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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st Has Arrived with a Loud Roar!

Well March is not timidly coming in like a lamb, no siree, it has come roaring in and brought that nasty white stuff with it.  It has  been snowing here since 7 o'clock last night and hasn't let up and isn't showing any signs of letting up yet either! 
Today I will just have to be content to celebrate the big 66 on my own here indoors and wait until another day when the weather is much better and easier for travel before I get to go out and celebrate.  
Look, my neighbor has already begun to shovel and I am making ready to go out and do some of the same!
My birthday present, Elle and I have been apart for several days, with just a bit of sporadic sewing because I have been far too occupied with many other facets of life in Seeley's Bay.  After shoveling all that white stuff again I will join up with Elle and we shall celebrate together doing what we love most, piecing.....hooray!!
Monday evening it was pot luck Frost Fest meeting. 
Tuesday morning a decided to make myself feel a bit better by having a perm and a cut, now that made me feel a bit spiffy, then in the evening off to a Lions Meeting with a light meal, yesterday morning some much desired time with Elle and I managed two more large blocks of my string/cube blocks and a heap of the tiny 6" blocks which go into the large 9 patch, ready to be put together! See, what do you think? 
I think sashing will be in order because I simply do not like the look of it as it is laid out now!  I think it look cluttered, but until I see the whole top I won't know for sure. BUT, I can make up my mind about that when all of the blocks are finished. 
Last night a Chamber of Commerce Meeting with the most scrumptious of refreshments, the tables which held the food were so pretty and set up so very nice and appealing and made the foods on it actually look exotic!  Trays of fresh fruit and yogurt dip, platters of raw veggies with creamed spicy dip, trays of four different cheeses, barbecued chicken k-bobs, pulled pork sliders,  wonderful sliced french loaf bread with thinly sliced prosciutto and ham and some other deli meats I didn't get close to, brochette, and salsa dips, and the nicest fruit punch to wash it all down, or fresh tea or coffee.  Now that is the kind of meeting you want to attend over and over again.
Tonight it will be left overs and relaxing waiting for this current snow storm to abate while catching up with all of my favorite quilting bloggers.  Don't you just love the internet and the connections to others who are so skilled and talented in quilting?  I learn so very much from these proficient and talented people.
I ordered Elle some extra notions.  I only have to drive into the City to pick them up, but I bought the much desired 1/4" foot with a fabric guide, an open toe darning foot for free motion and a couple of packages of Husqvarna bobbins. All truly needed, don't you think?  I also made inquiries about classes on this machine to learn all of its special features and how to go about making use of them.  Now all I need is a sewing table that fits onto it to give me that wonderful large sewing surface.  This new machine is much taller and longer than my basic Janome was, so because I am so short and the table not what you would call low enough I need to revamp this situation.  My sewing table has metal legs, not good to cut down so a wooden table is in my future too. 
To those of you who are still awaiting parcels from me, these are in the mail, so please keep your eyes on your mail box. 
Thanks for stopping by today and visiting with me, I sincerely wish you a great day no matter where you are and if your live in my snowy region of the province take care driving it is so messy and slippery out there. 
Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving.  Make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!  ~Amanda Bradley 


  1. Happy Birthday!! I like your quilt, it is very different, I like stars of any kind. We have just a little snow, not much. The temperature is going to climb up a bit here this week, and the long range is looking good. We have had a mild winter here in the Maritimes this winter, I like it! (Not so much up in northern N.B.)

  2. Ahh Gerri how very nice of you to wish me a happy one, thank you! Spoke with my Aunt in Saint John yesterday, she said very cold, but she is 90 and feels it terribly. I think the whole country is longing for spring. Thanks for comments on stars, just using up all of the plaids and checks, cannot wait to finish this one, have so many UFO's but like everyone else there is always something new isn't there?
    Have a great day!


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