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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Goofed and a Special Quilt Jacking Alert

I can't believe it, I did everything right up until the mitered corners, "the most important part"!  I am referring to the self binding receiving blanket - I goofed!!! 
Instead of measuring the 90 degree on the fold I just did the 90 degree and it didn't turn out right!!! Why, because I didn't pay attention to the last and most important part of the instructions.   I think if Jenny knew about how I mangled up that easy peasey self binding project she'd probably thump me!  I ended up taking it all apart hoping I could fix it, but because I cut it incorrectly I ended up with 4 square holes instead of a mitered corner.  How very stupid of me.  Jenny gave such easy instructions and said that the method of cutting was important, I simply didn't listen close enough.  I ended up just cutting the back the same size as the front and sewing it, my little receiving blanket is done but without a border. 
Next one I try I will pay closer attention to the instructions and go slower and double checking all of the steps instead of thinking I could just zip through it and it would turn out all right. 
Have you ever done something as silly as this?  Watched or been given very easy and coherent instructions and then near the end, did something opposite to what you were supposed to? 
I told you I was a ditz, a real screw up at times.  I will begin another and this time I will listen closely and pay attention to what it is I was supposed to do. 
I just finished reading Bonnie's blog post for today and once again another thief has stolen  quilts from a Quilter, please if you have a moment go and read that post, it is a dreadful theft again!  I know I am not a proficient quilter, but if one of my quilts or several I was transporting were stolen from me I too would be devastated.  I cannot imagine what Patsy is feeling!  Why would anyone want to steal anothers work?  Maybe because the thief didn't find what they imagined to be anything of value they took the quilts to show the person they were robbing that they were p.o'd about there not being anything of value in her car for them to pawn or sell for money!  Thank heavens she has pictures and those of us within the entire Quilting Community can keep our eyes on the lookout for any of these pieces which might show up within our circles. 
We quilters should be allowed to post a notice on our locked cases or cars - open my car the wrong way and everything in it will disintegrate....all right a bit drastic, but what if anything can be done to avoid that?  When your traveling and you stop you can't drag everything inside with you - like stopping for a sandwich, or a pit stop!  It a cruel deed to rob anything from any one.
I'm off to shower and change and get myself over to my neighbor who I will be companioning for the afternoon.
While there this afternoon, I will be giving thought as to what it is I wish to GIVEAWAY this month, I certainly have lots to choose from.  So please stay tuned to discover what I have to giveaway. 
Thank you so very much for sharing some of your time with me this afternoon, and no matter whatever your doing, or wherever you are in this world we live in, have a wonderful day and a pleasant evening and stay safe.
The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown


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