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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ole Man Has Not Left The Building Yet!

Weather sure can be a trickster can't it?  Yesterday the sun shone, the temperature was climbing up leaving this mortal to believe I was right, that spring was on her way and just around the corner, NOT!
This morning our town like so many towns and cities are blanketed with that white stuff.  It is like someone took a fluffy quilt cloud and pulled all of the batting out and is dropping clumps of it all over.   
Looks like the stuffing coming out of that huge sky quilt, LOL
This picture taken at 11:30 a.m.
This picture taken at 12:20 p.m.
This last one at 12:50 
I may as well face the fact that Ole Man Winter is so generous he just keeps on giving and giving (well at least for today that is)!
See how much has accumulated already.  The weather forecasters say it should end near supper time and we can expect about 15 cms. or as my tape measure shows, that is near 6 inches, yeouch!  Good thing I didn't put away the snow shovel cause it looks like I will really need to get it moving. Bonnie I know your in Ft. Meyers, I would love to trade places with you, huh, please?
I must say where I am in relation to where Bonnie Hunter is in Naples Beach, Florida (close to Ft. Meyers) is such a stark contrast!
She makes me envious with her pictures of the beach and the sunset and the water, and a picture of her without a coat!  Yes, it is wonderfully warm there.
I am progressing nicely on my latest quilt and some of my hesagons too!
I learned something important yesterday!  My Sapphire Elle doesn't work well with the bobbin tension set at 3 (my old Nellie always stood at three), so I had to do the trial and error bit until I got it just right, Elle likes the number 5.  Go figure.  Wow I have so very much to learn about these new types of sewing machines, makes me feel old fashioned.  
If time permits and your blog surfing today, go on over to Bonnie's blog and take a look as the last several posts from yesterday, February 23rd, there you will get a great look at the Pineapple Blossoms she has been teaching the Quilters in Ft. Meyers.  Nice looking blocks those are and so many pictures she is sharing with her readers.  I so enjoy seeing what it is that other quilters in other  areas of the world from me are into, don't you.  There always seems to be a trend and in as you follow from Blogger to Blogger you see the trends emerge and that to me is so interesting. 
I am getting ready to leave again, and will take my camera with me as where I will be is close to the lake and I might just find some very pretty pictures to take and share.  For the time being I must say adieu, and thanks for dropping in this afternoon.  I sincerely hope your weather is much better and different from what it is we are getting at today. 

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Beautiful picture's lovely hexagons.

    1. Anna, thank you for your comment, I enjoy working on the hexies when I am sitting still and watching either one of my seniors or the television.... I am watching them grow. LOL

  2. Wow, here it was like spring today, but you never can be sure, right...?
    Lovely Hexagons and i love those stars, cute!

    1. Martina, you won't believe it but it is now 6:30 p.m. and it is raining - freezing rain! What a mess we will have tomorrow morning. I took some neat pictures at the lake this afternoon, will be sharing them tomorrow.
      Thanks for your comments about the hexies and my stars, I am using scraps of plaid.


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