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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here it is again, where has the time flown to? I have spent a busy week both inside and outside of the house. The gardens are finally in wonderful shape, new cedars have been planted, dead bushes have been removed, bushes have been pruned, bulbs have been split and replanted, most of the grass has been moved and all of the weeds that could be found have been plucked up and thrown away.

We've endured several thunder storms and heavy rainfall so inbetween the gardens outside I have spent time with Nessie, my sewing machine and put together more quilted totes.

I sincerely hope your not bored with what has become a passtime for me and hopefully these will all sell and I shall have more money to buy more fabrics to play with. I am showing off these bags which I hope you will find pleasing.

I would publicly like to thank BARBARA for the donations she so generously provided to me this week also, and Barbara if your reading, contact me again, I have lost your e-mail and cannot find you in the phone book. I have been given two almost brand new sewing machines. These will be living in the Craft Cottage Project which is being put together at the Retirement Residence property in our town. Mind you it will still take us time and more money to bring the cottage up to standards whereby people can come and enjoy crafting, or learning to sew or quilt, knit or crochet. There are no real places in my town for people who enjoy crafting to congregate, so my friend and I have been provided with the cottage which is large enough inside for us to house all of the machinery, fabrics, crafting materials, notions, and so very much more. We are anxious to begin, and thanks to our friend Barbara we have received a great start to our collections.

I digress, here they are, Daisies Of The Field, All That Jazz and Up Up and Away totes. I still have a few more to photograph and put up here but you can see I have been putting very good use to the time I was provided with this week.

Since we Canadians are celebrating our Victoria Day long weekend, I wish all Canadians a wonderful weekend and ultimately good weather for the rest of it.

As for our good neighbours in The United States, we wish you a great Memorial Day weekend next weekend and lots of great weather to go along with it.

Daisies Of The Field Interior

Daisies Of The Field Exterior which has 2 nicely divided pockets.

Interior of All That Jazz tote sports one huge pocket for sheet music or magazines, even pattern pages, and two pockets for keys, wallets, or whatever it is you may need to carry about.

All That Jazz also has one exterior pocket sufficient in size to carry magazines, pattern pages, or sheet music. It is a fun and practical tote to be certain.

I enjoyed playing with this fabric and decided to name this tote, Up Up and Away. I outlined many of the Hot Air Balloons and made different pockets for the exterior of the tote.

The totes interior has two pockets but is plenty deep and wide to carry such a variety of good stuff...

This is the back of the exterior of the tote. Don't you just love these fabrics? Their so colourful.
The fabric designers are so creative in their artistic endeavors and the manufacturers who buy these designs and make the fabrics that fabricholics like me just have to have are wonderful. Sometimes it becomes quite the self-dare to actually cut up such beautiful pieces of fabric.
Do come back and visit soon, I know I will have more totes on here to share with you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


A new tote has been completed and here it she is! She has 5 good interior pockets and two exterior pockets. I know her new owner will be naming her soon.

She certainly is vivid and ready to be escorted about town.

Here she is showing off her front, with two neat pockets and long straps for shoulder carrying. This week she's off on a new adventure, she leaves for Newhampshire, where the rolling green hills meet and kiss the sky. I know her colours will fit right in.

My favorite people are away this beautiful spring weekend, and I have decided they need to be introduced, no, not to each other, but to the reader(s). My son and his beautiful, sweet mommy of two are away enjoying a theme park with the children. I realize I am biased, but, don't I have a great looking family?

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all of you mothers, and thanks for all you've done for all of the children everywhere. LOVE is the most prescious of commodities and mothers are the keepers and givers of that love and the zillion things that you do for your children. I wish you a most wonderful and exciting day in all that may come your way.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Tulips from Garden to Fabric to Tote

Spring has finally arrived and in my garden are the most exillerating coloured tulips of all varietys and colours. These pinks are so strikingly beautiful I am positive the fabric designer must have seen them and put them on fabric for me to enjoy forever.

Here they are all nicely displayed and into a tote they went. This was such fun to make and the fabric will be a constant reminder of my spring garden.

This bag is large and will hold such a lot.
There are a multitude of florals on fabric out there and they all give pleasure when made up into a garment or a fashion accesory for use. These fabrics keep spring and summer alive all year through.
Enjoy your gardens, it is absolutely wonderful seeing the rebirth of a garden each and every year and you never know what will pop up somewhere other than where you planted the seed or bulb. I have discovered tulips in the middle of the lawn, I guess some thrifty and forward thinking squirrel decided to hide the bulbs he/she found and didn't come back to claim them, now they're sprouting up through the middle of the lawn with the grass. Will have to see if I can move them so they won't be lost to a lawn mower.
Come back and visit soon, I have been busy and will have a lot more to show off.

The Quilted Scrappy Tote

This is the latest tote with matching wallet. Comfy have inside pockets as well as one outside flap closure pocket and a wallet to match.

Wallet which has place sufficient room for credit cards and money, coins can be placed in pockets behind credit cards.

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