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Friday, July 20, 2012


Lookee here, it is Friday once again!  Happy Friday and preliminary wishes for a happier weekend!
I said I wouldn't post again until the giveaway was over, but, as you know today it ends and only 3 entries with just hours left today for you to enter.   What is it that my giveaways don't seem to make a splash?  Waiting for others to host giveaways or entering others I see scads of people entering, but somehow I just do not seem to generate the same interest.   Guess it is time for me to quit giveaways and just concentrate on postings. 
Yesterday I made a necessary trip across our borders.  On my return entering into Canada once again I was asked by the Border Control Officer to drive up to the left, park and take my receipts inside.  I did this, the officer behind the desk asked me the same questions as the officer did at the entry point, took a quick look at my receipts and bid me a good evening.  
Returning to my vehicle and starting up the engine, my dash gauges all went crazy, and now I have an appointment with my vehicle's doctor.  OH NO!  SO all of the $'s I saved yesterday will now be put to another use!
I am still taking aspirin
for the pain in my leg and back but slowly, very slowly the pain is subsiding!  I exercise it as much as possible but it certainly is very slow in repairing and of course I am not the most patient of people when my mobility is interrupted.  LOL
Here is a wonderful new blog I have stumbled across, I am certain your going to enjoying visiting, it is called The Needle and Thread Network, WOW what a very interesting blog to visit.  There is something there for everyone's creative side.    Through this blog you will find Jackie of Jackie's Art Quilts, now this is one interesting quilter.  There are more at the blog than just Carolynn and Jackie, there are so many interesting people you can meet through the Network.  You can literally spend some serious time here. 
I wish to thank you for stopping by for a visit today, I just wish there were more entrants to make this giveaway more fun, but, in any case I wish you a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow. 
IF you have any ideas about why my Giveaways are clunkers, I could certainly use them, so go ahead and tell me what I should do differently, please?

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?"  ~William A. Ward


  1. Mitts, I just shared your giveaway on my Facebook page-- that should help, I think! I hope that's okay with you?.. Also, there are some blogs that are devoted to sharing current giveaways with all their readers-- that might be something you could consider?...

  2. Gwen, thank you,I must begin to look for some of those blogs that share. Certainly worth a try
    Have a great weekend and thanks for the promo


  3. You are very welcome! :-) And that *YOU* for all the generous giveaways-- and interesting posts! :-)


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