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Monday, April 23, 2012

Time Well Spent.................

Have you missed me?  I have missed you!
It has been a full week to say the very least.  
Last Wednesday it began with a meeting with liaison officer from our Legion to see if we could obtain funds from the Veterans Affairs to assist with costs of lawn care, snow removal and window cleaning, but, as it stands, the answer is positively a huge NO!.  
Thursday the Stitch 'N' Chat both afternoon and evening sessions, at least two women came, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  It will take some time for the club to catch on, but it is so worth it, don't you think?  
I managed to sew to my hearts content without being interrupted so my quilt blocks are really coming along!
For some reason I am not happy with how these look together without a cohesive sashing, what do you think?  I still have another 10 blocks to make.
Should I sash the blocks or leave them alone as they are?  
A border of flying geese signature blocks will surround them, with a tiny inside floating border to separate the larger blocks from the border and with all of these brights shouting at one another I simply am not certain.  These are so out of my comfort zone. 
Friday was total house cleaning day!  Dusting, vacuuming and washing of all the floors in the main level, as I wanted it to look nice for my mothers' birthday on Saturday.  Around here I am known as the "Last resort" if someone needs help.  With me volunteering everywhere you need to see if I have any time left to help out in an emergency!  LOL.... Well Friday evening as the Last resort I got the call and did the 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. shift over at the retirement residence! 
Saturday morning after an hours kip (sleep) I was scheduled to work for the neighbor across the street looking after her mum while they were away for the weekend.  Saturday being my mothers birthday I shuttled a friend of my mothers from her place to ours so that she could spend some time celebrating with mother. Then back across the street until her niece came to stay the night with her Aunt.  Saturday evening I had already promised to take tickets at the door for a Thank you dance being put on by the Frost Fest Committee.  I can honestly say I slept well Saturday evening after arriving home from the dance!!
Sunday, I did my day with my neighbors mum until after her supper when her daughter arrived home.  
The only sewing I found time for was on Thursday at Stitch 'N' Chat.  
I was given an old sewing machine, a White "Selectronic"!  
It was given in hopes that the group at Stitch 'N' Chat might make some use of it.  This is the cover of the manual that was provided with the sewing machine.  Can you see the picture of the machine on it?
Have any of you every seen or used this type of sewing machine.  I cannot find any information on it at all, other than Husqvarna Viking took over the company many, many years ago.  I am guessing it was manufactured int he 50's, but I cannot be certain.  
I haven't had time to check it out and play with it yet, though the owners' DH says it works!  To bring it upstairs in its portable carry case is a chore as it is so heavy the case is made from solid wood and the machine is all metal. I am going to wait until I am physically well rested before attempting to carry it up the stairs to the sewing room.
SEW the past week while crammed filled with activity was very well spent, don't you think?
Here it is Monday again and I awoke this morning to find snow outside with huge white fluffies falling from the sky - S N O W !!!!!!!!!! Yuck!   My goodness it is almost May and it is snowing!
So ladies, have all of my St. Patrick's' Day gifts arrived at their destinations?  They should have all arrived at your mail boxes by now surely?
You can reach me by e-mail at the address contained within my profile page, so please do let me know!
Thanks you for stopping in to visit with me today and allowing me to bend your ear about my week.  Hopefully some of you know of this White Sewing machine I am asking about and will leave me some information about it.

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.  ~Spanish Proverb 


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