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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simply Awesome

While out last night for a meeting I couldn't help but look up and gaze in wonder at the multitudenous bright stars that shone overhead.  So many twinkling in the firmament and so beaituful and the night sky was so clear so as to be the perfect backdrop for the brightness of those stars.  Where I live there is very little air traffic overhead and no industry to obscure this heavenly spectacle on clear nights.  I tried to take a few snapshots of this beautiful part of the hemisphere above me but while I have a wonderful digital camera, it simply isn't powerful enough to capture the splendor I spied with my little eyes.
This is close though!  But as I saw it it was AWESOME.
Who would have given credence that this clear and beautiful night sky would in but a few hours be clouded over and that my sleep would be interrupted with thunderous clashing sounds of an oncoming storm.  It thundered and lit up the sky for a few hours and went on its way leaving only the rain behind for morning.  Where I live at the mouth of the Bay the sounds are so amplified that you really would believe you were actually at the end of the bowling alley. 
I dare to hope Ms. Spring is truly on her way and that ole man winter is going into hibernation. 
Morning has found me a tad sluggish with sore arthritic knees, which I really do not need today with the opening of the Stitch 'N' Chat at the church hall in the village.  I am excited about the huge possibility of others coming in and enjoying a chat with them about their favored craft, hopefully there will be quilters or wanna be quilters among them.  If nothing else it will be a lovely way to sit and meet new people, or catch up with neighbors and acquaintances.   In any event it should really be enjoyable, and enjoyable a few afternoons a month is what I am aiming for.
Being a resident in a small village where not very much goes on unless an event is planned through a larger organization leaves its void for many a crafter who more often than not sit in front of their television sets, or in front of their sewing machines by themselves.  I want to share the experience and learn something new from someone more skilled than I or to offer up new challenges.
In any event it is to happen today and hopefully, like they said in the movie "build it and they will come" .....
Tomorrow is a return to sorting and organizing my fabric stash, but that is tomorrow....
Thank you for taking time from your day to visit with me and please don't forget, tomorrow Michele will be setting up what the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop is going to be like and we Bloggers are going to advertise what nice goodies we all have to give away to you, our wonderful readers, so please come by tomorrow and see what it will all be about.
One more item to mention and that is I have taken word verification off the comments and if any one who wishes to make a comment finds it back on my blog again, please let me know so that I might keep on removing it, I so dislike the word verification process.

 Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown


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