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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting It Together

Once again I find myself changing the status of my fabric stash.  My walk in closet is so cluttered with bags and boxes and the fabrics don't all fit into the shelving, so a change must be made.  I am one of those that can stand a mess for only so long and then WHAM, I just have to get stuck in and sort it out, you know, clean it up.
I even found fabrics I thought I no longer had!  Once again that is really due to me not being totally organized.  Space simply does not allow for the type of organization I want, but come heck or high water I am going to get myself tidied up one way or the other.  I am ashamed of my closet at this moment.  It always happens to me when I have at least other irons in a fire... LOL
You see when this house was bought I was led to believe that I had a loft in the cabin on our property and my mothers' glowing description led me to believe it was the type of space that would allow me to set up my fabrics, sewing machine and load of room to work in.  Well it simply was not truth.  Seeing as I was in NewBrunswick getting our possessions ready to move my mother was here looking for houses with my youngest brother.  Neither one said that the loft really wasn't large enough to stand up in let alone use it as a studio!  So out of the necessity to continue piecing and quilting I just had to move into my bedroom.  Now every so often the mess gets to me and it just has to be sorted.  What do you do when you've created a mess in your sewing room?
With each new project I wish to do I run over to the cabin and pull fabrics but I never return them (besides it isn't organized over there either!) They get put away here in my walk in and now I just do not have the space for any more fabrics. 
You'd never know I have already given bags of my stash away would you?  I know I am getting awfully tired to moving piles from here to there just to find something.  This time I just have to find a method which might allow me to find what it is I am looking for and get on with whatever project is at hand.  It simply has to work out this time.   
In a matter of a few months it progressed from a neat and tidy walk in closet with only hanging clothes and two towers filled with sundry fabrics to this mess which you see in the picture I just took.  Deplorable!  So much so that it is really beginning to stress me out.  
Obviously not enough though because this morning instead of getting stuck into the clearing up I sat at the sewing machine doing some piecing because I really didn't want to actually begin but nearer lunch time I had a good talk to myself and convinced myself that this had to be done.  I cleared out a whole dresser and sorted out so far one drawer with Christmas and specialty fabrics.  Next drawer holds all red colorway fabrics on one side and all green on the other side.  There are still two more drawers to fill up again. 
  I already have bags to be given away, fabrics the likes of which I simply cannot use in any quilt, therefor, off these are going to someone who might use them for sewing clothing and the like. 
At the rate I have been procrastinating this afternoon it will take me a month of Sundays' to clear up.  
How do most of you manage your stash?  Do you too dream of this illusive wonderful space not only to house all of your fabrics neatly stacked on shelving in colorways, but space enough to cut, to sew, to iron, to read in or just sit and dream of projects?  Me, once again I live out of my upstairs bedroom and have to share my hobby with my sleeping and clothing space.  Oh well, maybe some day I might win something substantial on a lottery and buy myself a tiny house just for me with the largest room just set aside for my quilting, do you think?
But these sewing rooms are so neat and tidy 
and while this one is in cramped quarters it is neat, everything seems to have its own place
and this little corner looks neat and tidy and all set up at least for the ironing
I believe these are people who live very organized lives, and this one in particular is Roberta's Sewing Studio,  that I found through a Google search is to die for!
Tomorrow marks the opening of the Stitch 'N' Chat club here in the Bay and I am crossing my fingers that a few ladies will show up and a weekly meet can be formed,  there simply are but a few quilters in this area and certainly not enough to form a guild sew to my way of thinking this is a good alternative.  Besides there simply isn't a social place around where friends and neighbors can get together and chat with their friends.  Not everyone can be a scatterbrain like me, so here is hoping I don't forget anything that I should be taking along for the day.  Please cross your fingers for me that my grand idea isn't a huge bust!
With the advent of spring and the change of weather patterns my arthritis has been acting up, anti-inflammatory medication is once again being taken to assist in alleviating the constant nagging pain which of course slows me down and with the turning forward of the clock one hour my sleep pattern is also disrupted.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be caught up again, do you think?  
Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit with me this morning, I know I have been absent for a tad, but, I got lost in my stash!

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  ~Pamela Vaull Starr


  1. Ah, this is real life isn't it. I can feel your pain. I am so blessed to finally have a room for sewing finally, but it still gets out of control. I use large plastic bins for my fabric. Before I got into quilting so much I used all types of fabric and so I had bins of fleece, velour, fancy fabric, flannel, and the different weight type fabric. I didn't try to fold it all perfect, mostly I'd just stuff it in the bin and try to snap the lid on. When I decided on the type of fabric I wanted for a project I would paw through the bin, and then, just stuff it all back. Scraps and fabric I was finished with I tossed into the scrap bin and didn't worry about it until it began to overflow. Then I'd have to take the time to sort. I don't try to keep everything too tidy. Because then I worry about messing up my piles and it's harder to start pulling out stuff to color coordinate. I'm still trying to control how much fabric I buy and only buy for a specific project that I am actually going to start. This year for Christmas I took a lot of my character fabric (Dora, princess, BB logos) that I had always planned to make into quilts for my grandkids and made pillowcases instead. Each grandchild got a pillowcase and the rest, 25, I donated. Pretty quick, pretty easy, got rid of lots of fabric, felt good about doing it and it's finally out of my life.
    I hope you feel better soon. Could you store your fabric in the loft? It may be small but is it convenient to get into? I'm talking clear, 80 quart totes here. You can stack them, you can see a lot of what's in them and it isn't overwhelming to go through just one. Good luck, I hope your Stitch 'n Chat works out too.

    1. Hi Mom:

      I have been thinking bins, but, these are expensive at times, I salvaged one of those plastic storage drawer sets and have that already to go for Fat quarters and notions, and have already emptied a set of drawers and it is being filled. The loft is so full, but slowly it too will be emptied, one of these fine days I will get it all organized. Those pillowcases you made sound wonderful and that you donated so many, that is absolutely wonderful.
      Since my life centers around seniors who need alot of care I should become much more organized so that I don't waste those precious moments forever searching and making a clear space to do what it is I wish to do...LOL
      Your such a dear for responding and those clear bins are on my look out list so when they go on sale possibly I will be in a position to get me some, especially for all of my scraps.


  2. Good morning, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm probably not that far from you, being just to the north of Belleville. When I say walking down by the bay I'm referring to the Bay of Quinte and the waterfront trail that runs along it. It is one of our favourite places to walk. I dabble in quilting and keep saying I'm going to get back into it more. I do lots of knitting and crochet and of course now that the nicer weather is here I spend ages and ages working in my garden. Good luck with your Stitch 'n Chat club, hope it is a success.

    I'm going to persevere with the word verification, as usually I don't comment on blogs that have it as I find it so hard to figure out.

  3. Dear Crafty:

    I have once again reset my blog comments to have NO word verification as I too dislike it so very much and if I do not hit it right the first try I avoid frustration by just leaving without commenting. I do hope this setting once again will hold as I dislike it and more than likely we are not among the minority. North of Belleville, sounds nice and close to me, someday, perhaps a Garden Tour will get me there. Cross fingers someone shows up today for Stitch 'N' Chat


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