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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Hop Surprises Finished

I have finished my surprises to accompany my giveaway gifts to the winners, but, if the winners do not contact me with their snail mail address how can I possibly get these to them?  Is there something wrong with my blog?  I don't notice anything amiss.  I checked for 
e-mails, and not one have I received.  One 1 comment was made after I announced the winners names and that was a congratulatory comment.  So, please tell me, do you want your prize? The Hop is over and I really am anxious to get these out of my sewing room and into the post. 
Here are the surprise bags going with each giveaway prize and remember there are five gifts and 5 winners....
These little sacks have a zippered front pouch and a draw string bag all in one.  There are five different colored bags all with the same front pouch panel.  WHICH COLOR do you want?  Hurry the sooner I get your choice of color the sooner I can mail my gift to you!
Now that this is over, I am going back to my stash reorganizing and clean up.  Possibly by this time next year I might actually be organized, LOL. 
Wasn't the Blog Hop a good one and were not the give away prizes so great, what a generous group of bloggers.  
Our weather temperatures went from the high 70's & 80's to the low 30's and 40's this week, what a shock to my system for certain.  Overnight here it was -7 Celcius, that is 19 Fahrenheit. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr and right now while I am typing it has reached its daily peak according to the weatherman and is only 3 Celcius which is 37 Fahrenheit.  Par for this time of the year so they say.  Those hot temperatures last week sure spoiled me!
Sew come on those of you who were named the winners, get in touch with me at with your choice of bag colors and leave me with your snail mail address so that I might get all of my goodies posted on their way to your mailboxes.  
Those winner who left no e-mail address should contact me before Saturday, March 31st, and if I do not hear from you by close of day I shall randomly choose another winner for that prize. 
I have also been catching up on my favorite bloggers and if you skip on over to Bonnie Hunters Blog you can see what beautiful quilts she adopted which she found at an Antique Mall.  I was astounded at their beauty and I believe you will be as well.   Then too you will find some pictures of her latest sewing machine she purchased which is gorgeous by the way!  I often wish I had the opportunity to make such finds, but, if I haven't sufficient room for my stash, where in Heavens' name would I show of such beautiful antique sewing machines?  Honest to goodness, Bonnie has a nose for the good stuff out there and she knows when to hold em too!
Thank you for making time to visit with me this afternoon, I truly hope your having a good day, I know I am in spite of the cold temperatures. 
Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.  ~Barbara Jordan........................................

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