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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Great Day for Visiting Other Quilt Bloggers

Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome to March 2nd.
Hmmmmm I wonder if Ms. Spring is getting any closer?  
Ole man winter sure doesn't give up the ghost easy does he?  I sincerely hope all of you who live down south were safe from harm and those horrendous tornadoes?  These past few years have really seen nasty and weird weather patterns. 
WHY is it that weather cannot emulate quilting? Find a pleasing pattern and get to it? Like sunny and warm?  
After snow shoveling yesterday I really needed a rest, so came in and with a wonderful cup of coffee with a drop of brandy in it I sat down to catch up on reading my favorite Quilting Bloggers, whose talents and skill always keep me in awe of them! 
Have you read Bonnie Hunters' blog today?  Have you seen her latest quilt, Winston Ways?  If you have time, spend some of it with Bonnie today, your going to love this beautiful quilt, it sparkles, and to me sounds like Jazz, so great. 
Somewhere while surfing yesterday afternoon, and I cannot remember how I stumbled onto to it, I came across a new to me  Missouri Star Quilt Co. video tutorial, wow, Jenny always makes everything easy and fun!  This one is no exception. 
Certainly this video was just waiting for me to go along and watch it because coincidentally it goes well with the best Birthday Gift ever!  My son informed me that I am to become a granny.  A new tiny bundle for me to cuddle and coo over.
Don't newborns smell so sweet?
Sew a  baby receiving blanket that is self binding, is the ticket for me, the visual learner.  What wonderful birthday gifts I received would you not agree??  Thanks to Jenny making this easy and fun, telling us that in 10 minutes you can actually make and finish a self bound receiving blanket!  If you have some time today why not give it a look see.  Probably you already knew about this method, however, I didn't and to me it is a boon gift to have found. 
ALSO in reading Sew We Quilt Stash Manicure Blog today you will discover a new Ruler and why this new Ruler has become somewhat important to a very special Quilter named Giles from his blog Touch and Sew!   Being introduced to Giles today is a beautiful surprise,  Not only do we meet a very special man who quilts, but has a gift to give us.  Insight!  If you make time, go and visit with Giles, he is certainly an inspiration.
That is it for me today, I am going to try my luck with the self binding receiving blanket, I simply cannot resist trying it out even though lots of blocks are awaiting my putting them together, I just have to divert today, I just have to!
Thank you for sticking with me on this 2nd day of March, and it means much as one year ago my beloved Mitzji dawg passed and I still miss her and often feel her with me when I am feeling lonely and down.  So your company goes a long way in cheering me up.
Have a happy day today no matter where you live or where you travel, friends always await you with their loving smiles. 
A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.  ~Lois Wyse


  1. Thank you for that introduction, and for following me! Madam Sam's mention was a total surprise to me today, ava very wonderful surprise on a day that truly couldn't be much worse! Thank goodness for the lovely warm feelings that quilting and the quilt and blogging community can bring!

    Thinking of you missing Mitzji too. I'll be following you back and looking forward to reading your posts and eventually hearing about that new grand child! Congratulations! Loving the sound of a jazz quilt too so I'll be heading over to check that out next!

    Giles /

  2. Giles:
    The blessing quilters give to one another is in and of itself a miracle. I see and hear of their generosity every day and every day feel blessed to be but a tiny part of the overall goodness that emanates from this community.
    Cannot wait to see what you will create next.


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