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Friday, February 3, 2012


Good Friday Everyone!

TONIGHT Frost Fest Begins (Doing the Happy Penguin Dance, here) YAHOO!!!!
I decided there just was not enough time to do a nice quilting job if I tried and have the string quilt ready to deliver late this afternoon, so, instead I am tying it.  A solution to get it finished because I thought I would have to give it a pass for this year, but with tying I can still donate it, though it won't be what I thought it should be.  I will take a picture of it tied before delivering it so that I may share it with you.
I have some sweet pictures and video links to share with you today, such a nice set of pictures, it is all about a dog named Lilly and her friend, Madison.  Isn't this inspirational?
Here are some more which you might like to see, but have a hankie ready, you might just feel the tear tugs!  Just a Hug was Needed;  this one will make you laugh too; now this one is so cute; and this one is the best of all of them, you cannot miss it.  Love is everywhere, you really do not have to look far to find it at all, and these are just but a very few examples.
For those of us who are "pattern illiterate" here in the latest video tutorial from The Missouri Star Quilt Co., I just cannot help enjoying these tutorials which Jenny and her staff make for someone like me!   Here is Jenny showing us just how very easy it is to make a Jacobs Ladder quilt block (quilt top).  
As I believe myself to be somewhat of a pattern illiterate, these wonderful video tutorials and the quilters who take the time and effort to make them for us are simply amazing and generous people.  
That's it for me today ladies, thank you Gwen for your comment.  When I receive your comments I do read them and I try to respond, however if I have missed thanking you, I do so now.   I sincerely appreciate your input and if you have something you might like to share with the rest of us but your not a blogger, then, why not become a Guest Blogger here, just let me know, I would welcome you with open arms.
Back to completing the quilt, interruptions are scheduled for today, lots of them in fact, like a shower and hair do for mother, message run to the post office and store, delivery of this quilt, if I ever stop procrastinating and get back to it (tying is not my favorite way to finish off a quilt), then as I am running the Seeley's Bay Frost Fest Scavenger Hunt I need to be on hand for two hours this evening (out in the cold) to complete Team registrations, check on my mothers friend who lives across the park to make certain she has everything she might need for the weekend, and eventually, I must find time to do something with this bad hair day I am having, I could conceivable give someone a heart attack when first they see me!!! LOL
Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me this afternoon, and if you do not hear from me over the weekend, it will be because I am out of doors doing Frost Fest Activities.....
The purpose of life is a life of purpose.  ~Robert Byrne


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