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Monday, February 13, 2012


We have one just 2 days left for your chance to win my giveaway. 
Ladies.  So if you haven't entered yet, you still have time!  Just click here to enter!!
Forgive me, if you got the impression my birthday was this month, but, nope it is March 1st, though March is simply just around the corner and my sewing machine is to be my birthday pressie to myself. Thanks to a special friend for making this at all possible too!!!! And, Thank you to all who wished me a happy one, I will reserve those and pull the wishes out on my special day...
I have been busy over the weekend, but did manage on my teeny tiny sewing machine to get another huge block pieced.  it isn't easy as that tiny machine has only the arm and that makes perfect seam sewing a nightmare for me.  
I have begun the next series of this block.  Thinking of course maybe 4 across and 6 down (sounds like a crossword puzzle)  would make a nice sized twin bed quilt. Not too sure, but, with these remnants of plaid fabrics I thought possibly finishing them up would be one less batch of scraps I need worry about finding hidey hole for.  LOL
I also have Scrappy Hearts Quilt using my friends others' clothing to complete but not going to attempt working on such tiny blocks until I have my new sewing machine.  I would tear my hair out if I tried to piece such tiny pieces on this wee girl I am currently using.  
BUT I won't have to endure this bothersome feature for too much longer.  I go to pick up my new machine on Friday, at least I pray after giving it a good trial run that everything the seller said is true and she performs well. 
LOOK at this gorgeous little baby quilt, it all came about through another blogger and I find it amazing that with quilting one thing can so easily lead to another.  In January with  OH FRANSSON  she held a SPARKLE PUNCH Quilt Along, and from this Beth of Sewing For Sanity  created this gem Baby Quilt.  All I can say is WOW!  Talk about a little quilt having Punch!   I honestly believe Quilters are the most creative and resourceful people in the world!  We should run for all of the top governmental jobs going, WHY, because we are all so frugal, no scrap left behind!  Bet you we would not have any of those tough economical problems these characters running our countries are having.... LOL - just a fun thing to think of, not a serious position!
You know there is simply so much going on within the Quilting Community that no matter where you read, look or visit, your sure to find a thousand interesting ideas, thoughts, patterns, techniques, ad-infinitem going on, and truth be told, I am simply blessed with a computer and would not know how to actually get along without it anymore.  I would give up much (well not my quilty things) but a lot, to retain my connection to the internet.  Don't you feel this way too?
Now don't forget, the GIVEAWAY here at The Bag Lady's closes tomorrow evening, and even if your not able to vote, get in on the act anyway by checking out those quilts that were submitted over at The Quilting Gallery weekly quilt themes quilts contest, tell me which one you like and that will be your entry!  OKAY?  Also why not spread the word, possibly others might still like to enter?   I look forward to announcing the winner of the giveaway on Wednesday.
My personal favorite commemorative quilt is Betty & Bob, simply because of its uniqueness and story behind the commemorative value.
Thank you for sharing a portion of your busy Monday with me, I am so glad you stopped by and may you have a wonderful quilty day today.

For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.  ~Author Unknown


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