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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Another little person has finally made his appearance into the world yesterday!  I am great aunt to a whole new person, with his own unique personalty and character.  His name is Cameron Gregory -------, born March 31st ahead of his mum's plans, cause he was supposed to have been born on Tuesday morning next week!  Already he is proving to have his own indomitable character, he was certainly ready and wasn't going to wait for them to choose his time.  LOL  
I don't enjoy making baby gifts ahead of time until I know for certain that baby is here and all is well with the babe and his mummy.   I know, it's not a natural way to feel, but that is just me!
Seeing as he and I have yet to meet I really have no idea of how this little man is going to evolve, but the Master design seems to be a good one and I am certain this new person will turn out as terrific as his parents. 
Remember, I am not a master at anything, least of all a quilter, but I like making and giving handmade gifts.  Quickly I pulled out two pieces of flannel and have them sewn together with a binding and voila I have a receiving for the little one.  All right it isn't a quilt just a little something to welcome him into the family.  I won't be making big quilts for little people until they are at least 4 or 5.  So this little token will do for a start.  I did a fancy stitch along the binding, with the back being blue with teddy bears on it and the front being white flannel, making it a good thickness.

It needs a Teddy to go along so that he has a cuddly bear, so will place a little one to go with his blankie.

Just as babies are arriving all of the time, so it is in the quilting world!  New patterns and designs seem to be arriving all of the time.  LOL 
These designers must eat, drink and breath designing because what I see that is being presented into the marketplace today for use is terribly exciting. 
For instance one of the new blogs I follow Me and My Sister Designs has some of the cutest quilt designs I have seen in awhile.  I love the comfy feel of this blog and these gals have lots to keep me interested.  Did you know, they design quilt patterns for Moda?  I love the simplicity of their patterns, colorful, clean, crisp and easy.  Also they've been featured in ALL SMALL Magazine from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine in an article on Table Wear.... nice!
Moda has a great crew of people who design for them, with Joanna Figueroa of Fresh Figs Blog being another one of those designers. Joanna has a new book out titled WITH FABRIC & THREAD wow, again newly designed patterns to inspire us all. These selections are so cute and your imagination can really run away with endless possibilities on quilt ideas to put them into. 
Denyse Schmidt is another of those fabric and quilt designers that simply takes my breath away.  The quilts are striking in their design and color choices, and one of her new quilt patterns named "Point Me" is something I really want to try.  Its simplicity is beautiful.   Denyse also has a new book titled "Modern Quilts" and it looks intriguing.   While I consider my likes to lean towards the traditional, these new designers are quickly making me look at fabric, color and design in a whole new light.  
Finally, I love, love, love Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs!  Anne Sutton and Margaret Peters wrote Country Quilts for Friends released in 2006.  You will easily recognize Anne's patterns because their easy and fun and above all whimsical.  Lastly, Kaffe Fassett  remains my most favorite of all designers with his bursts of color and way out plain but explosive designs.  When I read, visit or see anything Fassett, my traditionalism flies out the window!
I would love to hear from some of you on who your favorite designers are and why?  These people are such a huge influence on our passion for fabric and every year more and more designers are being discovered and they in turn are teaching us all new tricks. 
Exciting isn't it.........................................?
Thank you for visiting with me today, sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but, I managed to be busier than I had planned for, things just happened and time, well, there wasn't any left over before the sandman arrived.   Take care, have a wonderful day not matter where you are or what you've planned.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.  ~Art Linkletter...............................................................


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