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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Did It, I Did It!

Good Saturday Morning everyone, how has your week been?  Mine has been unusually busy!  
In the hours of the yesterday that were left over and not having to be with anyone or take anyone anywhere or pick someone up, or do a charity Bingo, or anything, I stole sleep time hours and played with my new baby Ella.  I learned so very much in the peace and quiet and now I do not feel as technologically challenged as I first did.  
I have to hand it to Husqvarna for making my life a challenge, I don't give a tinkers for who wrote the User's Instruction manual.  I think it could have been better written!  Having said that I played and began writing down what exactly works for me and how I accomplished it and this morning I am pleased with my own progress.  I did it, I did it, I actually patted myself on my own shoulder.....
I love, love, love this beauty.  To the lady who sold it to me, bless you for allowing me to buy it!  It's manufacturer's name is Sapphire and truly it is a real gem to me!  
Here are some of the stitches I actually learned how to do.
Tiny Cars and Caravans, script with different fonts, tiny bicycles and so much more. 
I realize many of you have these wondrous sewing machines that embroider and you can even download designs from the internet, but to me after all of my sewing life to date using just a basic sewing machine, this one is such a huge step up for me.  I am a very happy lady at this point in time in being able to have learned just how to accomplish this simple task of sewing these beautiful and so different designs.  Now my quilts will become more interesting. 
Do any of you have the Sapphire 855?  If you do what do you accomplish with your pretty gal?  I would dearly love to hear all about it.
I thought it was today that the clocks sprang forward and having spent so much of the wee morning hours playing with Ella, it was near 3:30 this morning before I finally gave in to sleep and shut everything down, but, much to my surprise when I woke it was what I thought to be 9 a,m, now here it is just after 12 and I discover it is not today but tomorrow.... well how do you like that, here I am dragging myself around thinking it is supposed to be an hour later and it isn't!  I tell you, I am such a ditz at times...(no pun intended)!
I hope all of you are watching out for the 17th because that is when the latest of the Blog Hops begin over at The Quilting Gallery!  I have already registered to be a participating blogger in this St. Patrick's Day Blog Hope which is supposed to end on March 23rd.  I said in my last post it was to be the 16th, but that date is incorrect so please stay tuned for March 17th - St. Paddy's Day!!!  Everything green on St. Paddy's day wouldn't you think?  Great fun is in store for both bloggers and readers...

To the ladies awaiting my parcels, have they arrived yet, Martina or Joan?
I would like to thank each and every one of you for putting up with my absences and then having to read my gobbilty gook, but I confess I am so happy you are sticking around and that I have someone to talk to.  
Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, I hope your day is thoroughly enjoyable. 

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Oh my goodness you sound like a kid who was set loose in a candy shop! I know you are so excited about your new sewing machine. Congratulations!

    I came online to thank you for your package. It came Friday (I think). I couldn't remember who I knew in Ontario. I thought it might be from a Missionary Org that I am beginning to to accounting for for the US division of it. I was greatly surprised to find a fat quarter. Thank you so much for it. It is quite lovely!

    Again enjoy your new toy. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. Thanks Joanie, your right,I am like the proverbial kid in the candy shop. Just finished a baby receiving blanket, will take a picture and put it in tomorrow's post.
      I realize my little fat was going to be late, but now at least you have it and all of my obligations for squishies have been met. Sorry about the packaging, but I recycle and reuse as often as I can.


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