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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Above The Fold....

We made it, above the fold on page 3 of the local newspaper and that isn't too shabby now is it?
I am certain our little group will grow, all it needs is time and consistency.   Something worthwhile doesn't just appear overnight, so I shall be patient and wait. 
Have any of you been keeping up with Bonnie Hunter, I can never wait to get back to her blog to read what she has been up to, she's not only a Master Quilter, but she's a fantastic writer.  Maybe one day she'll write a book about her experiences.  I find her so interesting and as I said can't wait to read her blog posts everyday!  In today's' post she introduces up to Barbie - you just have to see her and to see what finds Bonnie took pictures of from her most recent Antique Mall jaunt.  Too kewl!
I spent time actually working on this latest quilt though that makes the String Stars huge blocks I was working on another UFO, but I do plan to get that one finished by end of April, if I can because April is going to be such a full month for me.   We have an International Evening in New York State with another Lions Club, the District Convention is coming up and of course Easter is in there as well, sigh!  So much to do and never ever enough time to do it all, or so it seems. 
Last night out Lions members packed 5 care packages for some of our troops serving away from Canada, what fun we had. These are chock filled with goodies and even some reading materials.   Next shipment we shall have to have another type of selection. However in the meantime this will certainly get them started.
We also cleaned and sorted over 200 pair of eyewear. 

These will be shipped off to a company who will properly refurbish the glasses and properly catalogue the prescriptive values and then polish the lenses and shipped to eye specialists who work in other nations where other less fortunate peoples may be fitted with proper glasses and be able to read or see better, and what better way for eye wear to be then on some person who needs prescription eye glasses.  
All in all yesterday was a very productive day for me and a productive evening for my local Lions club. 
I am hoping to hear from the remaining two winners of the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop which just recently finished so that I can mail my remaining two prizes off.  If I do not hear from Robin of Quilty As Charged or Hueisei then I shall go and visit with Mr. Random once again and choose other winners, so ladies, if your out there and reading please contact me.
I did one more important thing yesterday and that was to revamp my Profile page and in there is my e-mail address for anyone interested in contacting me.  So if you have nothing better to do before you leave here this afternoon, go check out my Profile page and tell me what you think, too much, but I love talking and as you can see from my updated page I am still gabbing away. 
Thank you for stopping by today and visiting with me, I probably gabbed too much as usual.  Have a perfectly wonderful day today, stay safe out there, be vigilant in your surroundings!!!!   I am off to my Stitch 'N' Chat group this afternoon and evening, maybe you'd love to drop in, I would love to meet you.......................

I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining.  I believe in love even when I am alone.  I believe in God even when He is silent.  ~Author Unknown.................

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IN THE MAIL...............

Hello, hello, hello I'm back from the post office and three prizes are already in the mail, so Gun, Jodi and Connie please be on the lookout for your mail delivery from Seeley's Bay, Ontario, Canada - Yayyyyyy now if the two remaining chosen winners being Hueisei and Robin from Quilty as Charged would please contact me at my e-mail address and provide their snail mail addresses, then all of my St. Paddy's Day gifts will be in the mail......
I am making a surprise gift, I cannot say for whom, so suffice is to say I got into it this morning and have several blocks made already. 
It's to be a beautiful bright colored quilt but I am attempting to keep it simple because of the variety and brightness of the fabrics. 
Flying geese blocks will form the border, and in the center of each goose block there will be a signature block.  Now what do you all think of this combination. With a thin white border separating the actual 4 patch blocks and the flying geese signature blocks.
These are some of the blocks, fashioned a bit from a Kaffe Fasset pattern of June 2003 named "Plaids Squared", like I said, similar but not exactly the same with all of the four patches being surrounded with a different bright fabric. 
These are the two fabrics I will use for the flying geese border fabrics.

The white center of the flying geese blocks will be where all of the signatures will be.
Can you picture this quilt from my description?  I hope this quilt will be a bright and cheerful reminder of all of us.  
Tonight is Lions and this is the night we are packing care parcels for the soldiers far away from Canada doing peace keeping duties.
As such, I am off to my meeting.....see you all tomorrow?
Thanks for stopping by, and please if you have an opinion of this bright quilt I am making, please voice it by leaving a comment, possibly it may be too busy or too bright?...........and remember
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Hop Surprises Finished

I have finished my surprises to accompany my giveaway gifts to the winners, but, if the winners do not contact me with their snail mail address how can I possibly get these to them?  Is there something wrong with my blog?  I don't notice anything amiss.  I checked for 
e-mails, and not one have I received.  One 1 comment was made after I announced the winners names and that was a congratulatory comment.  So, please tell me, do you want your prize? The Hop is over and I really am anxious to get these out of my sewing room and into the post. 
Here are the surprise bags going with each giveaway prize and remember there are five gifts and 5 winners....
These little sacks have a zippered front pouch and a draw string bag all in one.  There are five different colored bags all with the same front pouch panel.  WHICH COLOR do you want?  Hurry the sooner I get your choice of color the sooner I can mail my gift to you!
Now that this is over, I am going back to my stash reorganizing and clean up.  Possibly by this time next year I might actually be organized, LOL. 
Wasn't the Blog Hop a good one and were not the give away prizes so great, what a generous group of bloggers.  
Our weather temperatures went from the high 70's & 80's to the low 30's and 40's this week, what a shock to my system for certain.  Overnight here it was -7 Celcius, that is 19 Fahrenheit. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr and right now while I am typing it has reached its daily peak according to the weatherman and is only 3 Celcius which is 37 Fahrenheit.  Par for this time of the year so they say.  Those hot temperatures last week sure spoiled me!
Sew come on those of you who were named the winners, get in touch with me at with your choice of bag colors and leave me with your snail mail address so that I might get all of my goodies posted on their way to your mailboxes.  
Those winner who left no e-mail address should contact me before Saturday, March 31st, and if I do not hear from you by close of day I shall randomly choose another winner for that prize. 
I have also been catching up on my favorite bloggers and if you skip on over to Bonnie Hunters Blog you can see what beautiful quilts she adopted which she found at an Antique Mall.  I was astounded at their beauty and I believe you will be as well.   Then too you will find some pictures of her latest sewing machine she purchased which is gorgeous by the way!  I often wish I had the opportunity to make such finds, but, if I haven't sufficient room for my stash, where in Heavens' name would I show of such beautiful antique sewing machines?  Honest to goodness, Bonnie has a nose for the good stuff out there and she knows when to hold em too!
Thank you for making time to visit with me this afternoon, I truly hope your having a good day, I know I am in spite of the cold temperatures. 
Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.  ~Barbara Jordan........................................

Saturday, March 24, 2012

AND THE WINNERS ARE..............

Hey there everyone, I apologize for the delay, but have been trying to get my blog comments numbered but nope, won't co-operate, so had to deal with Mr. Random and do it manually. So I am pleased to announce the following as the winners:
1.     Rutigt  #22   Wins the Quilters Journal.........
2.     Hueisei  #11 Wins the package of 100 5.5 X 5.5 Charms........
3.     Robin   #62   Wins the Quilters Quarter Marker........
4.     Connie  #91   Wins the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker........
5.     Jodi  #144     Wins the Clover Flower Frill Templates......

CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you.  Remember, each gift comes with a surprise and these surprises are handmade by me, three are completed and I still have two to go, soon as these are completed they will be revealed for all to see.... 
My biggest regret is that not everyone who commented could be a winner, so I do hope you will all return during my April giveaway and try your luck again.  Who knows it might just be your turn next time. 
Some left no e-mail address so I ask that each of you contact me at and provide me with your snail mail addresses so that your prizes may reach you.
Thank you all for entering into the spirit & fun of this BlogHop  I certainly enjoyed all of your comments and now it is time to say goodnight, for me it has been a long and tiring day, but tomorrow a fresh new post and more of my chat. 

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.  ~Author Unknown

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Day Left To Hop

The Blog Hop is close to closing and for those who have not yet had an opportunity to surf around the blogs I urge you to go for it as it closes today.
I so enjoy reading all of your posted comments and I thank those of you who have chosen to become followers.  How very kind of you!
I have been devoting 2 hours of my day to the reorganization of my bloated stash which has been exploding outwards from just about every nook and cranny in my sewing area and even taken over my closet which was totally not working for me anymore.  It is slow going because this time I am being selective and judicious in my choices of what I wish to keep and of the pieces and scraps I wish to give away.  Not doing too badly at it either.  Once the fabric and notions are all organized and in their own delegated spaces it will be time to ferret out the articles of clothing I no longer wear or want.  Only then will I share that space in photo's with you again.  I actually had to shame myself into doing something constructive with the total mess I had managed to create by my haphazardness. 
In addition to devoting time to clearing out my closet and organizing, I have also been finishing my surprises to go with each of the gifts I have offered in this Blog Hop,  I confess, I am right pleased with each one that I have created so far. 
Meant to share pictures of the hall on the first day Stitch 'N' Chat opened, we had three ladies show up in the afternoon session, and two ladies showed up in the evening session, this really was a good start to the crafters social club.
This is the front of the Choir Hall and the ladies all chose to sit in the choirs seats nearest to the window with the natural light. So I took a picture of them sitting in the Choir Section.
Johanna (a friend and neighbor) is working on her granddaughter Miriams' teddy bear quilt, just sewing down the binding.
Ta Da...Here it is all finished..............
We had another good afternoon and evening sessions at Stitch 'N' Chat and while the same people were able to attend, more will eventually join in on the fun to be sure.  This evening Carol and Penny came again and this time Carol brought her Sampler quilt she is making.  I simply could not resist taking pictures to share with you. 
I cannot express to you how will made these blocks are, her applique makes each block exquisite, and the colors are to compliment the many antiques she has in her home, and if the pictures show of this beauty up close and personal is breathtaking.  I cannot wait to see what she is going to do with it in the finishing.  
These colors are so rich and vibrant and the piecing is perfection and the applique so well done and you can just feel the love in every stitch.  I could not applique as beautifully as this.  Thanks for allowing me to share your work Carol.
Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit with me this morning and I wish each and every one of you a wonderful day. 

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.  ~Danny Kaye 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Arrived

I am so excited, Ms. Spring has finally arrived and I honestly believe she has driven Ole Many Winter into hibernation.  YIPPEE
The ground is finally broken by green flower buds pushing their way up to the sun,
 robins are back making their nests and laying eggs to welcome more robins into the world, 
and the trees are showing off their buds as well as the meteorologists actually said the Cherry Blossoms will be peaking in Washington, D. C. this week,
while our lilac trees are filled with buds and getting ready to explode and will be sharing their heady scent and color with us!  
Is it not wonderful to be alive in Springtime?
My, my, my what wonderful comments I have read, thank you!  I realize St. Patrick's Day doesn't guarantee anyone luck, but it felt nice to play along with the specially themed day at any rate.
I am so very happy to meet many International visitors to my Blog this time around and even though you may not all become followers, I am very happy to meet you all. 
Don't I wish each and every one of you could be winners!  Knowing Michele and all of the other bloggers, there are always giveaways on the go and the same can be said for myself, I will also host more giveaways, so please, if time and interest permits come back to visit now and again.
What about my follow Bloggers, are they not just the greatest?  I am so hoping you have met and made some new blogger friends during this Blog Hop Party, and so many of these talented Bloggers are offering such wonderful gifts to you, their readers and newest friends. 
I am in awe of many of my fellow quilters, their generosity when someone calls for help is amazing, not to mention their talents and their skills.  I have learned so very much from visiting the many blogs.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway and if you have not yet left a comment, please do, by clicking here !
Monday was a mother day away in the city for another eye exam and consult with the specialist.
Yesterday I was up before 8 and away by 8 as it was a car day!  Can you believe it, my four wheeler needed attention, and licence renewing for another couple of years.  Gotta look after the car or I could be trapped here without wheels.  Then late before the stores closed it was grocery shopping and kitty catching for my neighbor across the Bay.  I managed to get myself tangled in the thorny brambles and have scratches all over my legs. 
Today I have out of the house chores, must get all of the last of the Xmas decorations down.  I never do that till the warmer weather arrives and it is here already with very hot temperatures.   Once chores are finished I deserve a treat, time to sit and sew, yippee.
I cannot thank you all enough for taking part in this Blog Hop Party with us, and we all hope you are enjoying yourselves. 
Thank you for sharing a moment with me today and remember no matter where it is you live, stay safe and have a simply marvelous day. 

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.  ~Eleonora Duse 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

WHOOO HOOOOO THE latest Blog Hop begins!!!!  Good luck to all and let the lucky charms lead us all to the goodies!
I cannot wait to join you all on this Hop, but first....
I went off to see the Wizard this morning, the wizard being the Costco (Sam's) store in the city and while I have a budget I will be having a blast just seeing how much I can get for the money.  I'm going shopping with 2 fellow Lions (men) which means we can zip around the store with our list and be out of there in no time flat.  Hopefully with everything on our list, and if not then we hit the dollar store.  WHO are we shopping for your wondering, well, for 45 Cndn. Soldiers deployed somewhere in this world and no PX on their teeny base, so items from home simply cannot be bought there.  These are who we are shopping for. 
It was a lot of fun - no lingering and in the stores for hours, just find it , grab it and get home. 
Mind you when I got to one members home he was still in his bed, I made him get up in a hurry, if I was up and there so should he have been, and the other fellow just didn't arrive - LOL we left him at his home sound asleep....
While all of you were/are out there surfing and having fun visiting and meeting all of the participating Bloggers in this hop, I was envying you, why, well here is my excuses story, once home from shopping, I did mothers weekly hair do, then off to my neighbors for 4 hours, and I am just getting in the door, next I need to get something to eat, and then hopefully I can begin to surf!  
hopefully to eat supper at a reasonable hour and then, only then will I get in some surfing time.... See, I am envious of you all....
I am really stupid you know that!  Why, because you know I got all of my 5.5" X 5.5" charms for this giveaway and do you think I can find them, no, I can't!  I have searched everywhere but darn me if I can remember where I put them.  So I shall begin cutting more if I don't find them by mid week!  Now isn't that awful, I photographed them but put them out of my hands somewhere and now their lost, I can't even hear them calling to me, they must really safe because I simply cannot find them.  ...I tell you, this urge to reorganize and clear up my messy stash storage problems has me upside down and close to being inside out... 
Enjoy yourselves everyone, I am crossing my fingers you all win a wonderful gift from some of those wonderfully thoughtful Bloggers. 
AND we have a gentleman quilter in our midst who has commented here and you really need to go and see his giveaway, it's really quite original.  WELCOME Richard Healey, so pleased you stopped by my blog and so happy you are taking part in this blog hop as a Quilting Blogger....what an absolute pleasure it is to meet you.  I will be a frequent visitor from now on. 
I am so happy to meet all of my international visitors and it makes no difference whether you celebrate St. Patrick's day or not, I am so pleased to stopped by to see me. Thank you!
Also, thank you all for your comments and your visit today, I will not take the time to reply to all until near the end of the hop because Mr. Random might end up choosing me and we don't need that now do we?  Come back whenever your feeling down in the dumps, I can make you feel better because I am such a ditz and you can count on me to do something silly or hilarious from time to time you won't be able not to get a good laugh....Besides Laughter is the best medicine....
I will share some pictures with you tomorrow, you should see my van it is filled with the things we bought today and I cannot wait to get those boxes filled and ready to be sent off....YEE HAW

 the littlest things in life are the hardest to take.  You can sit on a mountain more comfortably than on a tack.  ~Author Unknown 

Friday, March 16, 2012


Hi Again Everyone:
Many times you leave me a wonderful comment and I would like to reply but your comment doesn't lead me to an address where you would receive a note or comment from me, so, possibly you could set up a generic e-mail address only for myself or any other blogger to respond to you.  It's so nice to respond to you when you have made or taken the time to comment on my blog. 

So, back to the Blog Hop Party, Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

and leave me your comments here>>>>>>>>>>The Great St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop


The Great St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop Party

ARE you ready, get ready and do your finger exercises and is your mouse all filled with enough cheese to get you clicking your way around the web to visit with all of the participating bloggers who are eagerly waiting to give away a plethora of wonderful giveaway prizes.
TO GET STARTED just a click on the Blog Hop Party Logo below and it will take you to the list of Bloggers where they all wait in anticipation to welcome you and provide you with an opportunity to win a lovely gift.
Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
Click on this logo

Wait, don't leave me just yet, take a look at what I have to give away this week!

1. This great Quilter's Journal

2. 100 mixed 5.5" X 5.5" charms

3.  Quilter's Quarter Marker

4.  Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker tool

5.  Clover Flower Frill Templates
In addition to the above gifts,  I am giving away each gift will be accompanied by a SURPRISE!!!!
I feel rather sorry for Mr. Random because he is going to be sooooooo busy this week helping each and every one of you find your way to your mail box to retrieve your packaged gift!
In my March 23rd post I will announce the  5 lucky winners.  

To be eligible to win any one of these prizes, leave a comment here and please tell me if you ever had an especially lucky St. Patrick's Day and if you didn't you may tell me that too..........No hoops to jump through, no songs to sing, no hurdles to get over, just REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR e-mail address with your comments so that I might reply and tell you you've become a winner of a prize, and all that is left is for you to enjoy the many skilled people you are going to meet while on this hop.  
Ladies and Gentlemen,get a head start on your finger all begins on the Morning of St. Patrick's Day, Saturday, March 17th and runs until the 23rd of March.   You cannot help but enjoy yourselves.... 

A HUGE and HEARTFELT THANK YOU goes out to Michele Foster of The Quilting Gallery who has once again extended herself to organizing and sponsoring this wonderful Blog Hop Party, so make sure you send her your thanks for this event!  I tell you I could not organize such an event ever!!!  
WHAT you may or may not realize is that Michele also designs Web sites and today a new web-site she designed was unveiled.... it is Bytowne Threadsa Canadian distributor of Aurifil threads and the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Mother Earth Studios' patterns and kits! 

A note about my Social Craft Club I have called Stitch 'N' Chat, I believe it was  successful.  A total of 6 women attended today, all crafters.  2 are quilters and are interested in the evening session so far.  For a first day it was a success.  As each week passes I am sure that if all who are in attendance are having fun, more will come, after all as the sooth Sayers are wont to say, "Rome was not built in a day"!!!
To Joyce, Johanna, Liz, Carol and Penny a heartfelt thank you and it was so nice meeting you and spending those few hours just talking about the crafts we love and any other topic which cropped up.  
Ohhhhhhhhhh I cannot wait to get started on this Blog Hop, I intend on meeting many more Bloggers than I did on the last Hop....FUN this is what it is all about, having FUN and meeting NEW PEOPLE making new connections and being inspired by their skills and talents.  AWESOME!
Thanks for stopping by today and I would like to wish each and every one of you an awesome great time visiting all of the other bloggers who are coming to the party and this four leaf clover 
bring you luck.
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.  ~Irish Proverb 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simply Awesome

While out last night for a meeting I couldn't help but look up and gaze in wonder at the multitudenous bright stars that shone overhead.  So many twinkling in the firmament and so beaituful and the night sky was so clear so as to be the perfect backdrop for the brightness of those stars.  Where I live there is very little air traffic overhead and no industry to obscure this heavenly spectacle on clear nights.  I tried to take a few snapshots of this beautiful part of the hemisphere above me but while I have a wonderful digital camera, it simply isn't powerful enough to capture the splendor I spied with my little eyes.
This is close though!  But as I saw it it was AWESOME.
Who would have given credence that this clear and beautiful night sky would in but a few hours be clouded over and that my sleep would be interrupted with thunderous clashing sounds of an oncoming storm.  It thundered and lit up the sky for a few hours and went on its way leaving only the rain behind for morning.  Where I live at the mouth of the Bay the sounds are so amplified that you really would believe you were actually at the end of the bowling alley. 
I dare to hope Ms. Spring is truly on her way and that ole man winter is going into hibernation. 
Morning has found me a tad sluggish with sore arthritic knees, which I really do not need today with the opening of the Stitch 'N' Chat at the church hall in the village.  I am excited about the huge possibility of others coming in and enjoying a chat with them about their favored craft, hopefully there will be quilters or wanna be quilters among them.  If nothing else it will be a lovely way to sit and meet new people, or catch up with neighbors and acquaintances.   In any event it should really be enjoyable, and enjoyable a few afternoons a month is what I am aiming for.
Being a resident in a small village where not very much goes on unless an event is planned through a larger organization leaves its void for many a crafter who more often than not sit in front of their television sets, or in front of their sewing machines by themselves.  I want to share the experience and learn something new from someone more skilled than I or to offer up new challenges.
In any event it is to happen today and hopefully, like they said in the movie "build it and they will come" .....
Tomorrow is a return to sorting and organizing my fabric stash, but that is tomorrow....
Thank you for taking time from your day to visit with me and please don't forget, tomorrow Michele will be setting up what the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop is going to be like and we Bloggers are going to advertise what nice goodies we all have to give away to you, our wonderful readers, so please come by tomorrow and see what it will all be about.
One more item to mention and that is I have taken word verification off the comments and if any one who wishes to make a comment finds it back on my blog again, please let me know so that I might keep on removing it, I so dislike the word verification process.

 Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting It Together

Once again I find myself changing the status of my fabric stash.  My walk in closet is so cluttered with bags and boxes and the fabrics don't all fit into the shelving, so a change must be made.  I am one of those that can stand a mess for only so long and then WHAM, I just have to get stuck in and sort it out, you know, clean it up.
I even found fabrics I thought I no longer had!  Once again that is really due to me not being totally organized.  Space simply does not allow for the type of organization I want, but come heck or high water I am going to get myself tidied up one way or the other.  I am ashamed of my closet at this moment.  It always happens to me when I have at least other irons in a fire... LOL
You see when this house was bought I was led to believe that I had a loft in the cabin on our property and my mothers' glowing description led me to believe it was the type of space that would allow me to set up my fabrics, sewing machine and load of room to work in.  Well it simply was not truth.  Seeing as I was in NewBrunswick getting our possessions ready to move my mother was here looking for houses with my youngest brother.  Neither one said that the loft really wasn't large enough to stand up in let alone use it as a studio!  So out of the necessity to continue piecing and quilting I just had to move into my bedroom.  Now every so often the mess gets to me and it just has to be sorted.  What do you do when you've created a mess in your sewing room?
With each new project I wish to do I run over to the cabin and pull fabrics but I never return them (besides it isn't organized over there either!) They get put away here in my walk in and now I just do not have the space for any more fabrics. 
You'd never know I have already given bags of my stash away would you?  I know I am getting awfully tired to moving piles from here to there just to find something.  This time I just have to find a method which might allow me to find what it is I am looking for and get on with whatever project is at hand.  It simply has to work out this time.   
In a matter of a few months it progressed from a neat and tidy walk in closet with only hanging clothes and two towers filled with sundry fabrics to this mess which you see in the picture I just took.  Deplorable!  So much so that it is really beginning to stress me out.  
Obviously not enough though because this morning instead of getting stuck into the clearing up I sat at the sewing machine doing some piecing because I really didn't want to actually begin but nearer lunch time I had a good talk to myself and convinced myself that this had to be done.  I cleared out a whole dresser and sorted out so far one drawer with Christmas and specialty fabrics.  Next drawer holds all red colorway fabrics on one side and all green on the other side.  There are still two more drawers to fill up again. 
  I already have bags to be given away, fabrics the likes of which I simply cannot use in any quilt, therefor, off these are going to someone who might use them for sewing clothing and the like. 
At the rate I have been procrastinating this afternoon it will take me a month of Sundays' to clear up.  
How do most of you manage your stash?  Do you too dream of this illusive wonderful space not only to house all of your fabrics neatly stacked on shelving in colorways, but space enough to cut, to sew, to iron, to read in or just sit and dream of projects?  Me, once again I live out of my upstairs bedroom and have to share my hobby with my sleeping and clothing space.  Oh well, maybe some day I might win something substantial on a lottery and buy myself a tiny house just for me with the largest room just set aside for my quilting, do you think?
But these sewing rooms are so neat and tidy 
and while this one is in cramped quarters it is neat, everything seems to have its own place
and this little corner looks neat and tidy and all set up at least for the ironing
I believe these are people who live very organized lives, and this one in particular is Roberta's Sewing Studio,  that I found through a Google search is to die for!
Tomorrow marks the opening of the Stitch 'N' Chat club here in the Bay and I am crossing my fingers that a few ladies will show up and a weekly meet can be formed,  there simply are but a few quilters in this area and certainly not enough to form a guild sew to my way of thinking this is a good alternative.  Besides there simply isn't a social place around where friends and neighbors can get together and chat with their friends.  Not everyone can be a scatterbrain like me, so here is hoping I don't forget anything that I should be taking along for the day.  Please cross your fingers for me that my grand idea isn't a huge bust!
With the advent of spring and the change of weather patterns my arthritis has been acting up, anti-inflammatory medication is once again being taken to assist in alleviating the constant nagging pain which of course slows me down and with the turning forward of the clock one hour my sleep pattern is also disrupted.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be caught up again, do you think?  
Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit with me this morning, I know I have been absent for a tad, but, I got lost in my stash!

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  ~Pamela Vaull Starr

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Am On Brain Disconnect

Hi and a happy Sunday everyone. 
I am having problems today, I cannot seem to follow the simple steps and easy to follow instructions. 
I went over to visit with Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co. video tutorial attempting to find out how and why my little simple self binding Baby blanket didn't turn out.  Well duh, instead of using the square measurements as Jenny mentioned, I used a piece of flannel that was a rectangle and cut my backing to accommodate the rectangular shape.  Nope, it has to be a square.  Rectangles don't work. The first one I attempted to make didn't turn out, and I convinced myself that I had completed all of the steps but possibly cut the corners incorrectly. 
Below is a picture of the result of my first attempt, no self binding because I cut it down and embroidered around the outside edges. 
I really thought I could use the fabric as long as I stuck to the right measurements, not so, your fabric cut must be squared.  I simply didn't pick up on that the first try though.
Maybe sub-consciously I just wanted to try out the heart embroidery and not obey the rules for this cute pattern which is supposed to be so very easy, and it is, don't get me wrong, it is easy, but you have to follow the rules for it to turn out just right. 
Sew what do I attempt to do today, I decide to take another run at making a self binding receiving blanket and today began all over again.   I followed all of the steps but before cutting the corners this time, I turned it right side out and I can honestly tell you that I am useless at simple.   
See I am taking it apart, hopefully  getting it right this time!
I don't believe this, but it is absolutely true, I redid it and it is still wrong..... I cut it square but somewhere between the correct cutting and sewing I actually made another mistake - this is supposed to be SIMPLE, isn't it???  Well, when your me is takes a few mistakes before I actually get it!  I can see I cut the corners wrong this time because it certainly doesn't come out the way it is supposed to in Jenny's tutorial, she turned it right side out and it fell nice and flat with mitered corners so neat and tidy!
Mine certainly didn't behave that way!  Now I have another fine mess.
Time to put it away and leave well enough alone for the moment.  Seems like I have a brain disconnect, I don't follow instructions well (at least not this week!)
That's it for me today, two huge mistakes are two too many and so it is time to go back to something I can actually do.
Have you ever had such a problem with something that is so simple?  How can one person do something simple and make it so darned complicated.  
I must have a brain connectivity problem "simple" must mean complicated to me I guess. However I won't give up, I will learn from this and get it right yet!  I could understand making a mistake putting together a Bargello quilt, but this simple little blanket should not be a problem.
Now that I have cried on your shoulders I think it is time to stop what I was doing and hopefully tomorrow I can salvage something from this mess I made again.  Maybe leaving it for a few days and getting out one of my UFO's might get me back into the right frame of mind, ya think?  However, I remember it took me a long time and several mistakes learning how to miter corners on my quilt bindings too... 
Thanks for stopping by, I sincerely hope your day wasn't frustrating like I made mine out to be, and that you enjoy the rest of the day however long it is. 
Stay tuned for the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hops starting on March 17th, it is coming and I can almost guarantee a large Blogger participation and lots of super gifts to be given away. 

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."  ~Author Unknown

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Did It, I Did It!

Good Saturday Morning everyone, how has your week been?  Mine has been unusually busy!  
In the hours of the yesterday that were left over and not having to be with anyone or take anyone anywhere or pick someone up, or do a charity Bingo, or anything, I stole sleep time hours and played with my new baby Ella.  I learned so very much in the peace and quiet and now I do not feel as technologically challenged as I first did.  
I have to hand it to Husqvarna for making my life a challenge, I don't give a tinkers for who wrote the User's Instruction manual.  I think it could have been better written!  Having said that I played and began writing down what exactly works for me and how I accomplished it and this morning I am pleased with my own progress.  I did it, I did it, I actually patted myself on my own shoulder.....
I love, love, love this beauty.  To the lady who sold it to me, bless you for allowing me to buy it!  It's manufacturer's name is Sapphire and truly it is a real gem to me!  
Here are some of the stitches I actually learned how to do.
Tiny Cars and Caravans, script with different fonts, tiny bicycles and so much more. 
I realize many of you have these wondrous sewing machines that embroider and you can even download designs from the internet, but to me after all of my sewing life to date using just a basic sewing machine, this one is such a huge step up for me.  I am a very happy lady at this point in time in being able to have learned just how to accomplish this simple task of sewing these beautiful and so different designs.  Now my quilts will become more interesting. 
Do any of you have the Sapphire 855?  If you do what do you accomplish with your pretty gal?  I would dearly love to hear all about it.
I thought it was today that the clocks sprang forward and having spent so much of the wee morning hours playing with Ella, it was near 3:30 this morning before I finally gave in to sleep and shut everything down, but, much to my surprise when I woke it was what I thought to be 9 a,m, now here it is just after 12 and I discover it is not today but tomorrow.... well how do you like that, here I am dragging myself around thinking it is supposed to be an hour later and it isn't!  I tell you, I am such a ditz at times...(no pun intended)!
I hope all of you are watching out for the 17th because that is when the latest of the Blog Hops begin over at The Quilting Gallery!  I have already registered to be a participating blogger in this St. Patrick's Day Blog Hope which is supposed to end on March 23rd.  I said in my last post it was to be the 16th, but that date is incorrect so please stay tuned for March 17th - St. Paddy's Day!!!  Everything green on St. Paddy's day wouldn't you think?  Great fun is in store for both bloggers and readers...

To the ladies awaiting my parcels, have they arrived yet, Martina or Joan?
I would like to thank each and every one of you for putting up with my absences and then having to read my gobbilty gook, but I confess I am so happy you are sticking around and that I have someone to talk to.  
Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, I hope your day is thoroughly enjoyable. 

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Have Been Busy

I know it is late, but I still haven't caught up today.  Thought yesterday was our Lions club day for the charity Bingo, but I was wrong, it was set for today and I am just now getting home and have been dying to tell you all of my news.
I have also been busy finding a space for the Stitch 'N' Chat group I am attempting to get started here in my small Town.  Our Township is sadly lacking in a space for people who love sewing, knitting, crocheting and quilting to get together as a group and to enjoy the company of others and in turn to teach others what they know of their craft and to teach or share it with others, or just to sit and chat amongst their friends and neighbors for a few hours a week.
The members of the United Church in town offered their church hall for such a social club and I aim to take full advantage of this good fortune. 
I will offer what I know of quilting to those who may wish to take up quilting,  LOL,  another acquaintance who knits well will teach or share her knowledge with those wishing to learn how to knit, and I crochet so can help some to learn to crochet, and a lady who sews clothing is willing to share her knowledge with those who may wish to learn to sew.    
ALL of this is free, no charge and all in aid of drawing members from within our Township together, it should be alot of fun.  Eventually, if my dream comes to fruition, then we can all make efforts to do things with those crafts which will benefit our community, there are dozens of organizations which can use handmade items and it would be a win win for all concerned.  Our hospitals can use preemie knitted goods, quilts to cover the incubators, lap quilts for those who need dialysis, or others who are being treated for cancer, cancer hats, cheerful mitts for children so they won't scratch , or special magic pillowcases with secret pockets in them for children who need their own little secret hideaways while having to stay in hospital.   
I realize I am dreaming but if I must have a dream it may as well be a large one, don't you think?
Then I have my pet project which is The Chosen Soldier project to get done this month.   Some of our platoons are in regions of the world where there is no PX and so items from home are greatly desired. especially when not near their base but out somewhere without running water, or the opportunity of just keeping their faces washed, or the likelihood of clean socks, or a spice up for their dried food packets which aren't all that tasty.  This year I have a new platoon out in the boonies somewhere in this wide world of ours, just where I am unable to tell you because I simply do not know, but these men and women could use a care package from home and I am busy getting that together too.
THEN there is the March GIVEAWAY.  Remember,  I did tell you I would be hosting a Giveaway this month, and so I shall, along with many others through The Quilting Gallery....  Michele Foster, owner of The Gallery is organizing another Blog Hop Party and what better than a host of many blogs to visit and the chances of winning a multitude of wonderful items?
PLEASE stay tuned for the news about the St. Patrick's Blog Hop Party which will be advertised as soon as Michele gives us the word.  YEEHAW another round of fun is on the calendar for this month and I simply cannot wait, I have a wonderful prize to give away and I just can't wait!
Thank you so much for visiting and if your like me and you love surprises, please keep checking in to read about the upcoming Blog Hop Party, it is going to be as much fun as the last one was.  

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharing Monday

I have been wondering what I can do with Mondays' around here, it is the beginning of the work week, it is usually quiet, and for me it is usually a day set aside for lots of undone chores.  So while I am working away why not visit some of the sites I found surfing, and these I gladly share with you. 
For those of you planning a new paper piecing quilt, look what I found this morning!  
It was a BOM along with the actual set of paper pieced houses along with the actual layout plans which I am certain you can copy and use.  How sweet are these?  While it is all written by a German Quilter/Blogger, whose name sorry, I was unable to locate inside the blog, however, this site page can be translated and you are free to use these paper piecing patterns for your own personal use. 
I found this super site as well, Free Quilt Patterns Info.  I know I wouldn't get through this list in a year, this is such a kewl site!  It shows free patterns for just about every type of quilt project you may have in mind to try out. If you hit the home button you can even sign up for updates to the site, which is a bonus. 
Also, while surfing a found another new to me site, by blogger Michele Bilyeu, and her site title is called With Heart And Hands.  Michele also sets forth within her blog many quilt block patterns which are concisely described and nicely laid out for those that are searching. 
Once again, the very generosity of Quilters is heartwarming, all of those people so very willing to share.  
With the devastation of those tornadoes in the United States, I am certain there will be much need for assistance to those who have suffered losses, not only of their homes and business' but to life of their loved ones, so, if you are thinking of helping in some small measure, or you discover sites where quilters are calling for help, please let me know so that I might set them up here on my site.  I realize a quilt does not make a house, but it certainly shows that we care and so, as ever the charity line continues.  
There is one more site I wish to share with you today and one which you might enjoy visiting today, it really is a collection of a Village bearing the name GEITHOORN in Holland that literally has no streets in it, want to see why?  There are other sites but have still photo's whereas this one is a You Tube video and has soothing music to go along with it, so relaxing.... 
Thank you for stopping in today to visit with me, now it is time for me to get back to the laundry room and see if the sheets to my mothers bed are nice and dry and ready to put back on her bed.  With her age she feels the cold more than ever before, so she has a set of fleece sheets and really go along way in keeping her warm and comfy at nights.  I sincerely hope you are enjoying your day no matter where in our large and beautiful world you live in, and please, if you have a site where others can join to assist those who have suffered terrible losses last week from the tornadoes that struck in the South U.S.A., please share them with us. Se you tomorrow. 
Hugging has no unpleasant side effects and is all natural.  There are no batteries to replace, it's inflation-proof and non-fattening with no monthly payments.  It's non-taxable, non-polluting, and is, of course, fully refundable.  ~Author Unknown

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Goofed and a Special Quilt Jacking Alert

I can't believe it, I did everything right up until the mitered corners, "the most important part"!  I am referring to the self binding receiving blanket - I goofed!!! 
Instead of measuring the 90 degree on the fold I just did the 90 degree and it didn't turn out right!!! Why, because I didn't pay attention to the last and most important part of the instructions.   I think if Jenny knew about how I mangled up that easy peasey self binding project she'd probably thump me!  I ended up taking it all apart hoping I could fix it, but because I cut it incorrectly I ended up with 4 square holes instead of a mitered corner.  How very stupid of me.  Jenny gave such easy instructions and said that the method of cutting was important, I simply didn't listen close enough.  I ended up just cutting the back the same size as the front and sewing it, my little receiving blanket is done but without a border. 
Next one I try I will pay closer attention to the instructions and go slower and double checking all of the steps instead of thinking I could just zip through it and it would turn out all right. 
Have you ever done something as silly as this?  Watched or been given very easy and coherent instructions and then near the end, did something opposite to what you were supposed to? 
I told you I was a ditz, a real screw up at times.  I will begin another and this time I will listen closely and pay attention to what it is I was supposed to do. 
I just finished reading Bonnie's blog post for today and once again another thief has stolen  quilts from a Quilter, please if you have a moment go and read that post, it is a dreadful theft again!  I know I am not a proficient quilter, but if one of my quilts or several I was transporting were stolen from me I too would be devastated.  I cannot imagine what Patsy is feeling!  Why would anyone want to steal anothers work?  Maybe because the thief didn't find what they imagined to be anything of value they took the quilts to show the person they were robbing that they were p.o'd about there not being anything of value in her car for them to pawn or sell for money!  Thank heavens she has pictures and those of us within the entire Quilting Community can keep our eyes on the lookout for any of these pieces which might show up within our circles. 
We quilters should be allowed to post a notice on our locked cases or cars - open my car the wrong way and everything in it will disintegrate....all right a bit drastic, but what if anything can be done to avoid that?  When your traveling and you stop you can't drag everything inside with you - like stopping for a sandwich, or a pit stop!  It a cruel deed to rob anything from any one.
I'm off to shower and change and get myself over to my neighbor who I will be companioning for the afternoon.
While there this afternoon, I will be giving thought as to what it is I wish to GIVEAWAY this month, I certainly have lots to choose from.  So please stay tuned to discover what I have to giveaway. 
Thank you so very much for sharing some of your time with me this afternoon, and no matter whatever your doing, or wherever you are in this world we live in, have a wonderful day and a pleasant evening and stay safe.
The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown