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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring is Coming, Cause......

Yesterday was a good day for me, I was so very busy spring cleaning, and I am very satisfied with my accomplishment of the many items on my to do list that got done.   Luckily my brother took my mother away visiting  and I had the freedom to go through the house without interference or interruption from dear ole mum and got the whole of the downstairs cleaned.  Grabbed my house cleaning tools and set about it from very early in the morning. 
Early mornings are a rare happening around here because my mother never hits the floor until near 11 and by then I consider my day half over but yesterday was a wonderful exception.  
My spring cleaning is more or less done, except for windows that is.  I had no physical energy left over to go outside and begin cleaning the windows, so the insides are done,
the outsides will wait until much warmer weather comes calling. 
I am paying for it though because I am quite stiff this morning, but what odds, the spring inside cleaning is done.... I even found some time left over to color my hair, now that was a much needed chore to have done.
I am so enamored with my new sewing machine, but, what a difference.  This machine is loaded with so many bells and whistles that I have never had or ever used before that it is awesome!  Just learning what you can do is astonishing to me and remembering what to do needs the constant companion that came with her, (the user's manual) that it sits open in front of me because I still know nothing..... I mean I constantly move my hand inside behind the arm to lift the presser foot, but there isn't a lever to lift, it is a button you push, lol.....  Practice, practice, practice.  I am seeking a quilt shop around here where I might take come lessons to learn all about this beautiful piece of equipment and just all that I can do with it. 
TODAYDebbie from Stitchin' Therapy is over guest blogging at Mdme Sams' today, and if you enjoy color in your quilts, this is the blog post that is a must read.  How she describes using color and texture to achieve that great look with your quilts made much common sense to me and choosing color is something I do not do well.  
Did you know that February is heart month at Sew We Quilt Stash Manicure and the Guest Bloggers are really a terrific read. 
ALSO, I meant to steer you over to Angie's blog, called Angie Quilts.  Last Wednesday she posted about a quilt in a Charity Shop,wait until you see this quilt and what it sold for, like Angie I bet you will not believe it!  The value of a quilters' work such as this one astonishes me!
Hey, hey, there is a Blog Hop going on this week, head on over to The Quilting Gallery and be redirected over to Pat Sloan's Girl's In The Garden Blog Hop.  What an exciting beginning to a new week!  I have already joined in and think I am going to try and win me a birthday pressie.....The winners will be posted on February 27th and the Hop just begins today!   Hop on over and get in on the fun, just visit Michele's site linked for you above and you will be directed from there. 
Time for me to get into a hot, hot shower, my joints are screaming so its time to give them a treatment. 
Thank you for stopping by today and reading some of my chat.  Don't forget the new Blog Hop I wrote about, you could possibly be a winner but if you don't enter into these things you won't even have a chance. 
The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.  ~Author Unknown


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