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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Era Re-visited

Brrrrrrrr it is chilly this morning, only 35 F, but consolation is that the sun is out and hopefully the temperature will rise a titch more by lunch time. 
As I often tell  you I surf the web for items of interest to me and last night was no exception.  For my surfing I decided it was time to seek more site containing information about the Historical Quilts.  I discovered the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  Have you ever visited this web site?  WOW what a lovely place to spend some time. Talk about Eye Candy!!!  This site exudes information about the history of quilting, not to mention the pictures of the 1,068 quilts which are represented by 16 countries.   These are quilts that have influenced our quilting of today.  In that era of long ago quilting was a necessity, can you believe it today some call it a hobby!  To me, it is a passion which I am not too good at.  LOL
Then there is this site, The Quilt Index also as informative and exciting as the previous site.  Here you can search the index by date, by style, by collection, by purpose and on and on it goes, why there is even a section on Mourning Prints in the Fabric Prints section at the bottom of the Browse page.  Informative, educational, exciting, and I bet you every block ever seen in a quilt is represented. 
There was a Symposium in Fort Scott, Kansas this year called, "Voices From The Quilts"  so the topic of Historical Pioneer and Civil War Quilts is ever popular to quilters today.
I keep saying I am a lover of the traditional quilt styles and my most favorite are the two color quilts, these I find striking and really show off the actual quilting designs.  I spent hours at the Museum site alone, never mind how many more hours I can still spend without even going into the Quilt Index site.  Totally amazing!!!
You might also be interested in Classica (by Kay) on Twitter she decided to paste pictures of historical and classical quilts with anyone interested in these treasures.
Then another web site so very interesting called "Pioneer Quilt Patterns & The Stories Of Their Names" , which is extremely interesting!   Visions of those women making the time somehow from their chores to actually sit and make these beauties all by hand is not comprehensible  given that in our culture today we have running water, electricity, the sewing,embroidery, and quilting machinery as well as the internet.  These women quilt designers had none of any of what we take for granted in 2012, never mind the 17 and 1800's though some women were fortunate enough to have had Elias Howe invent the first of the lockstitching sewing machines!  But, can you imagine yourself living in that era? Creating those quilts we treasure so greatly today?  I know for a fact I would never have made a good pioneer, nor see myself living in those by gone days where life was hard and cruel, and there were no amenities such as we are privileged to take for granted.  When reading about those women and what they did in that day and age I often feel rather ashamed of myself and the lamentations coming from me just because I have to vacuum, or wash floors (using electrical equipment no less).  I mean really if they could complete what they did in a 16 hour day, how come I cannot compete in a week and still never accomplish what they accomplished?  Makes you stop and think doesn't it?
Lastly on my historical web surfing journeys are my visits to The Heber Valley Civil War Living History Museum site for the sheer pleasure of seeing what is being saved of the history of these quilts and the civil war times.  You may have to highlight the words on that site because it is on a very dark background, but well worth the investment of time if your at all interested in the information shared within it. 
Barbara Brackman, who in my opinion is today's' leading authority on Civil War Quilts has taken great pains and time to reintroduce others to these wonderful patterns.  This sites stimulate my immagination.   Time and again I visit these sites to enjoy the choice of colors and the block combinations of the quilts from so very long ago. 
One of these years  I am going to head on over to Hickory Hill Quilts and order some of those exquisite civil war fabrics, and then return to Barbara's site and learn how to actually make one of those wonderful quilts. 
I hope I have introduced you to some sites which you may not yet have discovered and that you enjoy the information contained on those sites.  
Time for me to get back outside and finish clearing up the yard waste, this week is filled with commitments and while I would love to sit here in front of my sewing machine, I will just have to force myself out of doors. 
Thank you for stopping in today, it is such a pleasure to have coffee with old and dear friends. 

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown.....................................


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