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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Good Tuesday Everyone!
I know I have been missing lately, mia culpa, just haven't had the time to come sit in front of the computer and when bed time finally rolled into view I just had to inspect the pillows.  
Last night I was so tired I fell asleep in my full Lions uniform on and woke during the middle of the black and rainy night cold and sore from where one or more of those pins we Lion Members always seem to have fastened onto our vest was digging into me...LOL  Finally I forced myself to get up, get undressed and literally fall back into bed.  I used to be able to work hard all day long and sew into the wee hours of the morning, but, this getting older took that ability away from me!  Why is it our brains consider ourselves not to be changed from our youthfulness but the physicality of aging robs us?
Gardening can sure make you tired and I was exhausted from all of the physical exertion, sitting in front of the sewing machine or this computer leaves lots to be desired in the exercise department..
The tiny bit of sewing I have been doing is making more of those little sack, you remember, the ones I made for the last Blog Hop as wrappers for the gifts?  That is the extent of my sewing these past many days.  What better way to use up some of the larger scraps that I have?  These take an hour from fabric grab, cutting and completing, so at least I get my sewing fix in as well as some more stash reduction.

These are but a few I have made from my scraps, I am certain there are hundreds more in that section I could make.  Now I have started quilting the bodies of the bags just to give this little article a different look.  These are fun and fast so I am into these when I am physically tuckered out but mentally I still want to do something.  
Do you have such a small project you enjoy making when a larger UFO sits waiting?
I have been giving FREE another look again and once more found something at the Quiltville's Quips & Snips .  Bonnie is so talented and so fast I can never even begin to keep up with her.   I love Bonnie's daily blog posts as well as her web site as a whole.  Bonnie's generosity in sharing her patterns fire me up and I really want to make everything.  Of course that just isn't practical for me because I already have too many UFO's!
You know the scent of fresh baked bread?  The moment your nose gets a whiff of it, you just have to have a warmed slice with fresh butter or jam on it, well that is what Bonnie's site does to my eyes!  I just have to keep exploring and learning from her.  This time it was the pattern for Storytime Stars 
that has me wanting to audition my stash to make this wonderful quilt.  
My Second most favored site is always Scrap Quilts, and here to at this site you can learn all types of interesting skills and how to's.    Needless to say Janet Wickell is a great teacher and also so willing to share and teach and this is exactly what she does at Scrap Quilts.  
Having always been on a tight budget I could never afford to take classes and gradually over the years what little I do know or can accomplish I learned from great women as Bonnie and Janet and Mary Ellen Hopkins and Eleanor Burns.  So who was/is the quilters or person that inspired you in learning a new quilting skill or inspired you to stretch yourself?

DO you have a favorite site that keeps pulling you back time and time again?  A favorite quilt teacher or mentor?  
I would be interested to hear from you as to who the inspirational quilter is in your quilting life.
*****Since I have not heard from the two winners for the Charm pack and the 1/4" Marker from the last Blog Hop I have chosen through the randomizer two new winners, the first for the charm pack is CINDY from Quilt Doodle Doodles whose snail mail addy I already have as I contacted her yesterday!  
The winner of the Quilters' Quarter Marker is KAREN PROPES.  Karen I sent you an e-mail and will await your snail mail addy to send this little gift out to you. 
Thank you all for stopping by to visit with me today, I sincerely hope that spring is in the air where you live and that the sun is shining!  If the sun isn't shining outside, let it shine from within. 
No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today.  ~Brendan Francis


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