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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Squishies Are In The Mail!

Hey there it's Tuesday and I would like those of you awaiting those squishes from me that their on their way to your mail box. 
 It had been raining all day yesterday and then the winds started up, I was worried that the ice on my driveway would be doubled in size this morning, but not!  This morning when I woke I saw that some of the thick ice has been washed away, oh there is still ice, but not like yesterday and the day before, it was so treacherous.  I took life and limb outside yesterday to go to the post office and to get more road salt to see if I could pare down the ice, the store was still out of road salt, but there was a huge bag of water softening ice crystals which according to someone at the store would work  just as well, so, I got me a huge bag and when I arrived home I threw a lot of it all over.  I think it helped along with the rain to wash it down. 
I ran out of my DIY pressing spray and had to make more, and in making more it reminded me to tell you about the recipe if you haven't already found it in one of my earlier posts. 
You can find this recipe on Amy's Blog, A Quilting Sheep and I believe you will like her style in quilting and color while your there as well. (it's a great place to spend time!) 
When you do visit there, click on the link that actually says DIY Pressing Spray and it will take you to the recipe.  This recipe has saved me lots and lots of $'s and I am grateful to Amy for sharing it with all of us.
I re-read once again the story of the Bone Marrow Donation which you may also enjoy reading about. 
Now here is a new blog I visited, nice quilter but better still she makes those lifelike baby dolls, your not going to believe your eyes, these dolls which she created are so true to life like I had to look several times and marveled at this Artist.  The blog name is Lillabelle Lane, just take a look- see at the pictures of those babies, judge for yourself, but I was simply blown away and at first I did not believe these were not pictures of real babies.  
While sitting here writing I saw something whiz past my window and when I took a peak to see what it might have been, I saw two black squirrels chasing each other, or at least one was being chased by the other.  By the time I found my camera and spotted them again there they were up on the neighbors roof!  These little creatures can really climb high and climb fast. 
So, just because I want to I will share them with you, though I have been told the black squirrels can do damage to a house if they get inside the walls and by the looks of the eaves around the neighbors house, I am crossing my fingers they cannot get into it.
I see you
The one sitting on the chimney chased the one on the peak right on down the antenna, what a hoot watching this being played out.
My break is over, if I want to get these items finished for Frost Fest it's time I went back to the sewing machine.
Thank you for making a stop in to visit with me today, I hope your day is going just great.  If you have time drop into The Quilting Gallery today, Michele has some new Bloggers to introduce you to and her Guest today is Linda Ezuka of Quilting Under The Influence, I really believe you will enjoy reading Linda's post and she's from Hawaii where the sun is shining and 85 degrees warm .  I love those photographs on her site, and when looking I was wishing, yes, wishing I was there to enjoy the warmth.
See you all in print tomorrow, have a wonderful day.

Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship.  ~Dorothy Parker


  1. It was +9 and torrential rain with high winds here today, so all our ice and snow is gone now. How brave of you to make the trip to the PO and risk an icy fall. I can't wait to get my squishy. I checked out the links you suggested. Very interesting.

  2. Hearing about driving in the ice and snow always makes me glad to live in the south-- we don't get to see the beauty of the snow (very often, anyway), but we don't have to deal with the dangers-- or the cold, which is a good thing because I have become SO very cold-natured over the last few years..! I visited "A Quilting Sheep", and you're right-- it is a beautiful blog!! I'm saving that recipe for DIY pressing spray-- it sounds great! I don't have any of the essential oil or starch, so I'll have to wait till I run to town. Do you have any particular brand of starch that you recommend? Also visited Lilabelle's blog.. those babies made me smile. They're precious! I have a cousin that does the reborn babies too-- and I've often thought that I might like to try to make one... Squirrels are certainly talented acrobats, aren't they!? :-) We have grey squirrels here, and rarely you may see a Fox squirrel- which is red-colored and larger. Oh, and we also have flying squirrels-- the cutest little things you've ever seen! They live in my Dad's bluebird houses. :-) Thank you so much for daring the icy roads to mail the squishies!! SOOOO thankful that you made it safely back home!! Hope that you have a great "rest of the week", and that you'll get some nicer weather soon! We're expecting heavy rain and some thunderstorms on Thursday-- then colder.. Spring is right around the corner! :-)

  3. Ladies, thank you for your comments, so glad Linda your snow is gone, however I guess our Ole Man Winter isn't finished with us just yet!
    Gwen, I use vodka and water recipe and have done for over a year now and it works great for me, but there was a comment at the Quilting Sheep by another lady who stated she used rubbing alcohol and that she had success with that, so, instead of me running off to the liquor store for more vodka (and I don't drink at all!) I will try the rubbing kind and see how that might work for me. After all the name of the game for me is saving money, cause I am planning another trip to Holland this year and I can save what I don't spend - LOL
    Gwen your lucky you don't get snow, I know it eventually melts away but I simply cannot wait for eventually.
    Ladies, thank you for your comments. I do so enjoy the interaction with people who stop by and visit.


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