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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Sewing Day

I just know your not going to believe this, but, this morning while making the bed I actually stretched the wrong way and pulled something in my left leg behind the calf!!!  From the information I garnered from internet sites I think it is a pulled calf muscle.  My Sciatica is bothering me still on the right and the problem I created somehow this morning on the left!  How is it possible to injure yourself without trying?  So, here I am not sure which leg will hold me when I climb the stairs to get up or down from here?  LOL I seem to be aging in the wrong way very fast!  Pretty soon at the rate I am injuring myself I will be telling you all about my "walker aid" woes!  LOL
Today began at 6 a.m. for me, I simply could not sleep any longer, so after making the bed, pulling the calf muscle I have been sitting in front of my beloved Ella sewing my latest project.  I really have to share it because I am so enamored by the fabrics and the colors.  I haven't attached all of the blocks yet and am still piecing the remainder that are needed, so it still looks a bit wobbly!
What do you think?  Aren't these wonderful colors?  It is Christmas in July for me today and I am so enjoying the fun of just sewing without being interrupted, what a pleasure. A few more days like today and I might just accomplish some honest to goodness Christmas giving gifts...
I am still wearing my ratty old nightdress which is too comfortable to take off, soon though I shall have to shower and dress because I have errands to run, but, till then I will remain in my comfy attire. 
Do you do that sometime, stay in your comfiest till you really have to abandon them and dress for the outside?  In winter for me it is sweats, but for summer and the very warm climate it is this nightdress which is made from T-shirt material, soooooooo comfy!
I leave what I actually look like in that get up to your imagination
Time to say toodles for today and thanks so much for stopping in.  Leave me a comment or two, you know I have been begging for comments from you so that I know whether or not you'd like what I have written or want me to change my tone!  LOL  
Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.  ~Hugh Miller 


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