-reader is a Kindle, a Nook, or a Kobo or Android, or I-Phone these are all able to be converted into your e-reader from and through Calibre.  I cannot tell you how great it is to enjoy reading and all for free. 
Why not go and investigate if you have not already done so and are interested in free reading materials for your relaxation times?
With Pixel sending you lists of free books each day, you have such a wide variety and selection of Free Reading to choose from.  
Thank you for stopping in, I hope that the information I have just provided keeps you well entertained and there is nothing better than something free for your entertainment when all else to do leaves you not in the mood.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?"  ~William A. Ward

Saturday, July 7, 2012

For Your Information

This just in from my Computer Tech....FBI Warns of Computer Virus striking on July 9th, but, you can check your computer at its site to make sure your computer isn't infected and if it is what you can do about it.  Click here to check this information and then to check your computer.   Just thought I should pass this along, especially to those readers who reside in North America...

Catching Up

Hello everyone!

I have begun this post several times but had to delete them and begin over again because all I seemed to be doing is grumbling, and who wants to listen about my grumbles. 
Nope, no housing found yet, but I keep looking.  Eventually, I will find just the right place for my fabrics to live along with some space for me!  LOL
My Sciatica is also not going away, which is making my packing just that bit more difficult.  So I am now going to have to begin using a cane until it does because I have come close several times to falling and that won't do!
I don't know about you, but, as I look over my possessions I become overwhelmed, there is just too much!  My stash just doesn't seem to diminish, it is growing, I swear, it is having babies, why only last week another bag of fabrics arrived at my door and this morning another lady stopped by to ask if I would come and see her and take her fabrics and crafting items off her hands!  YIKES!!!!
Your thinking, surely she jests!  NOPE, I honestly believe I could be classified as a hoarder.  Try as hard as I might, I simply cannot seem to lessen the stash, but, I will keep trying!  LOL
I have been packing when not out viewing rental places, but there is still so much more to pack up!  Maybe by this fall I might be ready! LOL  If I had a place now, I could be unpacking those boxes and setting up slowly, then possibly this all wouldn't be so overwhelming, know what I mean?
Nah, this is me in that picture, but it depicts just how little I have accomplished in the past two weeks, I have so much more to accomplish!
A little lady in my village asked me to bind her two twin quilts she made many years ago when she was in Florida, she did such a beautiful piecing job and each block is machine embroidered with various animals depicting Noah's Ark collection of the species as well as a few Biblical phrases.  So pretty.  Now I have them in my possession and to do the binding.  I have one almost completed and hopefully will begin the other this weekend.  Take a look, isn't her work just gorgeous?

Her lucky great grandchildren are receiving these from her.
Times in between looking for an apartment and helping out at the Retirement Lodge I just had to come home and needing to sew, this then will be the result of those times that I have sewn. 
It will become a table cloth, it will be too large to be classified as a Topper, but, it will do nicely for the Christmas period and it will be a lovely gift to give.  The colors in this are so vibrant against the black background, and I am so happy to have found these panels to use in this project.  Another bit of stash being used!  Lol  I love the border blocks, but, must find a better layout for them.  I so wish I didn't have this family crisis and that I could just sit and sew, but needs must.   Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I really could use the time to make things.  Have you begun to think about Christmas already, in July?  
I guess I have waxed on enough today, so I thank you for stopping by to see if I have checked in and shared my comings and goings with you. 

Physical strength is measured by what we can carry; spiritual by what we can bear.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

To my neighbors in the United States, a Happy Independence Day!!!  The many Americans visiting or vacationing here this year also had an enjoyable time.  Along the fence that surrounds our Centennial Park were American Flags and Canadian Flags all flying in unison.  As you walk throughout our Village you will find both Canadian and American Flags fly side by side both on homes as well as the business'.  We so enjoy our neighbors.
Canada's Birthday on July 1st was a very crowded and happy day here in the Bay!  We celebrated Canada's 145th Birthday 
in style just as we always do and the weather was perfect!  From early morning until late evening the day was chalk full of events and activities.  Our Parade grew in size this year with floats added, we even had the Limo which took Queen Elizabeth around Ottawa many years ago, and, we had our own float with the depiction of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.   
CANADA ONE the canoe which took part in the Flotilla on the Thames also took part in our days' activities, with a paddling race on the Bay and here is one of our local shop keepers imitating this glorious entry on the Thames in London which celebrated with the Queen on her Jubilee year!  We were so very proud of the team, they really paddled that day keeping up with the entire cast of floating entrants...
Meet Dale, the Canada One impostor!
Not too bad of a replication though Dale!
These annual events are nice but ohhhhhh so very tiring for those that volunteer their time to make certain each entrant into the park will enjoy themselves with loads to eat and drink (non-alcoholic), lots of activities for those who are the youngest to those who are the eldest with music, karaoke, raffles. A tribute to our troops and a video made especially all about our Highway of Heroes.   This is a day in both countries which brings out the patriotism and we fly our flags with that much more exuberance. 
The Fireworks being the last event of the night were just as great as the year before and everyone was as spellbound as the children were.  
Our Lions Club was well represented with members manning the Information Kiosk, selling a variety of tickets and soliciting for donations to be put towards next years' annual Fireworks displays.  Our town committees for a variety of causes were also all represented.  
CANADA DAY as I said was busy here in The Bay, and so I will share but a few of the pictures that I managed to take when not occupied with selling tickets on the Childrens' Crooked playhouse, (pictured here with two of our talented young musicians who played for us during the day), 
or drumming up donations for the Pennies For Pups program that our Perth Lions Club members had going,  and our local club presented our visiting Lions Club with a cheque to boost their coffers.  Pennies for Pups is a program to solicit sufficient funds to the tune of $20,000.00 to pay for the cost of training one pup to become a Service Dog for some child or person with certain types of physical disabilities, (i.e. sight impaired, hearing impaired, physical impairment, autism, and more).  A very worthy cause and you know that this charitable foundation is a Lions International Foundation called Guide Dogs, Canada, with 100% of the donations going directly to the works of this charity which is the training of dogs to service their human friends.   
All in all it was a busy day and people here in the village as well as all of our visitors were more than generous and well entertained. 
As you know I completed the signature quilt for our retiring Librarian Lynn, and now have a few pictures of her to share.
 I believe Lynn was thrilled with her special gift, (as Lynn reads my blog, she knew of the quilt but had no inclination that it would be for her) so glad I didn't manage to blab about who it would be for!  Here in this picture you can see she is also showing off the beautiful wrist corsage she was presented with.  Speeches were given and a nice send off for Lynn into her much deserved retirement.  Lynn has many plans for her retirement time, but, as she said, she'll be around town alot.
Happy Retirement Lynn, you certainly deserve it!  I cannot wait to read the book your writing!
At the moment I am binding two twin sized Noah's Ark quilts for a lady who approached me at the retirement residence.  Once these are completed I promise to share photo's of them with you, they are so well pieced and each block was machine embroidered so pictorially they tell the story of Noah so well. 
All right, I believe I have more or less told you about the last few days and remember if your out there travelling or celebrating the 4th of July, please, please do so safely and ENJOY YOURSELVES!  Hugs to all.
A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange.  ~Author Unknown