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Saturday, March 17, 2012

WHOOO HOOOOO THE latest Blog Hop begins!!!!  Good luck to all and let the lucky charms lead us all to the goodies!
I cannot wait to join you all on this Hop, but first....
I went off to see the Wizard this morning, the wizard being the Costco (Sam's) store in the city and while I have a budget I will be having a blast just seeing how much I can get for the money.  I'm going shopping with 2 fellow Lions (men) which means we can zip around the store with our list and be out of there in no time flat.  Hopefully with everything on our list, and if not then we hit the dollar store.  WHO are we shopping for your wondering, well, for 45 Cndn. Soldiers deployed somewhere in this world and no PX on their teeny base, so items from home simply cannot be bought there.  These are who we are shopping for. 
It was a lot of fun - no lingering and in the stores for hours, just find it , grab it and get home. 
Mind you when I got to one members home he was still in his bed, I made him get up in a hurry, if I was up and there so should he have been, and the other fellow just didn't arrive - LOL we left him at his home sound asleep....
While all of you were/are out there surfing and having fun visiting and meeting all of the participating Bloggers in this hop, I was envying you, why, well here is my excuses story, once home from shopping, I did mothers weekly hair do, then off to my neighbors for 4 hours, and I am just getting in the door, next I need to get something to eat, and then hopefully I can begin to surf!  
hopefully to eat supper at a reasonable hour and then, only then will I get in some surfing time.... See, I am envious of you all....
I am really stupid you know that!  Why, because you know I got all of my 5.5" X 5.5" charms for this giveaway and do you think I can find them, no, I can't!  I have searched everywhere but darn me if I can remember where I put them.  So I shall begin cutting more if I don't find them by mid week!  Now isn't that awful, I photographed them but put them out of my hands somewhere and now their lost, I can't even hear them calling to me, they must really safe because I simply cannot find them.  ...I tell you, this urge to reorganize and clear up my messy stash storage problems has me upside down and close to being inside out... 
Enjoy yourselves everyone, I am crossing my fingers you all win a wonderful gift from some of those wonderfully thoughtful Bloggers. 
AND we have a gentleman quilter in our midst who has commented here and you really need to go and see his giveaway, it's really quite original.  WELCOME Richard Healey, so pleased you stopped by my blog and so happy you are taking part in this blog hop as a Quilting Blogger....what an absolute pleasure it is to meet you.  I will be a frequent visitor from now on. 
I am so happy to meet all of my international visitors and it makes no difference whether you celebrate St. Patrick's day or not, I am so pleased to stopped by to see me. Thank you!
Also, thank you all for your comments and your visit today, I will not take the time to reply to all until near the end of the hop because Mr. Random might end up choosing me and we don't need that now do we?  Come back whenever your feeling down in the dumps, I can make you feel better because I am such a ditz and you can count on me to do something silly or hilarious from time to time you won't be able not to get a good laugh....Besides Laughter is the best medicine....
I will share some pictures with you tomorrow, you should see my van it is filled with the things we bought today and I cannot wait to get those boxes filled and ready to be sent off....YEE HAW

 the littlest things in life are the hardest to take.  You can sit on a mountain more comfortably than on a tack.  ~Author Unknown 


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