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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sundays' Pot Pouri

Can you believe it Sunday appears once again and if the weatherman is telling the truth we are expecting rain!  Wonderful glorious rain.  Maybe, if it does come it will do something to alleviate some of this oppressive heat.  I know I should not be  heard complaining about the heat, but, so many days without respite from that muggy humid air will really be nice.  I read of the horrors the heat is creating south of our borders and feel terrible for those who are suffering through it.  Do you suppose this is punishment from not being ecological minded over the past century?
I had a very interesting visitor this week, a generous lady from town came to see me and I wasn't at the door to greet her.  So I telephoned and during that conversation she told me she had a quilt for me and possibly I might want to have it!  A Quilt, have it!  You know I would never say no!  She told me she found i among her fathers' possessions and according to her father he believed it belonged to her mother, though she does not remember her mother quilting at all.  It measures 80" X 90" unbound.  It is sandwiched already, wonderfully basted, machine pieced, and upon further inspection someone (presumably her mother) had already begun hand quilting it.  I have promised to finish it, and once finished it will be raffled with proceeds going to her church's' rebuilding fund.  The same Church where I hold the Stitch 'N' Chat sessions (if it ever takes off!!!)LOL
Isn't this a striking Quilt?
Her mother (or someone) has actually begun the hand quilting.  I usually quilt with the use of my sewing machine because of my arthritis, however, when I looked at this quilt, it would be a shame not to finish it with hand work.  I am picturing red work done in those wonderful white squares, what do you think?
Here are the only two blocks where hand quilting is present, someone had love and peace and friendship in mind, I think!
 Can you see the bow?
Can you see the heart?
There are some tiny spots of mildew on it as well, but I believe I can soak those with buttermilk and somehow these tiny spots will disappear, don't you think?  It will be some time before I can get to this quilt though, I still have not finished binding the two twin quilts a lady asked me to bind.  
I have been busy seeking a new residence for myself.  Once I believed my search was over, but unfortunately that fell through.  I have seen some places and confess, finding something decent and affordable is difficult, but find a home I will.  Being summer time there are lots of places being offered for Students, because the City of Kingston isn't far from the Bay and all of these are short term or shared and I have no desire to share my space with anyone ever again.  I want my peace and quiet and sanity back!  LOL
I was visiting Bonnie Hunters' blog (I always read Bonnie, she's so interesting and talented), she took in SISTERS once again, and if you go for a visit with her she will take you on a wonderful walk through Sisters and you will see such colorful and well designed quilts hanging through town.  Interesting, very interesting to see Sisters through some other persons' eyes.  I find Bonnie very discerning when it comes to describing points which interest her, she makes you feel like your there with her enjoying the same scenery!  Thank you Bonnie!
There is also another favored quilter I so enjoy following, her name is Sue of "I Sew Quilts" blog.  She's returned from her visit across the great pond where she went to visit and take in the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Her adventures began in Boston on her arrival to the USA from England in June and she is just now returning with more and wonderful treasures to share with her readers.  You will love reading of her latest escapades in Vermont, I know I did!  So between Sue and Bonnie you'll be treated to some extraordinary eye candy!
Pinterest is becoming quite the place to see and be seen at, one such Liane Radford has a wonderful page with All Things Quilts, wonderful and modern quilt eye candy for your enjoyment. 
Another interesting blogger is Nikki - of "Nikki In Stitches" take a gander through her blog, it will really entertain you.  
One last blog of interest to share with you is Irene of "The Whole Quilt & Caboodle" your sure to enjoy your visit here!
As I begin to close up this post for today, peeking outside I still do not see any rain!  Overcast but no rain and humid, oh my stars it is humid!
Thank you for stopping by along your blog visiting route today, I ask  you to return tomorrow because I will begin to host my latest giveaway.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the gift I am offering.  Stay tuned!  Tomorrow will arrive much too quickly and a new week will zoom right past us once again, where does this time fly too? 

Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So... get on your way.  ~Dr. Seuss


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