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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Have Been Busy

I know it is late, but I still haven't caught up today.  Thought yesterday was our Lions club day for the charity Bingo, but I was wrong, it was set for today and I am just now getting home and have been dying to tell you all of my news.
I have also been busy finding a space for the Stitch 'N' Chat group I am attempting to get started here in my small Town.  Our Township is sadly lacking in a space for people who love sewing, knitting, crocheting and quilting to get together as a group and to enjoy the company of others and in turn to teach others what they know of their craft and to teach or share it with others, or just to sit and chat amongst their friends and neighbors for a few hours a week.
The members of the United Church in town offered their church hall for such a social club and I aim to take full advantage of this good fortune. 
I will offer what I know of quilting to those who may wish to take up quilting,  LOL,  another acquaintance who knits well will teach or share her knowledge with those wishing to learn how to knit, and I crochet so can help some to learn to crochet, and a lady who sews clothing is willing to share her knowledge with those who may wish to learn to sew.    
ALL of this is free, no charge and all in aid of drawing members from within our Township together, it should be alot of fun.  Eventually, if my dream comes to fruition, then we can all make efforts to do things with those crafts which will benefit our community, there are dozens of organizations which can use handmade items and it would be a win win for all concerned.  Our hospitals can use preemie knitted goods, quilts to cover the incubators, lap quilts for those who need dialysis, or others who are being treated for cancer, cancer hats, cheerful mitts for children so they won't scratch , or special magic pillowcases with secret pockets in them for children who need their own little secret hideaways while having to stay in hospital.   
I realize I am dreaming but if I must have a dream it may as well be a large one, don't you think?
Then I have my pet project which is The Chosen Soldier project to get done this month.   Some of our platoons are in regions of the world where there is no PX and so items from home are greatly desired. especially when not near their base but out somewhere without running water, or the opportunity of just keeping their faces washed, or the likelihood of clean socks, or a spice up for their dried food packets which aren't all that tasty.  This year I have a new platoon out in the boonies somewhere in this wide world of ours, just where I am unable to tell you because I simply do not know, but these men and women could use a care package from home and I am busy getting that together too.
THEN there is the March GIVEAWAY.  Remember,  I did tell you I would be hosting a Giveaway this month, and so I shall, along with many others through The Quilting Gallery....  Michele Foster, owner of The Gallery is organizing another Blog Hop Party and what better than a host of many blogs to visit and the chances of winning a multitude of wonderful items?
PLEASE stay tuned for the news about the St. Patrick's Blog Hop Party which will be advertised as soon as Michele gives us the word.  YEEHAW another round of fun is on the calendar for this month and I simply cannot wait, I have a wonderful prize to give away and I just can't wait!
Thank you so much for visiting and if your like me and you love surprises, please keep checking in to read about the upcoming Blog Hop Party, it is going to be as much fun as the last one was.  

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.  ~Christopher Reeve


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