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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sharing Fiber Art................

As many of you may remember the person responsible for my having become a quilter stems from my best friend who lives in Holland.  She's quite the  perfectionist when it comes to making and completing her quilts.
Seeing as my dear friend so very kindly shared some pictures with me, I thought I might also share these with you today. 
She made a piece of art from the cover pattern of Quilts Without Corners authored by Cheryl Phillips.  
Now here are but a few pictures of the Art piece my friend Els 
made from Cheryl's first book on this type of quilt art. 


Kudo's Els, I never would have chosen those types of fabrics to work with, and look at just how beautiful it turned out.  I could not accomplish this type of art work.  My skill doesn't allow for me being so meticulous.
I am more of a Mary Ellen Hopkins, (whom I adore), type of person. 
Mary Ellen considers herself more of a traditionalist quilter, but who discovers and teaches as many short cuts as can be had to accomplish those difficult tasks with cutting and piecing.   I remember the enjoyment of listening and learning from her on Simply Quilts those many years ago.   Mary Ellen still lectures and gives wonderful work shops, maybe some day I will get lucky and be in the right place to sign up for one of her wonderful lectures. 
Have you made this type of Art piece? 
IF you have, won't you kindly share pictures of your with us?
I noticed in searching for a picture of this Pattern Book that Cheryl Phillips has another book out as a continuation from the first set of patterns, titled "Quilts Without Corners, Encore"
I would love to see pieces you may have made from this pattern selection.  
Cheryl Phillips is a Fiber Artist and has her own line of books and tools to accomplish her amazingly cut pieces of art.  
I can hardly wait until Els finishes the new piece she is working on and shares the pictures with me, this one is a different pattern from the "Quilts Without Corners" book and she'll be using more greens than blues this time.... 
Thank you Els for sharing with us, it is very much appreciated, and thank you readers for stopping by and sharing your time with me, it's always fun for me and I hope interesting and sometimes funny to you!
Your thought and comments are appreciated so go ahead, leave me some!

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown........................................

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  1. Wow what an surprise....Thanks my dear and special friend Edwina for this article about my butterfly I am grateful for that...I make this quilt for my friend Joke Bakker, she is an inspired woman for many people special for children and she give their new hope for a better life!!
    Thanks for sharing here, love Els.


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