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Friday, January 13, 2012

TODAY is an "S" Word Day

One of my favorite people, a quilter is in California today, working, but soaking up all of the California sunshine and what do we have here in the Bay - SNOW!!!!!  Oh how I dislike that stuff!
YUP it is doing just that in the Bay right now!

While I dislike that white stuff that falls from the sky, I have to admit when it first falls and lays on the earth, all before 4 wheel and 2 legged traffic strides over it, it is so darned beautiful. 
I am such a contradictory person, I dislike the stuff, but appreciate the beauty its' flakes make when it sticks to the trees, surrounding shrubbery, over the gardens and on any peaks like hills and mountains, but, I like to see that beauty in photographs, not outside my door!  
This means ultimately when the white flakes stop falling,  I must don those heavy and cumbersome winter boots, hat, scarf, mitts and grab the snow shovel. 
Before I can do any shoveling  I need to do warm up exercises before hitting the driveway or my joints will cease along with the "hardly ever" used muscles....UGH!
Mind you when finished shoveling I'll finally stumble into the doorway, extricate myself from the bundles of outdoor clothing, dry off and hit the kitchen, turn on the kettle, while it boils I'll wrap up in something warm 
and grab the hot chocolate and relax!
Don't I just wish I looked this great!
Today though, while I wait for the snow to stop falling I really want to  play in front of the sewing machine, even though the dust bunnies are waiting for me to play hide and seek with them again
(it is Friday after all, the day a modicum of housework should be done) and the vacuum is waiting for me to stretch its neck to get the kinks out of it 
by hunting down the grit that lies about the floor making it look dull and lifeless, so after playing with the vac I guess I will have to hunt for Miss Mop (I can hear her cries somewhere below from being so neglected) 
 and get her up and dancing along the boards.  
Do you have days like the one I am describing?  Some days I just cannot seem to get a handle on what it is I need to do first.  Piecing and quilting are always #1 on my list and them time just seems to fly and the chores remain still waiting for me to attack them all.  WHAT I need is a HUGE WIN from the lottery, but, as a friend so nicely advised me awhile ago, first I should buy a ticket!!!!  
SEW my friends out there, what say you, do I tackle the indoor stuff or the out of doors stuff, which is it to be?  Never mind, I have decided it's SEWING TIME.....
I thank you for stopping by on such a snowy quarrelsome day with myself and hope you haven't been too put off by my ranting.  Whatever your up for today I wish for you no dusters, no dust bunnies, no soapy suds and no snow shovels!  Have a perfect California day today, you deserve it!


  1. I think you should do your quilting until the snow lets up, then hopefully you will only need to shovel once.
    I am looking at my housework and thinking that I would rather be hooking!

  2. Time to sew, other things can wait! Love your great snow story. I envy you for the snow, I just love it. But now, here in the Netherlands, it seems like spring, springflowers blooming instead of winter snow....nature is confused....

  3. Ladies, so far Sewing 3 - snow 0 he he he maybe snow shoveling later, eh?


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