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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bonnie's "What's On Your Bed" Linky Party!!!!

Good Morning, did you sleep well?
I am slowly catching up with my Blog reading.  I always read other bloggers because they are always so interesting and I learn from them.  
This morning I was reminded that  Bonnie Hunters' "Whats On Your Bed" Linky Party. is going on.
Bonnie always gives her readers something new to think about and this idea of changing out her quilts when she changes the bed linens is such a fantastic idea, if for no other reason than to give each quilt equal time to special is that?  
Thought I may as well join in and share some of the quilts I have made, 
**however my link cannot remain on Bonni'e Linky Party Blog,  because the actual post as several others are missing  which happened when we had Blog problems with Blogger**** so it is only here you will see them. 
Sadly though not all lay about on my bed because most have been given away and no longer live here  with me.  
In 2006 I made a Bear Paw patterned quilt using Kona Black with a sweet calico print in cream with tiny pool playing crickets as the print.  It measures 120" X 120" and I had to have it professionally quilted because I simply wasn't qualified enough to try quilting it on my own sewing machine.  Thought there are quilters out there who have done quilting on such a huge sized quilt using their own sewing machine.
I made this quilt for my son and his bride to be in 3 months.  Sadly, because of their divorce, I now have it back in my possession again.  It made its way out of the wrappings, onto the bed for pictures, and never saw the light of day after that moment...

I decided it needed pillow shams and for those I fashioned one giant paw as the focal point in the pillows because there simply was no time left before the wedding.  

The above quilt was made using a pattern bearing the name of Chicken Feed by Shelby Morris in a McCall's Quilting magazine from August 1999 edition.   I changed the quilts dimensions and called it "Swimming Upstream".  This quilt was also made made in 2006 and professionally quilted by a dear friend Kris Bowyer from Pennsylvania.  She designed quilting patterns of fish in water and waves to match the themed border of Japanese Coy and it turned out so very pretty.  This quilt measured 50" X 72" and was made for my nephew and his wife on the occasion of their wedding, a week before my sons' first wedding day.   I loved what Kris did for my quilt, she made it look fabulous!
I just bet you all have managed to keep pictures of your beautiful quilts, why not join Bonnie's Linky Party and add your own and share these with us?  It would be such fun and who knows who you may influence?
IF you would like to share your quilts but are not a blogger, then please send them to me and I will share these on this blog for you!!!  
I revamped my public profile awhile back and inside there is an e-mail address for me which you may use at any time, and if that route won't do for you, leave me a comment and I promise to get right back to you, my friends and readers are so important to me. 

Thank you for taking time from your activities to visit with me today, I do hope you will share some of your quilts with everyone.  

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.  ~Betty Reese


  1. Beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing!

    1. Connie, such short notice was given to me about the weddings, so of course I am happy they turned out.
      Wouldn't it be nice is many of my readers (including you) would share some of their quilts with us, a show and tell week--- will have to look into it after I return home from convention.

  2. I have a picture of chicken feed quilt but wonder if the quilt can be made in a king size and what the dimensions would be and the materials would be.


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