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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Above The Fold....

We made it, above the fold on page 3 of the local newspaper and that isn't too shabby now is it?
I am certain our little group will grow, all it needs is time and consistency.   Something worthwhile doesn't just appear overnight, so I shall be patient and wait. 
Have any of you been keeping up with Bonnie Hunter, I can never wait to get back to her blog to read what she has been up to, she's not only a Master Quilter, but she's a fantastic writer.  Maybe one day she'll write a book about her experiences.  I find her so interesting and as I said can't wait to read her blog posts everyday!  In today's' post she introduces up to Barbie - you just have to see her and to see what finds Bonnie took pictures of from her most recent Antique Mall jaunt.  Too kewl!
I spent time actually working on this latest quilt though that makes the String Stars huge blocks I was working on another UFO, but I do plan to get that one finished by end of April, if I can because April is going to be such a full month for me.   We have an International Evening in New York State with another Lions Club, the District Convention is coming up and of course Easter is in there as well, sigh!  So much to do and never ever enough time to do it all, or so it seems. 
Last night out Lions members packed 5 care packages for some of our troops serving away from Canada, what fun we had. These are chock filled with goodies and even some reading materials.   Next shipment we shall have to have another type of selection. However in the meantime this will certainly get them started.
We also cleaned and sorted over 200 pair of eyewear. 

These will be shipped off to a company who will properly refurbish the glasses and properly catalogue the prescriptive values and then polish the lenses and shipped to eye specialists who work in other nations where other less fortunate peoples may be fitted with proper glasses and be able to read or see better, and what better way for eye wear to be then on some person who needs prescription eye glasses.  
All in all yesterday was a very productive day for me and a productive evening for my local Lions club. 
I am hoping to hear from the remaining two winners of the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop which just recently finished so that I can mail my remaining two prizes off.  If I do not hear from Robin of Quilty As Charged or Hueisei then I shall go and visit with Mr. Random once again and choose other winners, so ladies, if your out there and reading please contact me.
I did one more important thing yesterday and that was to revamp my Profile page and in there is my e-mail address for anyone interested in contacting me.  So if you have nothing better to do before you leave here this afternoon, go check out my Profile page and tell me what you think, too much, but I love talking and as you can see from my updated page I am still gabbing away. 
Thank you for stopping by today and visiting with me, I probably gabbed too much as usual.  Have a perfectly wonderful day today, stay safe out there, be vigilant in your surroundings!!!!   I am off to my Stitch 'N' Chat group this afternoon and evening, maybe you'd love to drop in, I would love to meet you.......................

I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining.  I believe in love even when I am alone.  I believe in God even when He is silent.  ~Author Unknown.................


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