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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Tulips from Garden to Fabric to Tote

Spring has finally arrived and in my garden are the most exillerating coloured tulips of all varietys and colours. These pinks are so strikingly beautiful I am positive the fabric designer must have seen them and put them on fabric for me to enjoy forever.

Here they are all nicely displayed and into a tote they went. This was such fun to make and the fabric will be a constant reminder of my spring garden.

This bag is large and will hold such a lot.
There are a multitude of florals on fabric out there and they all give pleasure when made up into a garment or a fashion accesory for use. These fabrics keep spring and summer alive all year through.
Enjoy your gardens, it is absolutely wonderful seeing the rebirth of a garden each and every year and you never know what will pop up somewhere other than where you planted the seed or bulb. I have discovered tulips in the middle of the lawn, I guess some thrifty and forward thinking squirrel decided to hide the bulbs he/she found and didn't come back to claim them, now they're sprouting up through the middle of the lawn with the grass. Will have to see if I can move them so they won't be lost to a lawn mower.
Come back and visit soon, I have been busy and will have a lot more to show off.


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