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Friday, July 13, 2012

The last on Chintz

Before I get too involved in this mornings' post I would like to refer you to the Memory Quilts entered into the weekly themed quilts Contest commencing today over at The Quilting Gallery, the blog site I always refer to as my Information Station!  I have entered the "Flying Away" memory quilt which was presented to our Towns' Librarian. 
IF you have a few moments, why not go and take a look and vote for any one of the 34 entries (mine included) and see all of the other poignant and wonderful memories!  Of course you could vote for any four (4) of them also!
Seeing as it is Friday the 13th which has always been a great date or number for me, I would like to offer up a few last links on Chintz.
Over at Quilts From A to Z you will find a plethora of OLD and HISTORICAL quilts, there are sections on that site which detail quilts from the collections of the NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY in its' International Quilt Study Center.  This site is so worthy of your time if your interested in the history behind the textiles.  
Another very interesting site is (America's Quilting History) which details the method of Broderie Perse, hand embroidered chintz.  It lays out some of the most exquisite of pieces which have been made since the 1700's.  
I leave you with one last site on Chintz, it really is the most ultimate of challenges on Chintz or Broderie Perse for those of you who really love challenges!   For those fans of Jane Austen, this challenge will take you to the enth and delight your soul.  I could never undertake such a challenge were I paid to do so for my handwork is immature and sloppy, but in my heart I know there are some who would do such justice to it, they could spend 100's of hours embroidering these blocks and making this quilt.   From THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA this challenge was thrown down and took their quilters two years to make the challenge quilt.  COULD YOU even imagine spending that time on this quilt?  
Go and visit with Rosalee Clark she is the penultimate on Jane Austens' coverlet and this is where an actual pattern of Rosalee's replica can be  purchased.  Once again, you can spend hours at this site, so much to learn about and so very, very interesting.  Why there is even an article and pictures of a beautiful replica made by Ron, you just have to see this!  All things are about Jane at this site so for her fans who quilt this is a rare and precious jewel! 
If you haven't been inspired by this weeks renditions on Chintz or been entertained, then I apologize, however, I found the journey of discovery so very interesting and it has left me with the desire to begin reading Austen all over again.
Thank you for coming by today and sharing your time with me, I know your out there and that your reading, but a comment of two as you pass through would not go amiss!  So stay tuned for my next theme and the GIVEAWAY!  Coming here at the Baglady's Blog on Monday!  Stay tuned.........

If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one.  ~Cavett Robert


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