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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Apologies everyone, my internet provider can take the blame for my posting late! It is a long story and not important at this time, suffice is to say I am back!
DID you all enjoy a wonderful Valentine Day? 
Are you one of those lucky people who is spending this romantic day on at a Romantic Spot like this one?
OR have you made someone a special quilted Heart Project like this one in this months' McCalls Quilting, The Best of American Quilting magazine that I have?
OR have you sent some natural heart to someone special leaving the roses for the men to give?
Or are you like me, a bleeding heart? Especially when it comes to love; or 
Or have you thrown in the towel and just hung your hearts out to dry?
Whatever your heart, 
I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful day.
Here is a great site where you will find lovely heart quilt patterns all free. has a list which I wanted to send to all of you this morning.  These patterns are free for anyone to use, so if your interested go and check it out a very interesting and useful site.  The offer of free information and patterns always makes my day. 
I actually went out with friends today and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch, it cannot be said that I won't have gained back a pound or two that I had lost with having ingested this lunch and the company was great. 
Only an hour left before my Valentines' Day/February Giveaway closes and must call upon Mr. Random to go to work and choose a winner.  Again I wish each and every one who entered good luck. 
Thank you for playing with me during this giveaway time.  I love seeing themed quilts, don't you?
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me and all of my hearts today.  Hopefully it was a lovely one every one of you. 

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.  We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.  ~Dale Carnegie

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  1. I had a very nice Valentine's day! Actually, since my hubby is working stand-by this week, we celebrated on Sunday... had lunch at our favorite seafood restaurant (OH SO YUMMY!!!) and then took a walk on the beach.. it was beautiful-- a north wind made the gulf as smooth as glass... Yesterday, was a happy day... I went thrift store shopping with my Mom (LOVE thrift stores! I found some toys and books for Clarabel, a couple of pretty frames and a beautiful vintage mirror) and then had a nice relaxing evening at home. :-) Looking forward to seeing who the lucky winner is-- and congrats in advance to whomever he or she is! :-)


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