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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IN THE MAIL...............

Hello, hello, hello I'm back from the post office and three prizes are already in the mail, so Gun, Jodi and Connie please be on the lookout for your mail delivery from Seeley's Bay, Ontario, Canada - Yayyyyyy now if the two remaining chosen winners being Hueisei and Robin from Quilty as Charged would please contact me at my e-mail address and provide their snail mail addresses, then all of my St. Paddy's Day gifts will be in the mail......
I am making a surprise gift, I cannot say for whom, so suffice is to say I got into it this morning and have several blocks made already. 
It's to be a beautiful bright colored quilt but I am attempting to keep it simple because of the variety and brightness of the fabrics. 
Flying geese blocks will form the border, and in the center of each goose block there will be a signature block.  Now what do you all think of this combination. With a thin white border separating the actual 4 patch blocks and the flying geese signature blocks.
These are some of the blocks, fashioned a bit from a Kaffe Fasset pattern of June 2003 named "Plaids Squared", like I said, similar but not exactly the same with all of the four patches being surrounded with a different bright fabric. 
These are the two fabrics I will use for the flying geese border fabrics.

The white center of the flying geese blocks will be where all of the signatures will be.
Can you picture this quilt from my description?  I hope this quilt will be a bright and cheerful reminder of all of us.  
Tonight is Lions and this is the night we are packing care parcels for the soldiers far away from Canada doing peace keeping duties.
As such, I am off to my meeting.....see you all tomorrow?
Thanks for stopping by, and please if you have an opinion of this bright quilt I am making, please voice it by leaving a comment, possibly it may be too busy or too bright?...........and remember
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  ~Author Unknown


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