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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More from the Dutch

Yesterday I took you on a tour of some of Holland's quilt shops! 
Today, I am visiting Brummen, in the Province of Gelderland.  The name of the shop is Atelier Bep (meaning Beps Quit Shop)!  THIS ladies is a paradise to visit, and, if your like me you'll need the better part of the day to explore and visit.  It brags of WOW!
As Bep so aptly describes her shops' location, you cannot help but smile, "in  a pigsty in the garden in a gypsy wagon" she sells her wares.  Everything relating to the making of dolls and bears, to quilting essentials (meaning fabrics)! 
If you are not simply fascinated by this shop, you'll definitely be awed by the beauty of the gardens.  
I forgot to mention to you, most quilt shops have coffee and tea on the go and biscuits or cookies to go along with the sip!   Such a very nice tradition, don't you think?
I find it interesting to note the various degrees of interests quilters have, well, Bep is no exception to the rule!  Her antique looking fabrics make for interesting outer clothing for her dolls, her bears rank in the top position of her favorites to create with clothing of cloth and knitted wear to give the certain character its appeal. 
For those of you with a yen for history there is also huge Estates with flowing lawns and luscious gardens, (some of which may be visited by the visiting public) among which is the Kasteel (castle) Engelenburg!  Whoa, you should look around this place for sure!  It is now a posh hotel, but not that posh that you couldn't afford to stay a night and while you shop fabrics your other half can take in a round of golf!  All in all, as with many villages in The Netherlands and Europe, the area is rife with history and those who speak English to explain it all to you. 
History, especially my own heritable, is simply too kewl!  There is a place in Hinderloopen called Glashouwer or in English, "The Dutch Fabric Shop", specializing in traditional Dutch Hinderloop clothing!  Take a long look around, the chintz patterns are so intricate and look so delicate that you just have to have a portion of a meter if for no other reason than to have it!  If your interested in the traditional garb of the Hinderloop then flit on over to P8 Buttons & Frbrics there you will find a great article on where Hinderloppen is located as well as a pictorial selection of the olden day costumes and chintz! Those wooden shoes all painted in traditional Hinderloopen chintz are spectacular, don't you agree?  To me the Toille fabrics and Chintz fabric patterns of yesteryear are coveted, why, because their simply artistically beautiful.  One last place for you to see Hindeloop artwork in the traditional is to take a look around Folk Art & Decorative Painting Artezan and it is here where you can get a sense and feel of the actual love of folk art.
One last foray into the interesting Dutch Quilt shops is De Naaidoos!  Located in an old farm house, the shop represents anything but old!  It is bright, modern and filled to its rafters with fabrics and notions, and their line of clothing and more!
There you have it for today, some more memories shared and places to visit. 
Thank you for stopping by and for your interest.  If you have a comment on today or yesterdays posts, please, feel free to leave it, I am interested in your thoughts and ideas for possible posts in the future. 

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