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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Catching Up

Hello everyone!

I have begun this post several times but had to delete them and begin over again because all I seemed to be doing is grumbling, and who wants to listen about my grumbles. 
Nope, no housing found yet, but I keep looking.  Eventually, I will find just the right place for my fabrics to live along with some space for me!  LOL
My Sciatica is also not going away, which is making my packing just that bit more difficult.  So I am now going to have to begin using a cane until it does because I have come close several times to falling and that won't do!
I don't know about you, but, as I look over my possessions I become overwhelmed, there is just too much!  My stash just doesn't seem to diminish, it is growing, I swear, it is having babies, why only last week another bag of fabrics arrived at my door and this morning another lady stopped by to ask if I would come and see her and take her fabrics and crafting items off her hands!  YIKES!!!!
Your thinking, surely she jests!  NOPE, I honestly believe I could be classified as a hoarder.  Try as hard as I might, I simply cannot seem to lessen the stash, but, I will keep trying!  LOL
I have been packing when not out viewing rental places, but there is still so much more to pack up!  Maybe by this fall I might be ready! LOL  If I had a place now, I could be unpacking those boxes and setting up slowly, then possibly this all wouldn't be so overwhelming, know what I mean?
Nah, this is me in that picture, but it depicts just how little I have accomplished in the past two weeks, I have so much more to accomplish!
A little lady in my village asked me to bind her two twin quilts she made many years ago when she was in Florida, she did such a beautiful piecing job and each block is machine embroidered with various animals depicting Noah's Ark collection of the species as well as a few Biblical phrases.  So pretty.  Now I have them in my possession and to do the binding.  I have one almost completed and hopefully will begin the other this weekend.  Take a look, isn't her work just gorgeous?

Her lucky great grandchildren are receiving these from her.
Times in between looking for an apartment and helping out at the Retirement Lodge I just had to come home and needing to sew, this then will be the result of those times that I have sewn. 
It will become a table cloth, it will be too large to be classified as a Topper, but, it will do nicely for the Christmas period and it will be a lovely gift to give.  The colors in this are so vibrant against the black background, and I am so happy to have found these panels to use in this project.  Another bit of stash being used!  Lol  I love the border blocks, but, must find a better layout for them.  I so wish I didn't have this family crisis and that I could just sit and sew, but needs must.   Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I really could use the time to make things.  Have you begun to think about Christmas already, in July?  
I guess I have waxed on enough today, so I thank you for stopping by to see if I have checked in and shared my comings and goings with you. 

Physical strength is measured by what we can carry; spiritual by what we can bear.  ~Author Unknown


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