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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi Everyone, I have been sewing up a storm today and with a few visitor interruptions I am zooming right along and have managed two and a half placemats to match the table runner I put together yesterday.  Soon as I finish all four I will take a picture and share it with you.  
I am determined to piece as many table runners and place mats as I can this week so that next week may be devoted to sandwiching and finishing. 
In the meantime I also made some time to do some follow reading from one of my favorite bloggers, Madame Sam of Sew We Quilt, with some of her business this year Madame Sam has changed her format just a tad, but the changes are exciting.  Todays' post is all about favorite notions of various written about by some of her Guest Quilt Bloggers, and if you haven't been to visit with Madame Sam yet, go and check out her blog.  There is always something exciting happening over there and I actually learned all about glue today and something extra which just happens to be purple!  
Then after reading all about those wonderful notions, I decided to take a dander on over to Taylors Outback which is a blogger I just adore, her Shelties are so adoreable and I am totally taken with them.  On January 8th there is a post about her latest project, wow oh wow, she is constructing tiny houses. 
 I have always wanted to do a quilt using Salt Box houses, actually all of the houses which I find in quilts I love, and I have no idea why I haven't made a house quilt yet.  Maybe something I can do this spring, but, if you go and check this Blog out, I honestly believe you will be as intrigued as I am with her latest project of tiny houses.   Her blog pictures are so great, nice and crisp and colorful, I am certain you will enjoy this Blogger too!
This morning I did one of my favorite things, I went to The Quilting Gallery and decided to visit the Austrian Quilt Bloggers.  You know that Michele Foster of the Quilting Gallery has an entire directory of quilting bloggers from around the world and every month I try to visit at least one of the countrys.
Today I just happened upon Austria, and luckily I found this Blogger.  Este Quilts !  Very interesting male quilter who is actually Estonian.  Right there in his last post from 2011 he chose to show three bags which apparently won prizes at a Quilt Exhibition.  Wouldn't you know it, there on top is a tote constructed by the third place winner, a tote with all those lovely houses on it.... why not go and check out what the first prize winner bag was!
I realize sometimes the translation from which ever language the blog is written in loses something in the translation, but, most of these bloggers are so talented.  I find it so very interesting to see what other quilters the world over are into and what is in fashion in their quilt world.  So if ever you find your bored with me and my ramblings, take a visit to The Quilting Gallery and visit some of the worlds quilt bloggers from Michele's compiled Directory, I assure you, you will be amazed at what you see and read.
Very soon now I will have to put my sewing machine to sleep as I really have to get dressed for the out of doors as there is a Lions meeting, so, I will shiver on over to the meeting and see if we can all come to some agreement on how we wish to proceed with the ATV Poker run this year.  Usually, if there is ample snow we could have the run as a snowmobile run, but as there really is no snow this year and I doubt we will get sufficient (from the way the weatherman is telling it) snow so we are going to have to revamp just a titch.  Not only will we have to rethink this activity event, but, I am even wondering if the activities which are to be held on the ice will have to also be revamped.  Sometimes I moan and groan about winter and the cold, but for Frost Fest we need the snow and the ice, but, as every other year we are all ready to be flexible and make the necessary changes to coincide with the weather.
I would love to hear how you enjoy some of your favorite Bloggers, there are so many it is really difficult to keep up with them all, but, it is so interesting to see other bloggers favorite Blogs and to follow those trails to other exciting people who all have the same interests as I do. 
My grandchildren with their mom and stepdad (my son) are off on a vacation, tomorrow they board the ship on a Disney Cruise for a week packed with Mickey, Minnie and the Disney gang and just total 24/7 fun!  HAPPY CRUISING MIKAYLA and BRAYDEN!!!!  
Thank you for stopping by today, I sincerely hope your day is filled with pleasure, and don't forget, you deserve the enjoyment!

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  1. Thanks for your comment.
    It warms my heart to read your nice words!

    I just sew my february block and will embellish next week.
    The buttonhole stitch is one of my favorites, because it has soooooooooo many variations.

    Big hugs


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