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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bored Yet?

How many of you are still interested in finding all things fabrics Chintz for a bit longer?
For today, I have discovered more sites on the web and these sites are based out of North America, why I would find that amazing, I don't know!  I realize that I am on a "chintz" junket, so if your bored with it all already, you just go ahead and delete me today.... Yesterday while writing about Hindeloopen it made me reconnect with the desire to find more information on Chintz. 
Lo and behold I  believe I hit the motherlode of Chintz related sites!
I realize I may have sparked an interest in summer travel with my memories of the past few days, but, think about this!  Convincing your better half or yourself that instead of spending a thousand or more dollars on a plane ticket, more money on hotel and food bills, and additional transportation and sightseeing costs!  You can just shop for these fabrics online and save, save, save!  Why the fabrics wouldn't be near as expensive as the actual trip and foraging for fabrics across the ocean. 
This wonderfully stocked quilt shop can be found right here, well, not exactly right here in Ontario, but here in Texas, honest to goodness authentic Dutch Reproduction Fabrics and WOW is all that I can say!  Like the Program on the Food Network "You Gotta Eat Shop Here"!!!
Happiness Is...Quilting, nah, don't wait to read the rest of my post, if your interested in reproduction Chintz go there now!  I have already made a long list of the fabrics I want and truth be told, their cheaper ordering from here that across that huge pond they call the Atlantic!  I know for a fact this is number 1 on my Must Have fabrics >
Isn't it beautiful?  There are at least 6 more I just have to have!!!  hmmm wonder if Piggy can handle it even at the savings of travel?
A different slant but still finite quilting is Collector With A Needle, not only is the post from close to a year ago about Chintz but also shows you a wonderful collection of dutch wooden show pin cushions.  I honestly think you will enjoy exploring this site, for its wonderful sense of balance with the old and the new.
If your a Quilt history buff, you may already have been to this site more than once, however, for those of us with a newly acquired interest in the historical this site is fascinating.   1812 War & Piecing and it has a lot to do with Chintz in its own fashion and span in that time period.  I can spend a long time exploring this site.
For those of you with a love of fine china, you may well be interested in "Chintz" by Susan Scott, I never knew about this stuff until today, I have seen reproduction pieces, but never dreamed how collectible the originals could become.  Now I will never look at a piece of Chintz patterned fine chine without wondering about its authenticity and value!  LOL
The Charleston Museum has some beautiful Chintz quilts pictured here from its Historical Textiles Gallery which may interest you. 
If your still interested after being saturated with this "Chintz" after today I will happily continue on and share more sites I found.
This internet of ours is a wonderful and far reaching place.  One second your at home in your own little world and with the click of your mouse you could be visiting outer Mongolia....or scaling the heights of  the highest mountain peak in South America....this all still gives me a rush. 
Thanks for visiting today, I sincerely hope you haven't been bored,  for myself, I have been excited to find these links and exploring each one.

God wisely designed the human body so that we can neither pat our own backs nor kick ourselves too easily.  ~Author Unknown

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  1. LOVE, Love, love chintz - so fun to read your blog post!


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